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General Android Help

  • What PopCap Games titles are available for Android devices?

Currently, the following titles have been released for Android:

Plants vs. Zombies is available through the Appstore for Android on a great variety of compatible devices.  The Appstore for Android is available in the USA only.

Plants vs. Zombies is available in the USA and internationally as well through Google Play. Google Play is a "smart" marketplace that will determine your device's compatibility.

For a list of games available on the Xperia Mini or Xperia Mini Pro click here.

Bejeweled for Android includes Classic, Zen, and Diamond Mine modes.

Bejeweled 2 for Android is available from EA Mobile’s Android Market.  This game was created and is supported by EA Mobile. If you require assistance with this game, please contact EA Mobile.

We have more Android games in development!  Keep an eye out for announcements!

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  • Will my Android device run PopCap Games titles?

The Google Play store is a "smart" marketplace that identifies the compatible apps for your device and region.  If you don't see an app in the store, it may be because it is not available based on those criteria.

The baseline for Android device compatibility for PopCap Games has to do with a combination of minimum system requirements in various categories such as screen resolution, processor speed, memory capacity, and GPU for graphics processing.  As with all our endeavors, we aim for quality above all else!  That means developing our games for the best possible experience while playing.  Unfortunately, many of the earlier-generation Android devices will not meet the minimum system requirements for our games.  

Please click Contact Us below to report any issues you encounter running your game on a supported device.  The following details will help us to investigate the problem:

Most of this information can be found under the settings application: About Phone. 
  • What Android device are you using?
  • What is the Model number of your device?
  • What version of Firmware is installed on your device?
  • What is the Build number on your device?
  • What actions were occurring just before the crash? (level or mode you were playing, graphic that was displayed, a phone call came in, etc)
  • Has this issue recurred or was it a one-time problem?
  • Are you running any kind of Task-killing/Application management software, such as an app that kills background apps to save battery power?
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  • Basic Troubleshooting for Android Games

1. Restart your device

If you are having trouble with a game on your Android device, please first try simply turning your device off and on again.  It's a cliche for a reason--it often does the trick!

2. Clear the app data and cache

You're often advised to clear your browser's cache, but on Android devices, you have the same ability with apps, and it's helpful in just the same ways.  Imagine a robot walking along a track, and it comes to an obstruction of some sort.  The robot doesn't have a way to change course and walk around; it's just going to keep bumping into the object.  If you clear the cache, you remove the blocker, and the robot can move forward again.

Open your device's Settings menu, and look for the app in question on the list of installed apps. Tap its name in the list to open the expanded menu.  There will be buttons labelled Clear Data and Clear Cache.  If you try Clear Cache, and it doesn't work, you can then try Clear Data.  If you try Clear Data first, it will clear the cache at the same time!  

3. Force-quit the app

When you've launched an app, it remains active in the background unless you manually close it.  This is great, because it lets the app load faster the next time you want to use it, but it can also cause problems.  Sometimes a program simply needs to be allowed to sleep a moment and wake back up.  

Open your device's Settings menu, and look for the app in question on the list of installed apps. Tap its name in the list to open the expanded menu.  Tap the Force Stop button to quit the app completely.

4. Force-quit other apps 

As we established above, the apps you launch will remain active in the background for faster loading.  But how many apps have you launched?  How many programs are still taking up processing power while you're not even using them?  If you're going on a hike, and you've packed your backpack with provisions, it will weigh you down some, but you need everything in there.  But what if you just threw your hiking gear into your laptop bag without taking out the computer first? You don't need a laptop on a mountain, and carrying it'll just slow you down.  

Go to the Settings menu.  In the Apps list, there is a tab labelled Running, which lists all currently active apps.  One at a time, you can view each app and hit Stop.  In this process, be cautious; you only want to stop apps you originally installed!  The list of running apps also includes processes that are components of your device's Operating System.  So the rule is, if you don't recognize it as something you deliberately added to your device, you probably shouldn't touch it.

5. Uninstall the app and download it again

This is the final basic step in any software troubleshooting process.  It's usually effective when all else has failed.  You do, of course, need to be sure you're going to be able to download it again!  Make sure you know your Google Play account information to reinstall apps purchased through that marketplace.  You may need to contact Amazon Android AppStore support for assistance reinstalling games from their store.

To uninstall an app, go to the Settings menu and find your app.  Tap the button marked Uninstall.  

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  • Error message: "Your device is not authorized."

If you are receiving the error message "Your device is not authorized" when launching Plants vs. Zombies on Android from the Google Play store, there are some simple steps that should resolve this issue.

  1. Before getting started, please make sure you are on a stable Wi-Fi connection.
  2. Uninstall Plants vs. Zombies.
    NOTE: this may erase your current save data and progress.  You may wish to skip this step at this time; however, if the error persists, you will need to uninstall and reinstall the game.
  3. Close all applications, and reboot your device.
  4. Make sure you are logged in on your device with a valid Gmail account.  If you previously entered the address as "," please enter "" instead.
  5. Also, make sure the Gmail account you log in with is the same account you used to purchase the game.
  6. Check to make sure that you have 100 MB of free internal storage space:

    From the Home screen, select the Menu key, then Settings.  
    Select SD Card & Phone Storage, and look for Internal phone storage.
    The Available space will be listed here.

  7. Clear the Google Play app cache.

    In the Settings menu, choose Apps, then All apps.
    Select the Google Play store app.
    Tap Clear data and Clear cache.
    Then select Download manager.
    Again, tap Clear data and Clear cache.

  8. Redownload and install the game. Be sure you have downloaded all additional data (your app, when fully installed, should be approximately 100 MB in size).
  9. Remain connected to the Internet while you launch the game.
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  • I made a purchase and the items were not delivered.

If your in-app purchase was not successfully delivered, we deeply apologize for this error. We recommend powering your device off and back on, then tapping the Restore button in the game's Shop if your items have still not appeared.

If the Restore button does not resolve this error, please click Contact Us below, and include the details regarding your purchase. 

  • What device are you using to play the game?
  • What is your Android OS version on this device?
  • What specific item/s were you attempting to purchase?
  • What was the date and time of the purchase?
  • Were you connected through wifi, 3G, or 4G at the time of the order?
  • Have you ever made an in-app purchase in the past, and was it successful?

Thank you for whatever details you are able to provide.

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