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  • Error message: "Unable to read installer data."

If you have downloaded a free trial from but receive the error message "Unable to read installer data" when you try to run it, please follow the steps below to resolve the issue.

First, you will need to clear your Internet browser cache and cookies.  Click here for instructions on doing so in various browsers.

Next, please follow the steps below to empty your temporary files folder:
  • Windows XP users: click Start and then Run.
  • Windows Vista/7 users: click the Start menu/Windows icon, and type Run in the text field, then hit Enter or choose the program called Run in the search results.
On the Run prompt, type temp in the text field and press Enter on your keyboard.
Click Organize and choose Select All.  Then click Organize again, and choose Delete to delete all the files in this folder. If prompted, click Yes or Yes to all to remove these files.
Finally, we recommend restarting your computer before downloading the installer file again.
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