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  • I bought a code at Wal-Mart for Bejeweled 3. Where do I get my game?

If you have purchased a card at a retail store for a PC/Mac download version of Bejeweled 3, please start by selecting your platform:


Visit our partner site, Origin, and download the Origin software.  Once it is installed, launch Origin and choose Origin Redeem Product Code on the main menu.


Visit our partner site, Origin, and download the Origin software.  Once it is installed, launch Origin and choose Games Redeem Product Code in your menu.

Click here if you would like further instructions on Origin code redemption.

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  • I bought a code at Wal-Mart for Plants vs. Zombies. Where do I get my game?

If you have purchased a card at a retail store for a PC/Mac download version of Plants vs. Zombies, please start by selecting your platform:

For PC

Visit our partner site, Origin, and download the Origin software.  Once it is installed, launch Origin and choose Origin Redeem Product Code on the main menu.

For Mac

Visit our partner site, Origin, and download the Origin software.  Once it is installed, launch Origin and choose Games Redeem Product Code in your menu.

Click here if you would like further instructions on Origin code redemption.

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General Information

  • I purchased and registered the game, so why are some levels within the game still locked?

Many of our games have levels that are "locked" when you begin to play. This is because they are either more difficult and require the level of proficiency in the game attained by playing through the earlier sections, or because they are meant as rewards for achievements earned in the other sections. The appearance of certain areas of the game as "Locked" does not indicate your game has not been successfully registered.

For instance, in Bookworm Adventures, only Adventure mode can be played at the start. Once you have completed Book 1 of the Adventure mode, you gain access to the Tome of Knowledge. After completing Book 2, the Mini-Games area is unlocked.

In Zuma, there are some layouts in Gauntlet mode that appear only as "?" because they cannot be played until the game has assessed the player's skill level as advanced enough. 

So enjoy the challenge, and hone your skills!  You'll find that the games open up one area after another, giving you the satisfaction of victory as well as the enticement of a new skill to learn, a new tool to wield, a new boss battle to WHOMP!  

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  • Where can I get the Peggle Nights Bonus Level packs?

There are three packs of Bonus Levels available for Peggle Nights (PC/Mac):

Holiday Download for PC Download for Mac
Spring Download for PC Download for Mac
Art Contest Download for PC Download for Mac

Simply download the files and run the installers!  (You must already have Peggle Nights installed in order to install the Bonus Levels.) 

If you are running the free trial version of Peggle Nights, you will have only partial access to the Bonus Levels, just as with the standard game.

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  • Can I save my game progress when I reinstall my game for PC?

So you bought a new computer, or you're upgrading to a new Operating System, or reformatting your computer, and you don't want to have to start your games again from the beginning and lose awesome high scores and unlocked game modes?  No problem! We're more than happy to point you toward the files you'll want to save to carry over your userdata for the games.

The steps and file locations vary by Operating System as well as by game.  What you'll find below is going to be the most common set of instructions; if you don't find the files for some of your games by following these steps, please contact our Customer Support team for further assistance.

Windows XP

  1. Click START
  2. Click MY COMPUTER
  3. Open the drive you installed the game to (most likely the Local Disk (C:)
  6. Open [Game Name]
  7. Please locate and save the USERS, PLAYERS, or USERDATA (saved game) folder

Windows Vista or 7

If you are using Windows Vista or 7, the file is in a different directory:

C:\ProgramData\PopCap Games\[game name]\[users, players, OR userdata]

If you're accustomed to Windows XP, then this might be a little hard to get used to, because there is still a directory called Program Files, and it still contains a subfolder called PopCap Games.  But on Vista & 7, only the game's operating files get stored there, not your user profile and saved game data.  That gets stored in a new directory called ProgramData, which is hidden by default.  In order to view and access these files, you will need to set your Folder Options to "Show Hidden Files and Folders."

If you do not find a folder called USERS, PLAYERS, or USERDATA, then the game you are looking for stores those files in a different directory.  Please contact Customer Support for game-specific instructions.

Now that I've found my saved game files, what next?

You'll want to save your users/players/userdata folder to a secure location like a flash drive or a writeable CD-ROM.  

Once you've installed the game on the new computer, the first step is simply to launch the game, create a user, and play for a minute or so.  This is important, because it ensures that your computer properly creates a game save folder in the right location.  Close the game, and then navigate to the game save directory just like before.  (Don't forget to "Show Hidden Files and Folders" on your new computer if it's Vista or 7!)

For instance, if you have installed AstroPop on Windows 7, navigate to:

C:\ProgramData\PopCap Games\AstroPop

If you have run the game briefly, you'll see a "users" folder has been created in this directory.  All you need to do now is Copy the "users" folder from your saved backup and Paste it into the AstroPop folder.  You'll be asked if you want to replace the existing files in that location (you do).

After the files are successfully pasted, you should be able to see your old user profile(s) and scores when you launch the game again!

Please note: Some games' save files are stored in non-standard locations. If you cannot locate your files using the instructions above, please contact us!

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  • is no longer a sales website.

PopCap is no longer offering games for purchase directly from our website. We have partnered with many great companies to offer our games on a variety of platforms and will continue to do so. The decision to stop selling our own games from our own website allows us to devote all of our energy and resources to making games!

Looking for sites that offer our PC or Mac download games?  We are happy to recommend our partners!

For PC games, visit Pogo or Origin.

For Mac games, visit Origin or the Mac Store.

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  • My game prompts me to check for updates on launch. Do I need an update?

All PopCap download games for PC and Mac computers include a feature that prompts the player to check online occasionally for an update to the software.  However, there is no need to run the update check. This is merely an outdated feature.  Please simply click No and proceed with your game!

If you are having issues with your game, please feel free to contact us for assistance.

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  • How to uninstall a game.

Uninstalling games on Windows XP/Vista/7:

  1. Use the uninstall tool located in the game's folder (Start Menu/All Programs/PopCap Games/Product Folder).
  2. A dialog box may appear that has a marked checkbox and the text "Leave configuration and userdata".  Unchecking the box will fully clear your game's data.  Leaving the box checked should preserve game progress and scores. Click OK/YES.

Uninstalling games on Windows 8:

  1. Hover your mouse over the app you wish to uninstall, then right-click.
  2. In the menu that appears at the bottom of the screen, choose Uninstall.

Uninstalling games on a Mac:

  1. Drag the application to the TRASH
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  • What should I expect when downloading my first game from Pogo?

When you install a game from Pogo, you will also install the Pogo Game Manager. Both the game and the Game Manager will create icons on your Desktop. You can launch any game directly from its icon, but you can also launch the Game Manager to view all your installed games in one place. The Game Manager must be installed on your computer in order to play any game from Pogo. Uninstalling the Game Manager will also cause all games downloaded from Pogo to stop working.

The Game Manager installer will also offer you an optional feature called the iWin Toolbar. This is not required in order to run the Game Manager itself or any of the games you choose to download from Pogo. It is a feature that helps you to stay informed of new games, special offers, and updates from Pogo and iWin. If you choose to try it out, you are free to disable or uninstall it at any time thereafter. To disable it, click the X to the left of the toolbar. It can be uninstalled via Windows Control Panel.

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  • Please tell me more about Pogo and iWin. Do I need a subscription?

Pogo and iWin have always been affiliated with PopCap! We’ve always trusted them to share our games with their players, and we continue to do so. In addition to our own great titles, you will find all kinds of new and exciting games to try through their service! You can try every game for free before paying to unlock the full version or pay a small monthly membership fee to play the games as long as you want without committing to any single game title!

You do not need a subscription to Pogo or iWin in order to download or purchase a game from their sites! You do need to download and install their Game Manager, but you are free to remain unsubscribed from any ongoing service or email newsletter. There are benefits to membership, such as steep discounts on your purchases, but no membership is ever required!

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  • Will my games run on a new Windows 8 PC?

We are pleased to announce that we have released Bejeweled Live in the Windows 8 Marketplace!  This game is made specifically for the touch-screen interface and can be purchased exclusively through the Windows store.  
Most downloadable PopCap games have been tested for Windows 8, and they should run on that Operating System without any issues. We cannot guarantee successful installation from CD-ROM versions released prior to Windows 8.  If you are having trouble with your downloaded game after updating to Windows 8, please try running the game in Compatibility Mode.
  1. Right-click the game icon and choose Properties.
  2. In the Properties dialog box, click the Compatibility tab.
  3. Click the button marked Run Compatibility Troubleshooter.

If this is unsuccessful, try manually selecting your Compatibility setting:

  1. Right-click the game icon and choose Properties.
  2. In the Properties dialog box, click the Compatibility tab.
  3. Check the box for "Run this program in Compatibility mode for:"
  4. Select Windows Vista or Windows 7 in the drop-down.
  5. Click OK and again run the game.

If these suggestions do not resolve your issue, it may be necessary to uninstall the game and download the most current version available from the site from which you purchased the game, as you may still be running a pre-Vista version of the software.

We have not fully tested our games for Surface compatibility, only for standard PC play with a mouse and physical keyboard.  However, it is possible to install the games on a Surface device.  The primary difficulty you may encounter is in the creation of a user name, as the user name prompt will not bring up your virtual keyboard automatically.  You may be able resolve this for some games by tapping the icon to set the game to windowed mode, which will then allow you to manually activate the virtual keyboard via the keyboard icon at your lower-right corner.  However, not all games will display an icon to change the window size. In that event, the only way to enter a user name may be to attach a physical keyboard via the USB port.

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How to install/download

  • The PopCap edition of Humble Bundle

If you purchased the PopCap Games Humble Bundle, we thank you for supporting this great charitable organization and congratulate you on your superb taste in games!  This edition of the Humble Bundle is delivered through Origin or Steam, so you will first want to sign into (or create) your account and download the games manager as needed.

Haven't received your codes for your Humble Bundle purchase? Click here!

Need help redeeming your codes in Origin? Click here!

For help with Steam, click here!

Finally, if you have any questions about the games themselves, you can click Contact Us below.

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  • I can't see the "I Agree" button to click on it!

If you are having difficulties with installing your game because the Agreement page is too large for your screen, please try the following steps, which should resolve the issue.

You will want to adjust your screen resolution and font magnification settings to allow the installer’s Agreement page to display properly.

To access these settings:

  • Click on the Start menu / Windows icon and open the Control Panel.
  • Double-click the Display icon to open the Display settings window.
  • Click on the Appearance tab, and make sure the Font size is set to Normal rather than Large or Extra Large.
  • Next, click the Settings tab, and increase your Screen Resolution using the slider bar.
  • Click Apply, then OK.

You should now be able to view the Agreement page and click on the I Agree button.

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