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  • Scoring in Solitaire Blitz

Many factors influence your score in Solitaire Blitz.

  • Cards played – This is the simplest measure! You get points for every card played onto a build pile, and each card's point value increases as your run continues. A run occurs every time you are able to play multiple cards in a row without attempting an illegal move or playing from the draw pile.
  • Cards left – You get points for every card left in the draw pile when you win.*
  • Time left – You get points for every second left on the clock when you win.*
  • Bonus time – When you clear a Time Line, if the bonus seconds from doing so would have advanced the clock past 1:00, those seconds are instead converted to points.
  • Bursts of speed – You get extra points for playing 6 or more cards very quickly. When you play at least 6 cards with less than 0.75 seconds between each move, every card you play at that speed earns you an extra 500 points!
  • Clearing a stack – You get points every time you clear a stack down to zero cards.
  • Bonus moves – You get points for making certain unusual patterns of cards, such as:

    Royal Family Bonus
    = The three build piles show a King, Queen and Jack at the same time.
    Three Of A Kind Bonus
    = The three build piles show three cards of the same rank.
    Up-Down Bonus
    = Play six or more cards in a row using just two ranks (e.g. 5-6-5-6-5-6).
    Around the World Bonus
    = Play every card from Ace to King (or King to Ace) without changing direction or breaking the run.
    Seven Seas Bonus
    = Play one card from each of the seven stacks, moving left to right. This is a rare achievement to pull off, so don't forget to brag!
    Accuracy Bonus =
    Play your entire game without making a single illegal move.

Cards and Time left over count only the standard cards and time, not any added by the Extra Cards or Extra Time boosts.

Any points earned in the top two categories are multiplied by your current Card Multiplier. The Card Multiplier starts at x1 and goes up by one whenever you find a fish. Some fish appear randomly, but you always get a fish when your run reaches 10, 20, 30, 40, 50, or 60 cards.

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