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Plants vs. Zombies 2 on iOS

Plants vs. Zombies 2 on iOS

  • Far Future: Get to Know Power Tiles & Sun Bombs

Power Tiles

Far Future introduces a new way to maximize your damage and your Plant Food! 


Certain tiles bear symbols and come in matched sets of two or more. To the left, you can see a pair of matched Power Tiles and a third that has a match elsewhere on the board.

Any plants on a matched set of Power Tiles will be able to share Plant Food! Drag your unit of Plant Food to a plant on any Power Tile, and the Plant Food boost will then echo to each matched Power Tile in turn.

It doesn’t matter whether the plants match; a Peashooter on one Power Tile and a Laser Bean on its matching tile will both be affected by the same dose of Plant Food!

Sun Bombs


On certain levels, Sun will drop from the sky in an indigo shade and with a visible path to its landing spot on the board. 

These indigo rays of light are highly explosive!

Once a Sun Bomb reaches its destination, the path will disappear, the Sun will turn yellow, and it is safe to collect.

While they are falling, Sun Bombs can be detonated at any time with a single tap!

While this is an effective weapon against nearby zombies, it will also destroy the nearby plants. 

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  • Trouble hearing game sounds or music since updating to iOS7?

The recent upgrade to iOS7 has reset some basic system options to their defaults.  If you had previously chosen to use the side switch for its "Lock Rotation" function, upgrading to iOS7 has restored its default "Mute" function.  

You can alter your preferences again in the Settings app.  

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  • Basic Troubleshooting for iOS Games

If your game is crashing on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch, try the steps below:

  • Restart your device.
    Your iOS device is a computer, and just like any computer, it sometimes needs to be turned off and on.  This simple step will resolve many issues!  To power down, press and hold the Power button until the red slider bar appears on the screen. Then drag the slider to confirm you want to turn your device off.  Wait a moment before you press and hold the Power button again to turn it back on.
  • Reset your device.
    Press and hold the Power button and the Home button at the same time, holding for more than 10 seconds. Don't release until the Apple logo appears.
  • Uninstall and reinstall the game.
    Just like your device is a computer, your app is a piece of software, so the same basic steps can be useful. "Uninstall and reinstall" is a simple troubleshooting measure.

    You can uninstall an app by pressing and holding the app icon until it wiggles, then tap the "x" on it. Reinstalling is as simple as reconnecting through iTunes!

    Of course, uninstalling the app will result in the loss of all game progress and user profiles created. It is possible to back up the data through iTunes so that you can restore it. To restore a previously saved state for your apps, connect your device, and open iTunes. Right-click the device's name, and select "Restore from backup." 

    Note: Please be sure to reinstall through a backup for older apps and on older devices. The current version available for download may not be compatible with your device, so it is safest to reload the version you previously had installed.

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  • Facebook Gifting and Rewards in PvZ 2

There's so much to love about Plants vs. Zombies 2, and we've got a way for you to share the love!  Invite your Facebook friends to join you in the game, and you will be rewarded for each new friend who accepts your invitation to connect to Facebook in the game.

If you invite a friend who is already playing PvZ 2 and has already signed into Facebook in the game, those invitations do not count toward your goals for the reward.  But any players who connect to Facebook in the game for the first time from your invitation will help you to earn rewards!

Daily Gifts

Once you and your friends are connected through Facebook within the game, you can send each other a free gift every day!  

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  • Upgrades

Between many levels, you will see a reward awaiting you, which could be a new plant or an Upgrade.

When you beat the level, you will gain that reward!  Upgrades include additional seed packet slots or plant food inventory space. Additional upgrades can be purchased in the game’s Store.

Upgrades are permanent additions! That means that once you have earned or purchased an Upgrade, it will always apply to your game. The Sun Bonus will cause you to start every level with +25 additional sun. The Plant Food Bonus will add another storage slot to your Plant Food bank. These increases will never stop applying to your game once they have been added.

Purchased Upgrades apply to all profiles on your account. Earned Upgrades are available only to the profile that achieved them.


The Sun Bonus Upgrade increases your starting sun on every level by +25.

If you were starting each level with 50 sun before this Upgrade, you will now start each level with 75 sun.

Earning the Sun Boost in Ancient Egypt plus purchasing the Sun Bonus in the Store will allow you to start each level with 100 sun!


The Shovel Bonus Upgrade allows you to recoup a percentage of the Sun you spent on the plant you're digging up!

Earning the Shovel Boost in Ancient Egypt plus purchasing the Shovel Bonus in the Store will allow you to recoup an even greater percentage of sun!  Watch for the Shovel Perk in Wild West to increase your percentage yet again!


The Plant Food Bonus adds one more storage slot to your Plant Food bank.  

If you were previously able to store three units of Plant Food, you can now store four.  The Plant Food still doesn't carry over from level to level (except in Challenge Zones), so don't forget to use it!

Earning the Plant Food Boost in Ancient Egypt plus purchasing the Plant Food Bonus in the Store adds two slots to your bank!


The Bonus Seed Slot allows you to take an additional plant with you at the start of each level.

Earning the Extra Seed Slot in Pirate Seas plus purchasing the Bonus Seed Slot in the Store adds two seed slots to your game!

  Wall-Nut First Aid allows you to plant any defensive plant directly on top of a damaged plant of the same kind.  If you have a partially eaten Wall-Nut, you don't just have to wait for it to be devoured or take the time to dig it up!  Once you have unlocked this Upgrade, you can repair it without losing ground.
  The Instant Recharge lets you use a unit of Plant Food to refresh a seed packet, immediately ending its cool-down phase.  Drag a unit of Plant Food from your bank to the seed packet you want to refresh, then release.  You must choose a seed packet for which you have sufficient Sun.
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  • Welcome to the Zen Garden!

In PvZ 2, the Zen Garden offers you the ability to grow boosted versions of your plants as well as extra Coins! Watch for one of the zombies you defeat to drop a soon as you have something to plant, you will be invited to visit your Garden!

  Throughout the game, random zombies drop sprouts. Collect those sprouts, then visit your Zen Garden to plant them in the available pots. At the top of your screen in Zen Garden, you can see how many sprouts you have waiting to be planted.
  When a plant is thirsty, it will let you know!  Tap the plant to water it. 

From time to time, the bee will appear. Drag him to a plant of your choice to pollinate it! This will cut down on the time remaining for your plant’s current growth cycle.

Each plant will go through two growth cycles. The first will bring you Coin rewards.  

In addition to plants you can use in battle, your Zen Garden will occasionally grow Marigolds. Marigolds grow up to grant you even more Coins!


For all other plants, the second growth cycle grants you a boosted version of that plant! Tap the boosted plant to add it to the lineup for your next level, or leave it waiting in your Zen Garden for later.

When you use a boosted plant, it has a Plant Food effect the moment it takes root! Each time you plant a boosted Sunflower throughout that level, for example, you will receive an instant burst of sunlight. 

  Collecting the fruits of the second growth cycle will leave that pot empty once more, awaiting your next sprout.
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  • Welcome to PiƱata Party!

We are pleased as punch to invite our players to a party!  A Piñata Party, that is, right in your own (virtual) yard.  

In Piñata Party, you face the challenge of fighting zombies you may never have seen before, because zombies can come from any point in the time stream! That's right--Doctor Zomboss must have built a Penny of his own in order to wreak havoc on his all-time nemesis' home territory!  You may also find unfamiliar plants in your arsenal, so use every advantage you've got against these anachronistic invaders.

You must have an active Internet connection in order to play a round of Piñata Party.  If you have received a notification that a Piñata Party is available to play, please wait until you are online to launch Piñata Party.

After you launch the game and tap Play, you may see Penny and Crazy Dave appear on your map screen to invite you to the party.  A countdown timer will appear to let you know how many hours you have to start your Piñata Party round.  Tap the timer to start!

Pick your piñatas to plunder for prizes!

When you successfully complete a round in Piñata Party, you are offered an array of piñatas to choose from.  You may select any three to smash open and see what's inside.  (Don't worry--there's never an empty piñata! We wouldn't do that to you!)  There will be prizes large and small, but they're all awesome!

If you didn't select the best prize that was hidden there, you'll be shown afterward where it was hiding and what it would have been.  It may be a plant wearing a fancy new outfit! As you find those in Piñata Party, your plants will start to get extra-snazzy!

Test your endurance! Show your strength! Conquer the mighty Señor Piñata!

Piñata Partygoers are rewarded for repeat attendance!  Play (and win) five Parties in a row* to discover the greater glory of Señor Piñata!  

* There is no way to go directly from a completed round of Piñata Party to a new round.  Stay tuned for the next invitation!  Subsequent invitations will appear within the game itself, not as notifications on your device.

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  • Trouble connecting to Facebook within your iOS game

If you are having trouble connecting to Facebook from within your game, there are a number of basic steps to try.

1. Do you have the current version of both apps, the game and Facebook?


Apps are updated regularly, and you will be notified of any available updates via the App Store.

On your device, if you see something like this, four of your installed apps have updates available for download!

You can also check your app version against the iTunes or App Store description to be sure. The app version number is found in the game's Options menu.

  • The Facebook app now requires iOS 7.0 or above. If your device is not capable of updating to meet this requirement, you will not be able to connect to Facebook within any other apps.

2. Try closing any unnecessary apps

Every time you launch an app on your iOS device, it remains open in the background so that it will load more quickly next time you need it. However, this adds up over time to a large number of apps running at once, and it can seriously slow down your entire device. It can also prevent your game from establishing a Facebook connection!

To view all open apps, give your home button a quick double-tap. You can swipe upward on any app's tile in order to close it.

This process does not delete an app from your device! You can launch the closed apps again the next time you need them.

3. Restart your device

If you’ve followed the steps above and you’re still receiving an error when you try to connect to Facebook, try simply restarting your iOS device. Once the device is restarted, try starting the game and connecting to Facebook before starting any other applications.

4. Reinstall the game

If simply closing background apps or turning your device off and back on has not resolved performance issues with an app, the next step we recommend is to delete the app and reinstall it.

Note: deleting apps will also delete offline progress, so please be sure to backup your data first. You will not lose any online progress, as that is stored on our servers and will be recovered when you connect to Facebook.


To delete an app from your iOS device, simply press and hold the app icon until all the icons begin to jiggle, and an x appears at the corner of each icon.

Tap the x to delete the app.

You can then redownload the app through iTunes or the App Store. Only the iTunes backup will also allow you to restore any saved offline progress.

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  • What's New in PvZ 2?

A new update to Plants vs. Zombies 2 can literally be a whole new world! Check out some of the improvements and new features we've added in the last few updates:

  • Frostbite Caves introduces slider tiles that divert zombies into adjacent lanes, plus ice blocks that render plants invulnerable but ineffectual!
  • Because Power Snow wouldn't be too helpful in an ice age, Penny has converted it to the new Flamethrower power!
  • By popular demand, you now have the ability to toggle plant costumes! Well, except for Sunflower, Peashooter, and Wall-nut, because they really like playing dress-up!
  • Vasebreaker was always one of the most popular game modes, so we've made it harder than ever and brought it to PvZ 2!
  • Big Wave Beach is a happening trip back to the '60s, reintroducing our old friend Chomper!
  • Special edition plants may appear from time to time...get them while you can! If you own them, you'll always have them, but if you don't grab them fast, you may miss your chance. 
  • In Dark Ages Part 1, gravestones are sometimes good luck, but potions are a real pain!
  • In Dark Ages Part 2, a Wizard makes your plants feel quite sheepish.
  • Far Future adds new mechanics like Power Tiles & Sun Bombs!
  • Looking for a relaxing way to earn Coins and boost Plants? Visit the Zen Garden! (Until you have at least one sprout for planting, you will not be able to visit your garden. Keep playing levels, and you will soon see a sprout get dropped by a defeated zombie!)
  • You might also notice something different about Gems...still shiny, way more useful!
  • Turbo!  Read all about the speedy option to ramp up your game.
  • One Key to rule them all!  The World Key is so powerful, you only need one to conquer an entire World!
  • Earn rewards for sharing the game with your Facebook friends...then share gifts with them too!
  • Watch out for Dr. Zomboss!

Levels you have played, unlocked, or beaten will be identifiable by their colors:

  Blue level icons indicate levels you have already completed.
  Green level icons indicate levels you have unlocked but not beaten.
  Grey level icons indicate levels you have yet to unlock. Beat each level to unlock the next!
  Red level icons indicate the Gargantuar battle within each world! Beat these special levels to earn a World Key!
  Levels with swirly icons are levels that don't use the standard seed chooser, like mini-games or other unique challenges.
  It is possible to have unlocked and unbeaten levels behind your current position on the path, if you played the original version that offered Star challenges as optional levels.
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  • The Elusive Yeti Zombie

When you get the notification that a Yeti has been sighted, hurry to that level without delay!  Yeti sightings are exceptionally rare.

The Yeti will wander onto the board at some point during the level, but he won’t stay long! Unlike other zombies, his motivations are a great mystery, and you cannot count on his continuing on a course from right to left. That means you have only a brief time in which to attack him, so make the most of it!

Plant Food or Power Ups may help you defeat him before he disappears. Also, he shares one compulsion with his more traditional zombie brethren—he will stop to eat a plant if he finds one.  Use that knowledge to your advantage!

The Yeti Zombie, if successfully destroyed, will reward you with treasure…but you only get one chance per sighting! If he wanders back off the board unharmed, he won’t return again when you replay this level.

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  • What are Gems used for, and how can I get more of them?


  Gems are used to speed up the growth phase of your plants in Zen Garden... unlock additional pots for planting sprouts...

...or to purchase a boosted plant outright from the selector at the beginning of a level. If you tap to purchase the boosted plant in your selector and have sufficient Gems available, the purchase is made. There is no way to cancel this action.

  Gems are dropped by random zombies in the game. They are also available for purchase in the game’s Store or by tapping the plus sign beside the gems display within the game.

Gems may also be used to purchase some special edition plants! Special edition plants are available occasionally for a limited time only, so grab them while you can! A plant purchased with Gems is not shared across profiles.

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  • How do I open the next world?

If you've already completed Ancient Egypt, the Pirate Seas, Wild West, Far Future, and Dark Ages, excellent job! We have more to come, so watch for updates to the game.  

In the meantime, why not set a new record in a challenge zone? And don't forget to play the Piñata Party every day!

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  • PvZ 2 & iCloud - What It Means to You

By popular demand, Plants vs. Zombies 2 makes use of the iCloud feature on your iOS device to back up your game!  This is an automatic function that will allow you to preserve your progress and even maintain it across multiple devices you own!

Please note that progress in the game is uploaded to iCloud when the game is launched while you have an Internet connection.  If you play in offline mode, the game will not attempt to sync your progress until you connect to the Internet and launch the game. 

What steps must I take to activate this awesome feature?

Probably none, but we'll walk you through this process just in case.  I say "probably" none, because the odds are you're already signed into iCloud on your device and using its automatic backup functionality.  You likely set it up so long ago you have forgotten all about it, and in that case, you may be frowning and thinking, "iCloud?  That's a thing I have to sign into?"  Don't worry--it's very simple!

1. Launch Settings on your device.  
2. Look for the iCloud tab, and tap it to expand that section.  

3. At the top, you will see your email address in the Account box if you are signed in and using iCloud!


4. Below, tap the button:


5. Is iCloud Backup enabled?

If it says OFF, tap that to change it to ON.


Important: there are big red buttons that say Delete on them on several of these screens.  They're red for a reason.  Don't touch them!

Caution: A deletion on one of your devices is a deletion on all of them.

Let's say you have an iPad and an iPhone, and you're signed into your iCloud account on both devices.  The iPhone is in your hands, and the iPad is in a family member's hands. They launch PvZ 2, and they accidentally delete your profile in the main menu.  The next time you launch PvZ 2 on your iPhone, your profile will be missing.  

Caution: We strongly advise against signing into other people’s iCloud accounts on your device.

PvZ 2 syncs your profile and game state to your iCloud account. If someone logs you out of your iCloud account on your device, then logs in with their iCloud account, the game will sync from your device to their iCloud account, granting that person permanent access to your profile information. This could result in their deleting your entire game!

You can log into different GameCenter and Facebook accounts on your device with no risk to your data integrity or security. It is only the iCloud login within the Settings menu that will cause these issues. 

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  • Power Ups

Power Ups are a formidable tool in your zombie-fighting arsenal!

  Power Snow hits zombies with both force and freezing power at the same time!  Slow down the hordes and deal serious damage with speed and accuracy! In Frostbite Caves levels, this becomes the Flamethrower, putting the mighty force of fire at your fingertip!
  Power Toss will send zombies flying!  You can knock them back several rows or all the way off the screen with sufficient force!
  Power Zap burns zombies to ashes!  You can take them out in a chain formation if your hands are steady and your aim is true!
Once Crazy Dave introduces Power Ups, they will always be available to you in a pinch.  Tap the icon for the Power Up you want to activate in the lower right corner of the game, and you will see the timer appear to let you know how long before the Power Up runs out.  Each use costs Coins.
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  • Basic Troubleshooting for iOS Games

If your game is crashing on your iOS device, try the steps below:

  • Restart your device.  

    Your iOS device is a computer, and just like any computer, it sometimes needs to be turned off and on.  This simple step will resolve many issues!  To power down, press and hold the Power button until the red slider bar appears on the screen. Then drag the slider to confirm you want to turn your device off.  Wait a moment before you press and hold the Power button again to turn it back on.
  • Reset your device.

    Press and hold the Power button and the Home button at the same time, holding for more than 10 seconds.  Don't release until the Apple logo appears.
  • Uninstall and reinstall the game.

    Just like your device is a computer, your app is a piece of software, so the same basic steps can be useful.  "Uninstall and reinstall" is a simple troubleshooting measure.

    You can uninstall an app by pressing and holding the app icon until it wiggles, then tap the "x" on it.  Reinstall through iTunes or the App Store.  A wi-fi connection may be required to download the game.

    If you have backed up PvZ2 through your iCloud account, your game progress should automatically be restored after you reinstall the app.

If you need further assistance with your game, please click Contact Us below!

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  • PvZ 2 crashes on my iPhone 6

If the latest update to Plants vs. Zombies 2 is crashing on your iPhone 6, there is an easy workaround to get you back to zapping zombies. 

  • Launch the Settings app from your device's home screen
  • Tap Display & Brightness, then View
  • Change from Zoomed to Standard by tapping on Standard in the top right, then tapping Set at the bottom
  • It will prompt you to confirm this change, and your phone will then restart 
  • Once your phone is back up, you will be able to play PvZ 2 again!
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  • Unleash the Power of Turbo in PvZ 2!

If you've grown comfortable in PvZ 2, you might be ready to kick your game into a higher gear! We are proud to introduce the new Turbo feature--it's a little bit fast forward, a little bit expert mode!

In the upper right corner of the board, beside the pause button, you will see a new icon:


Activate Turbo at any time by tapping this button! Tap it a second time to return to normal speed. If the button is greyed out, that means Turbo is currently active.

What exactly does Turbo mode do?
Turbo mode makes everything happen more quickly!  You'll see those early rays of Sun fall in faster to allow you to start planting sooner!  Sunflowers produce Sun more quickly, plants attack at a faster rate, and seed packets refresh in less time!  But don't get too complacent, because those zombies are also zipping along a lot faster than their usual shuffle.  
When might I want to use it?
  • At the start of a level, you can use Turbo mode to speed through the early sun collection and initial planting.  
  • If you're new to PvZ 2 but have played plenty of the original, and you want to take the training wheels off from the start, or if you're starting the game over again under a new player profile, you might use Turbo to time travel a bit into the game!  
  • Short on time but want to get a level or two in? Turbo will help you fit a round of PvZ 2 into your busy schedule!
  • Turbo also may simply appeal to some players as a form of Expert mode, because hyperspeed zombies definitely add to the challenge!
As cool as it is, why would I ever turn it off?
Once you're partway through a level in Turbo, and your Sun is building up, and your defenses are getting established, you may start to feel a sweat beading on your brow and think, The Zombies! How are they so fast?!?
That's when you remember you've got Turbo turned on.  You double-check to see that the button is greyed out, tap it to return to normal speed, and breathe a sigh of relief as the zombies return to their regularly scheduled shamble.  Turbo is a great power, and it must be used responsibly.
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  • How do I get more Coins?

Random zombies drop Coin rewards when they are defeated. Tap on (or swipe over) the rewards to collect them to your bank.  You'll use the Coins to purchase extra Plant Food and Power Ups!

  Silver Coins are worth 10 Coins.
  Gold Coins are worth 100 Coins.

At the end of each level, you will receive a bonus of ten Coins for each lawnmower that was not triggered.  Certain levels and mini-games will also award bonus Coins at the end.  Coins are also among the prizes you may win when you complete a Piñata Party.

Additionally, Coin bundles are available for purchase.  Visit the game’s Store to check out the latest deals!  You can also access the Store from within the game by tapping the plus sign beside the Coins display.

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  • Meet the Zomboss

Dr. Zomboss has arrived in style to wreak havoc throughout the timeline!  He's sure to keep popping up here and there (and then), so be ready!  Here's what you need to know when facing this formidable foe:
  • The progress bar along the top that usually tracks Zombie waves is now Dr. Zomboss' health meter!  Wear him down to take him out!
  • Plant Food is your friend when fighting Dr. Zomboss!  Plant Food is always a good friend to have, but in these battles, it can really save your bacon.
  • Don't forget about Power Ups either!  Use Power Toss to gently nudge zombies into different lanes, especially if you've just lost your defenses in the lanes they're occupying! 
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  • How does purchasing work in the PvZ 2 store?


Coins allow you to make use of Power Ups and purchase extra Plant Food during the game. Coins are not shared between different user profiles on the same device.


Gems allow you to speed the growth of plants in your Zen Garden or to buy boosted plants at the beginning of a level.


The plants you find in the store are only available there and cannot be unlocked in the game through any other means.  Once you purchase a plant, it is yours forever!  It will be unlocked for all player profiles on your device*.


Any Upgrades you purchase will be added across all player profiles on your device*. 


Bundles include specific combinations of Plants, Upgrades, and Coins.  The Plant and Upgrade in any purchased Bundle will be unlocked for all players on your device*; however, the Coins will be available only on the profile in use at the time of the purchase.

Plants and Upgrades are one-time purchases.  If you have already purchased the Upgrade included in a particular Bundle, buying the Bundle will not double the effect of the Upgrade.

There is no way to substitute the items offered in the Bundles.

* To unlock Plants and Upgrades on multiple profiles, please use the Restore button in the game's store.

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  • iOS Age Gate Trouble

If you are experiencing trouble getting past the Age Gate screen in Plants vs. Zombies 2, it may be related to an external Bluetooth keyboard attachment.

If you are using an external keyboard and you see your "Accept" button greyed out, please press the "Return" key on your keyboard attachment after typing your age, and this should allow you to get past the Age Gate screen.
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  • Travelling Between Worlds in PvZ 2

Even with a time machine for a sidekick, you still have to navigate the time stream.  Every time traveller knows that there are rules!  You don't step on butterflies, you don't try to meet your ancestors, and you beat Gargantuar before you move on to the next World!  (Okay, that last one's a little specific, but it's still totally true.)

Each World in PvZ 2 includes a Gargantuar battle, and your reward for completing it is a World Key that allows you to open another world of your choosing!  

  The World Key lets you move from any world to another in PvZ 2!
  Within any world, tap this button to return to the World chooser.

So I can just skip from Ancient Egypt to the Wild West if I want?

Sure! Once you beat the Gargantuar battle in Ancient Egypt, you've got a World Key that can be used to unlock any other world.  Don't forget, though, you'll only have the plants and Upgrades you've earned so far!  

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  • Plant Food: It's Awesome. Get Some!

Plant Food interacts with each plant in a unique way (instant-use plants such as Cherry Bomb and Jalapeno cannot be enhanced with Plant Food, but any plant with delayed or ongoing activity can develop a powerful hunger!).  Some plant enhancements last seconds, and some plants become upgraded for the rest of the level.  Try Plant Food on every plant to see what they can do!

The Plant Food bank appears at the bottom of the screen during each level once Plant Food has been introduced in the game.  The bank stores up to three units of food when first introduced (more food bank slots can be added.  This limit can be increased later through upgrades.  Plant Food doesn’t carry over between levels (except in Challenge Zones), so don’t forget to use it!  

  Glowing zombies carry Plant Food.  When you destroy one, a unit of Plant Food will be released.  Touch the Plant Food to collect it to your bank.  Be quick, though!  Plant Food disappears if it is not gathered up.  If your bank is full, hurry and use some so you can make room!

To use Plant Food, tap on the bank, then tap on the plant you want to enhance.  You can also simply drag directly from the bank to the plant. To gain more Food immediately, tap on the green plus sign on the food bank, then the Plant Food image that appears to confirm the purchase.  Each Plant Food purchase costs Coins.

Also, learn how to make the most of your Plant Food with Power Tiles!

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