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Billing & Purchasing

Billing & Purchasing

  • I already purchased one version of a game; can I get a discount on an alternate platform version?

We love that you want to play our games in multiple forms, and that's why we keep making multiple versions! However, we are unable to provide discounts or promotional codes for use on our partner websites or at retail stores.  

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  • What should I expect when downloading my first game from Pogo?

When you install a game from Pogo, you will also install the Pogo Game Manager. Both the game and the Game Manager will create icons on your Desktop. You can launch any game directly from its icon, but you can also launch the Game Manager to view all your installed games in one place. The Game Manager must be installed on your computer in order to play any game from Pogo. Uninstalling the Game Manager will also cause all games downloaded from Pogo to stop working.

The Game Manager installer will also offer you an optional feature called the iWin Toolbar. This is not required in order to run the Game Manager itself or any of the games you choose to download from Pogo. It is a feature that helps you to stay informed of new games, special offers, and updates from Pogo and iWin. If you choose to try it out, you are free to disable or uninstall it at any time thereafter. To disable it, click the X to the left of the toolbar. It can be uninstalled via Windows Control Panel.

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  • The PopCap edition of Humble Bundle

If you purchased the PopCap Games Humble Bundle, we thank you for supporting this great charitable organization and congratulate you on your superb taste in games!  This edition of the Humble Bundle is delivered through Origin or Steam, so you will first want to sign into (or create) your account and download the games manager as needed.

Haven't received your codes for your Humble Bundle purchase? Click here!

Need help redeeming your codes in Origin? Click here!

For help with Steam, click here!

Finally, if you have any questions about the games themselves, you can click Contact Us below.

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  • Do you have a gift certificate from PopCap?

PopCap no longer directly offers games for download or purchase.  However, the full value of your gift certificate can now be redeemed with our partner, Origin!  

Please visit Origin to get started by creating a free user account.  Then contact their Support team to request assistance with adding your gift certificate balance to your new Origin account.  

Then, look over the hundreds of games offered through Origin!  The hardest part will be choosing between them all!

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  • is no longer a sales website.

PopCap is no longer offering games for purchase directly from our website. We have partnered with many great companies to offer our games on a variety of platforms and will continue to do so. The decision to stop selling our own games from our own website allows us to devote all of our energy and resources to making games!

Looking for sites that offer our PC or Mac download games?  We are happy to recommend our partners!

For PC games, visit Pogo or Origin.

For Mac games, visit Origin or the Mac Store.

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Order Information (My Games)

  • I need help locating order information for Mac download games I purchased from

If you're trying to install or register a Mac game you bought from, but you no longer have the email receipt, click Contact Us below for help. Here's the information that will be most helpful to our Customer Support team in looking for your orders:

(Don't worry--we don't expect you to have all of this information!  But as many of the following details as you can provide will help us help you faster!)

  • First and last name associated with the order
  • Zip code associated with the billing address
  • A general timeframe for when you made the purchase
  • What game title(s) you are looking for
  • Any email addresses you may have used when you placed the order(s)
  • Whether you paid by credit/debit card or PayPal or got the game with a coupon code/promotional offer/gift certificate

Please note, older games may no longer be available for download based on incompatibility with modern Mac OS versions. We regret that we cannot offer a workaround for this issue.

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  • I need help locating order information for PC download games I purchased from

PopCap no longer directly offers games for download.  However, your games can now be obtained through our partner!  

Visit our partner site, Pogo, and choose Submit a Ticket to get started.  You will be prompted to create a user account or login to an existing Pogo support account.  

In the drop-down menu labelled Department for Assistance, be sure to select PopCap Download Games Support.  Provide as much detail as you have regarding your purchase history.  

In order to receive your games, you will first download the game delivery software (Game Manager).  Click here to learn more about the Pogo Game Manager.

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  • Affiliate sites which also sell PopCap Games products

PopCap Games are also sold by a number of affiliate partner sites.  If you have purchased one of our titles from any site other than, we will not be able to locate your order information.  Please contact the relevant partner's support team for assistance. Below is a list of many affiliate sites which carry our games as well as direct links to their support pages. 

AOL Games / Support

Apple / Support

Astatix / Support

Big Fish Games / Support

BigPond Games Arena / Support

Boonty / Support

Comcast Games (Chill) / Support

EGames / Support

GameHouse / Support

GSN / Support

HP WildTangent / Support

Incredigames / Support

iPlay / Support

iWin / Support

MSN Games Zone / Support

MumboJumbo / Support

Oberon Games / Support

PlayFirst / Support

Pogo / Support

RealArcade / Support

Shockwave / Support

Station / Support

SpinTop / Support

Steam (Valve Corporation) / Support

TalkTalk (Bluefish Media) / Support

TryMedia / Support

WildTangent (WildGames) / Support

Yahoo! Games / Support

Zylom / Support      

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  • Customer Data Deletion Request

To delete your personal information from PopCap, please click Contact Us below and state your request in writing. We will reply to establish your identity and obtain additional information about you to assist us in handling your request. You agree that we can contact you at the email address you provide on our contact form.

Please note, requesting data deletion is a final act that cannot be reversed. Once you make this request, your full history with PopCap will be erased. That means that your games cannot be downloaded or installed again without repurchasing, and any PopCap games you play on Facebook will lose your history, progress, and earned or purchased currency. Once we delete your personal information, you no longer will be able to play any PopCap Social Networking Services Applications, such as our games on Facebook. Further, PopCap may not be able to provide certain features of downloaded games once we've deleted your information.

If you ever need assistance with any PopCap game, we will not be able to assist you once your information has been deleted.

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