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  • Error message: Unlock Code Doesn't Match System

We're terribly sorry about the error you've encountered with your game!  

Why this error may occur:

When you registered your game on this computer, a registration key was generated and inserted into your Windows registry.  The key is unique and specific to your computer, and unfortunately, there are actions that can invalidate it, such as:

  • Replacing hardware components such as graphics card, motherboard, etc.
  • Switching your Internet provider or connection method (from cable to DSL, for instance)
  • Reinstalling or upgrading your Operating System (OS)
  • Running disk utilities that are not native to your OS

When you receive this error message, the first troubleshooting step we recommend is to use our online Game Unlock Helper (click here for instructions).  You will need your PopCap Games Order Number to register your game again (if you do not have this information, click here).

If the Game Unlock Helper does not resolve this error message, please click Contact Us below, and we will reply with more in-depth assistance.  

Please be sure to reference the error message in your help request, and include the following details:

  • Game title(s) you are experiencing the issue with
  • Order Number or Email Address used to place the order
  • Whether you have already tried the Game Unlock Helper instructions (so we don't start by suggesting that!)
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