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  • How do I play Chuzzle on my mobile phone?


  • Use '5' to swap between rows and columns.
  • Use the keys 2,4,6 & 8 to change the row or column, or scroll the selected Chuzzles. Chuzzles always return to their starting positions if they aren't matched.

Classic Game Rules:

  • Move the rows and columns to match sets of 3 or more same colored Chuzzles.
  • Pop enough Chuzzles to fill the Chuzzlometer and progress to the next level.
  • Match several sets in a row or several sets at once to score bonus points!
  • Pop 4 Chuzzles in a square to create space for a Giant Chuzzle.
  • Match a set of 5 chuzzles to create a Super Chuzzle - Super Chuzzles explode when matched!
  • Rainbow Chuzzles are rare - match them to score extra points.
  • Watch out for Locks - a locked Chuzzle can't be moved!
  • Using a HINT costs you points, but can help if you are stuck.
  • Scrambles reset the board. Gain extra Scrambles for every 150,000 points scored.
  • When you run out of Scrambles, and there are no more Chuzzle matches left, the game is over.

Zen Game Rules:

  • You cannot lose in Zen - play for as long as you desire.

Expert Game Rules:

  • Play a more difficult version of the game and score extra points at the end of each level.

Mindbender Game Rules:

  • Move the Chuzzles so they match the highlighted puzzle.
  • Use the 'Q' to switch between solving and selecting puzzles.
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