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There are many treasures under the sea, from shells and crabs to pirate chests and royal regalia.  Recovering these treasures will earn you Silver, the standard currency of the seven seas.  The rarer the treasure, the higher its value!  Some treasures will be special Quest items to help you reach your goals and earn greater rewards!  Silver is what you need in order to buy boosts that will enhance your game.

Boosts help you win the game and/or get a higher score that you would have earned without them.  You have a chance to buy them before each hand.  Some boosts are better suited for beginners (like “Extra Time” which gives you another 30 seconds to play).  Others are better for strategic players (like “Run Finder” which gives you extra information about what’s underneath the top card).  See the Boosts FAQ to learn more about all the possibilities!

In addition to the Silver earned in the game, Silver is available for purchase in the Shop.  It can also be earned by inviting friends to join you in the game!  

Another way to earn Silver is by watching short videos from our sponsors.  

  At the bottom of your leaderboard, there is an icon that indicates whether you currently have a video available to watch. If the icon is grey, there are no videos offered at this time.

A full-color icon with a plus sign lets you know there is a video awaiting you!  Click the icon to watch a video and earn 2000 Silver!  

Don't forget to click the "Get Your Reward" button after you finish the video. The Silver will be added to your balance automatically!


It takes Energy to dive for treasure!   You start with 5 units of Energy, and each hand consumes one.  Fortunately, as soon as you drop below the maximum, Energy begins to replenish.  In a few minutes, you’ll be back up to full.

To help each other out, you and your friends can send free Energy to each other, above and beyond the maximum.  Just click their names on the leaderboard to instantly send one unit of Energy per friend per day.  Also, extra Energy is always available for purchase in the Shop.  Energy that you purchase or receive from friends goes into your “Energy Bank,” where it’s saved until you’re ready to use it.  

Banked Energy

Using your banked energy is as simple as clicking Play just as you normally do!  There are no extra steps required.  If you have no more regular energy available, the next time you play, it will simply draw from your bank instead.

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