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  • Can I save my game progress when I reinstall my game for PC?

So you bought a new computer, or you're upgrading to a new Operating System, or reformatting your computer, and you don't want to have to start your games again from the beginning and lose awesome high scores and unlocked game modes?  No problem! We're more than happy to point you toward the files you'll want to save to carry over your userdata for the games.

The steps and file locations vary by Operating System as well as by game.  What you'll find below is going to be the most common set of instructions; if you don't find the files for some of your games by following these steps, please contact our Customer Support team for further assistance.

Windows XP

  1. Click START
  2. Click MY COMPUTER
  3. Open the drive you installed the game to (most likely the Local Disk (C:)
  6. Open [Game Name]
  7. Please locate and save the USERS, PLAYERS, or USERDATA (saved game) folder

Windows Vista or 7

If you are using Windows Vista or 7, the file is in a different directory:

C:\ProgramData\PopCap Games\[game name]\[users, players, OR userdata]

If you're accustomed to Windows XP, then this might be a little hard to get used to, because there is still a directory called Program Files, and it still contains a subfolder called PopCap Games.  But on Vista & 7, only the game's operating files get stored there, not your user profile and saved game data.  That gets stored in a new directory called ProgramData, which is hidden by default.  In order to view and access these files, you will need to set your Folder Options to "Show Hidden Files and Folders."

If you do not find a folder called USERS, PLAYERS, or USERDATA, then the game you are looking for stores those files in a different directory.  Please contact Customer Support for game-specific instructions.

Now that I've found my saved game files, what next?

You'll want to save your users/players/userdata folder to a secure location like a flash drive or a writeable CD-ROM.  

Once you've installed the game on the new computer, the first step is simply to launch the game, create a user, and play for a minute or so.  This is important, because it ensures that your computer properly creates a game save folder in the right location.  Close the game, and then navigate to the game save directory just like before.  (Don't forget to "Show Hidden Files and Folders" on your new computer if it's Vista or 7!)

For instance, if you have installed AstroPop on Windows 7, navigate to:

C:\ProgramData\PopCap Games\AstroPop

If you have run the game briefly, you'll see a "users" folder has been created in this directory.  All you need to do now is Copy the "users" folder from your saved backup and Paste it into the AstroPop folder.  You'll be asked if you want to replace the existing files in that location (you do).

After the files are successfully pasted, you should be able to see your old user profile(s) and scores when you launch the game again!

Please note: Some games' save files are stored in non-standard locations. If you cannot locate your files using the instructions above, please contact us!

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