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PopCap Games User Accounts

PopCap Games User Accounts

  • How do I view my online Order History?

If you would like to locate your previous orders made on, please log into or create a PopCap User Account.

  1. Click here to sign into your account..
  2. If you have a PopCap User Account already, enter your email address and password to Sign In.
  3. If you have any orders associated with your user account, you will now be taken directly to your order history!
  • If you do not yet have a User Account, enter your name and email address, then enter your chosen password in both fields and click Create my account.
  • Alternatively, you can also choose to use Facebook Connect for your login.  Click the blue Connect with Facebook button to initiate that process. (This option may not be visible based on your browser settings.)

A game I purchased doesn't appear in my order history -- where is it?

Your order history only displays the orders placed on that are associated with your user account and current email address.  If you placed orders using this same email address but prior to creating the user account, they may not appear.  Please contact Customer Support for assistance with retrieving any orders you do not see online.  

If you have placed orders on using multiple email addresses:

Click Contact Us below, and be sure to include any information that will help us locate the orders.  Typically, if you know the exact email addresses used on all your past orders, that should be all we need, but if you're not sure about the email addresses, make sure to include the first and last name on the orders and if possible the zip code associated with your billing address.  If you know the names of the games you're not seeing on your account currently, that lets us know what we're looking for!

If you have ordered PopCap Games from other websites/companies:

Unfortunately, there is no way we can add those to your order history. We don't have access to our partners' order databases and cannot retrieve any order information from them.

What does "Licenses" mean?

This is the number of licenses or registrations left on your game order. All games start out with 5 licenses. Whenever you register your game on a new or reformatted computer, you will use one license. If you use up all of your licenses due to regular reformatting, don't worry, we can issue some more! Please click Contact Us below to request assistance.

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  • Customer Data Deletion Request

To delete your personal information from PopCap, please click Contact Us below and state your request in writing. We will reply to establish your identity and obtain additional information about you to assist us in handling your request. You agree that we can contact you at the email address you provide on our contact form.

Please note, requesting data deletion is a final act that cannot be reversed. Once you make this request, your full history with PopCap will be erased. That means that your games cannot be downloaded or installed again without repurchasing, and any PopCap games you play on Facebook will lose your history, progress, and earned or purchased currency. Once we delete your personal information, you no longer will be able to play any PopCap Social Networking Services Applications, such as our games on Facebook. Further, PopCap may not be able to provide certain features of downloaded games once we've deleted your information.

If you ever need assistance with any PopCap game, we will not be able to assist you once your information has been deleted.

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