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  • PvZ 2 & iCloud - What It Means to You

By popular demand, Plants vs. Zombies 2 makes use of the iCloud feature on your iOS device to back up your game!  This is an automatic function that will allow you to preserve your progress and even maintain it across multiple devices you own!

Please note that progress in the game is uploaded to iCloud when the game is launched while you have an Internet connection.  If you play in offline mode, the game will not attempt to sync your progress until you connect to the Internet and launch the game. 

What steps must I take to activate this awesome feature?

Probably none, but we'll walk you through this process just in case.  I say "probably" none, because the odds are you're already signed into iCloud on your device and using its automatic backup functionality.  You likely set it up so long ago you have forgotten all about it, and in that case, you may be frowning and thinking, "iCloud?  That's a thing I have to sign into?"  Don't worry--it's very simple!

1. Launch Settings on your device.  
2. Look for the iCloud tab, and tap it to expand that section.  

3. At the top, you will see your email address in the Account box if you are signed in and using iCloud!


4. Below, tap the button:


5. Is iCloud Backup enabled?

If it says OFF, tap that to change it to ON.


Important: there are big red buttons that say Delete on them on several of these screens.  They're red for a reason.  Don't touch them!

Caution: A deletion on one of your devices is a deletion on all of them.

Let's say you have an iPad and an iPhone, and you're signed into your iCloud account on both devices.  The iPhone is in your hands, and the iPad is in a family member's hands. They launch PvZ 2, and they accidentally delete your profile in the main menu.  The next time you launch PvZ 2 on your iPhone, your profile will be missing.  

Caution: We strongly advise against signing into other people’s iCloud accounts on your device.

PvZ 2 syncs your profile and game state to your iCloud account. If someone logs you out of your iCloud account on your device, then logs in with their iCloud account, the game will sync from your device to their iCloud account, granting that person permanent access to your profile information. This could result in their deleting your entire game!

You can log into different GameCenter and Facebook accounts on your device with no risk to your data integrity or security. It is only the iCloud login within the Settings menu that will cause these issues. 

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