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  • How Life works in Zuma Blitz

Life is measured in hearts.  Each heart lets you play one game. You earn a new heart every 10 minutes up to a maximum of five. Beyond this limit, you can accrue extra hearts gifted by friends or purchased in the Store. These hearts are stored separately, or "banked."

To share life with a friend, click on "Send Life" on their leaderboard plank.

The hearts that are earned over time are used first.  Once those run out, you start to draw on your banked hearts.  There is no separate action to take in order to use banked hearts; simply click Play as usual.

Also, each time you earn a Star or are Promoted, you get more life. 

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  • Zuma Blitz Glossary

Chain: Make consecutive matches without missing a shot to start a Chain. The longer you keep the Chain going, the more points you'll earn. If you shoot a ball and don't make a match, the Chain resets to 0. Shooting Fruit does not reset a chain, nor do shots made with active powerups, such as Lasers, Color Nukes, Hot Frog, and Cannons.

  A counter is located at the bottom of the screen showing how many consecutive matches you've made. The higher the number, the bigger your bonus.

Clock: You start a game with one minute on the clock. You have 60 seconds to score as many points as possible.  Matching Time Balls extends your game.

Coins: Coins are the main currency in Zuma Blitz, used to buy power-ups, monuments, Food, and bulk items in the Shop. You earn Coins whenever you get a Star or Promotion. You can receive Coins from Zuma Spin or as a gift from Friends.  Coins are also sold in the Shop.

Combo: Whenever there's a gap with balls of the same color on either side, the gap will snap shut. Score a Combo when a match causes three or more balls around it to snap together in a secondary match.  It's possible to cause cascading combos with three or more matches in a row!

Example of a Combo: 


The current ball is yellow, so firing it at the two yellow balls will cause a match.


The yellow balls will disappear which will make the red balls on either side collapse together. 

There are more than three red balls in a row, so the red balls will also clear on impact.
Your single shot caused more than 1 match (in this case two), so you get a Combo bonus! 

Curve: Balls roll out on two tracks called curves. Each curve begins at a tunnel and ends at a skull.

Curve Clear Bonus: Blast all the balls back to the tunnel mouth to earn a Curve Clear Bonus. There are 2 curves so you have double chance of getting a Curve Clear. Do this multiple times in a game to score huge points.

Food: Frogs crave tasty nourishment!  Feed yours well, and he will reward you with increased speed, bigger explosions, extra points, and more!

Fruit: Fruit occasionally appears on the board. Depending on the board, there will be different places fruit can appear. Fruit will not appear until balls from the rollout have passed in front of the fruit's set locations on that curve. If shooting Fruit is part of your strategy, make sure to let the balls rollout far enough on both curves to start Fruit spawning. Each time you hit Fruit, its value increases in the game. There is one special Fruit called Spinner. It will give you a free extra spin on the daily Zuma Spin. Shooting Fruit does not disrupt any chains. It is always worth your while to shoot Fruit.

Gap Shots: Create a Gap Shot by first making a gap in a row of balls. Before that gap closes, shoot through it to make a match in the row of balls beyond. Gap Shot matches are worth much more than regular matches. The size of your gap will determine the number of points you receive. The smaller the gap, the better!  On some Tournament boards, there are three lines of balls. With those boards you can even set up a Double Gap Shot. It is very difficult, but worth lots of points! 

Check this out! 


See how I've cleared a huge gap between the purples and the greens?  Now I can shoot the blues on the far side of the curve. 

Even better, after I match those blues, the greens on either side will snap together, followed by the purples on either side of them!

That's a gap shot with a triple combo! 


Note how this curve has three lines, too.  If I were able to match the purples directly behind the +140 notation and then shoot the yellows immediately behind the gap I had just created, that would be the elusive double gap shot! 

Hot Frog: When a match is made faster than the one before it, you earn a Speed bonus. This lets your frog shoot faster, and you also make progress towards Hot Frog.  Once you get Hot Frog, your next three shots will be fireballs. Fireballs cause a bigger explosion than Bombs or Chain Blast so they are good for hitting hard-to-reach Fruit and special balls.

  Your progress toward Hot Frog is shown at the bottom of the board on the Frog-O-Meter.  
  Another indicator is the color of your frog. As you get closer to Hot Frog, you can see your frog get "warm" (i.e. start turning red). Once it is completely red, you reach Hot Frog!  

Last Hurrah: When time runs out to end your game, it's not quite over!  In the Last Hurrah, every special ball left on the board explodes. You'll get the points for all of them as well as for any resulting combos. 

Life: Each heart lets you play one game. You get a new Life every 10 minutes up to a maximum of seven. Beyond this limit, you can accrue extra Lives that were given to you by friends or that you bought in the Store. These Lives are counted separately. You use timed Lives first. In addition, each time you earn a Star or are Promoted, you get more life. The higher your Star rating, the faster you get new Life.

Monuments: Monuments to certain Spirit Animals can be found in the depths of the jungle. These monuments can greatly improve your game when used!  The Spirit Animal you choose will take the place of your frog for one game, and each one has unique special abilities!  Learn more about the Spirit Animals here!

Multipliers: A Multiplier  is a special ball marked with an "X" and a number. All points you earn after matching or destroying a Multiplier ball will be multiplied by the number on the ball. If you get a x5 Multiplier Ball, every point will be worth 5 points. If you then collect a x6 ball, every point will be worth 6 points. Multipliers can go up to nine. 

Promotion: When you earn 10 Stars, the Frog King promotes you to a new title. With the new title, you receive Coins & Life, along with a Medal that all your Leaderboard friends can see.  

Rollout: The curve starts at the mouth of a tunnel.  All balls roll out of the tunnel and toward the skull at the end of the curve.  The progression of the balls is sometimes referred to as the rollout.

Skull: Balls are always rolling down the curve. If a rolling ball reaches one of the skulls, you instantly lose the game. Balls shot out of your frog's mouth do not affect skulls.

Star: As you earn XP (Experience Points) in the game, your progress is tracked along a ring.  Each time the ring fills, you earn a Star.  Every 10 Stars, you earn a Promotion from the Frog King.  Earning Stars also unlocks new features and powerups.  The only way to gain Stars is by earning XP.

Swapping Balls: To swap your current ball with the next ball, press the [Spacebar] key or right-click anywhere on the screen. 

Time Balls: Time balls are special balls marked with an hourglass.  Matching or destroying them adds extra seconds to your game. In a standard one minute game, matching a Time ball adds five seconds to the clock.  There are also power-ups you can add to affect the Time balls, such as Sands of Time, which increases the number of seconds each Time ball adds.

Tunnel: New balls appear on the curve by rolling out of tunnels. Balls never stop rolling out of the tunnels. As long as your frog can shoot balls, more balls will roll out.

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  • Zuma Blitz Weekly Tournament

Every week, a new tournament begins on Tuesday (at 4 P.M. PST). All scores from tournaments past are thrown out the door and new possibilities unfold. Try new techniques, strategies, and combinations of Powers, Food, and Monuments to move to the top of your leaderboard!

If you finish in the top three on your leaderboard for the Weekly Tournament, you'll win a Gold, Silver, or Bronze medal!  Should you be so skilled as to earn a tournament medal, don't hesitate to gloat about it for all to see.

The leaderboard is composed of planks to display your current position in the Zuma Blitz Weekly Tournament.  Each of your Zuma Blitz-playing Facebook friends has a plank (up to a total of 50).  If you have more than 50 Zuma Blitz players among your friends, you will only see the highest-scoring players appear on your board.

Click View Stats on your friends' planks to see how they are doing. You'll see how many Medals they've earned, their current level, and any Spirit Animals they've unlocked.

Invite Your Friends!

If you love Zuma Blitz, maybe your friends would, too!  And if they're new to the game, you've probably got at least a few solid weeks of wins ahead of you before they get good enough to be a threat.  But don't tell them that up front, because antagonizing them might just spur them on to early greatness and leave you in the dust!  

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  • How to play Zuma Blitz!

If you've never played Zuma Blitz, here's what you need to know to get started. Follow the links from this FAQ to go in-depth on any topic!  And check out the Zuma Blitz glossary for more info on any of the terms used here.

Each week, Zuma Blitz presents a new board, with a new background design and a new layout of curves. Every board has its own unique challenges, but they all start with the same basic features: 

  • Tunnels - from whence the balls roll
  • Skulls - toward which the balls roll


Your game can end in two ways, whichever one happens first:

  1. Your time runs out 
  2. The balls reach the Skull

Time constraints: brevity is the soul of Blitz!

In Zuma Blitz, you have one minute to score as many points as you can. Watch for balls marked with an hourglass.


These are called Time balls, and each Time ball you match adds additional time to your game clock. You can use the Sands of Time powerup to get even more time for each Time ball. 

Try to keep your game going as long as possible to earn more points, and make sure never to let the balls reach the Skull at the end of the curve!

Making a match: the raison d'etre of the Zuma frog!

As balls roll out along the curve, you need to make matches to clear them off the board. You create a match by shooting the ball in your frog's mouth at a row of 2 or more balls that are the same color. 

Matches can have a cascading effect as well! If you shoot a single ball that causes multiple consecutive matches, that's called a Combo, and it's worth extra points.

Check out the image below.

In this case, the current ball is yellow, and firing it in the direction shown by the laser will cause a match with the two yellow balls on the curve.

Once the yellow balls are cleared from the board, the red balls on either side will collapse together. As you can see, there are more than three red balls in a row, so the red balls will also be cleared off the board. Your single shot caused more than one match (in this case two), so you will get a Combo bonus!

Swapping balls: Zuma frog always keeps a trick in his back pocket!

The current ball is always the one in your frog's mouth. The next ball is shown on your frog's back. If you look at the example below, the current ball is red and the next ball is yellow.

Sometimes you may not have a great move available with the current ball, so rather than waste a shot or break your chain, try swapping the current ball and the next ball!

To swap your current and next balls, you can either hit the spacebar or you can right-click your mouse (anywhere on the board).

Multipliers: making points much pointier since 1884! *

Watch for balls marked with X and a number.


Those are Multiplier balls, and they help you earn double, triple, quadruple (and so on) points for every match you make. The maximum multiplier is x9, and if you reach it, every match will earn you nine times its standard value. To increase your multiplier, you need to match the special multiplier balls that come out on the curve. When you match a multiplier, any future matches will be scored based on that new multiplier.

* citation needed.

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Zuma Blitz Advanced Strategy

  • Food in Zuma Blitz

Food is a great way to maximize your Zuma Blitz scoring potential!  There are new varieties of food available all the time, and we will continue to develop more treats to please your palate.  Check out what the foods can do for you!


10 Pound Turkey

Power lunch on an epic feast, and you will find that your Multiplier goes all the way to 10!  



Baco Bouquet

Dig into this excellent snack to maximize all your power balls for the game.  Any ball with an icon will appear more frequently, including the balls that trigger selected powerups, like Bombs, Cannon, and Color Nuke, as well as time balls and multiplier balls!  It's true what they say--everything's better with bacon!  


Blue Velvet Cake

The legends tell of mystical blue fires that burn bright in secret swamps deep in the Zumaic jungle.  This scrumptious treat steals these flames and delivers their power to you!  Enjoy Blue Velvet Cake to add an extra fireball to your Hot Frog!  Pair with the Inferno Frog powerup for five blasts per Hot Frog!


Candy Lei

Want to feel like king of the jungle?  Set yourself up for a game that feels like you're practically taking candy from a baby.   (Of course, we know that you would never do that.)  The Candy Lei causes the balls to roll out in larger clusters, leaving you fewer singles to work around.  Pair with Color Nuke to take out huge sections of your curve at a single tap!


Canned Cran Blast

This seasonal favorite gives you all the benefits of Chain Blast as well as increasing the raw value of your chains.  Save a powerup slot without losing the power!


Chocolate Love

Nothing says love like chocolate!  Share the love with your fruit, because happy fruit is generous fruit!  Each fruit touched by Chocolate Love adds an extra second to your game as well as big, juicy points to your score.


Christmas Cake

This densest of holiday desserts brings an endless bounty of balls! You won't run out of shots when you're nibbling on this surprisingly tasty seasonal treat.


Cocoa Bomb

Warm up this Winter with explosions aplenty!  Add Bomb balls to your rollout without enabling Bombs as one of your powerups.  This comforting concoction also intensifies the explosions and increases the frequency of bomb balls on the rollout.  


Combo Corn

If you love setting up combos, this is the treat for you!  When you shoot at the center match to trigger your combo cascade, glance if you dare at the score...the numerical leaps will astonish and amaze!


Cookie Chain

If you tend to focus on building and maintaining your chain, this classic and wholesome treat will delight your player's palate.  Every 10th match you make in a row adds a heaping scoop of chocolate chips to your score!  (Note: chocolate chips = points. Lots of 'em.)


Curvy Fries

If you're skilled at Curve Clear bonuses, you know they pack on the points already, so carbo-load beforehand with this salty snack to make the most of a very good thing!


Gapple Sauce

Are you particularly skilled at making gap shots?  This is the tasty treat for you, then!  It makes those trick shots worth even more points, so you get a major score boost!


Ginger Up

Can't get enough of that Hot Frog action?  This is the peppy boost you need!  Ginger Up ensures that your Frog-o-Meter never slips backward but only progresses in the direction of Hot Frog! (Every time you reach Hot Frog, you do start from scratch again.  You can't make your frog keeping blasting fireballs forever, you know!  His poor throat would get very dry.)


Gummi Nukes

This tangy candy is just what you need to flavor your game when you're playing with the Color Nuke boost.  Munch on this to make Color Nuke powerups appear more often in the rollout.


Hasty Pudding

Just like Speed Shot, you say?  Well, that's basically true, but then why is it a culinary option to tempt your tongue?  Fie on thee for cries of redundancy!  This snackable allows you to max out on other powers and still indulge your need for speed!  Or you could even stack your snack with the Speed Shot power and truly put the pedal to the floor.


Hog Wild Sliders

Pop a few of these tasty morsels when playing with the Wild Shot boost, and your shots will be wild much more often!


Ignition Sauce

This fiery condiment complements your Hot Frog, causing the explosions during that phase of the game to get even more intense.  If you're a player who sees Hot Frog engage several times in a game, this is your new favorite dipping sauce!


Key Time Pie

Key Time Pie adds more time to the clock.  Five seconds to be precise.  And as you know, in Zuma Blitz, every second counts!


Key Time Punch

This bubbly beverage gives you a zingy speed boost as well as adding 5 seconds to your clock.  


Kiwi Kebab

Do you love Fruit?  I mean, who doesn't love fruit; it's tasty, it's healthy, and it gives you points!  Well, dig into a Kiwi Kebab to shorten the spawning time on Fruit, so it shows up more frequently throughout your game.  It also increases the value of each Fruit, so you not only have more chances to score, you score more too!  But wait, isn't that kind of like the Fruit Master power?  Well, sure, but if you haven't yet unlocked Fruit Master, here's a Fruit enhancement you can have today.


Kroakatoa Wave

This glorious dessert turns your standard cannonball powerup into a powerful sweeping wave that thunders out across the board!  You just can't miss when pairing the Cannon boost and the delicious Kroakatoa Wave.


The Last Bite

The Last Hurrah is a major scoring windfall in most games!  It can suddenly take your score from stratospheric to atmospheric!  So...what if you could double that bonus?  Does that sound like something you might be interested in?


Pyro Piggy 

This succulent snack will speed up your shot while it enhances your explosions!  Watch as every boom gets hit with a little sweet and tangy barbecue sauce for savory-sweet impact!


Pyro Popcorn

Everyone loves explosions in Zuma Blitz.  Pyro Popcorn makes them bigger, fiercer, more explosive!  


Shoo Fly Pie

Find it frustrating to watch the Time balls fade away before you can make your shot?  Take a bite of Shoo Fly Pie!  Your Time balls will never expire, so you can fire at leisure.  A delicious meal should always be savored.


Smokin' Hot Links

Take a shortcut to Hot Frog by making chains!  By keeping your chain going, you will fill your Frog-o-Meter faster and more often while you munch on these savory snacks.  

Pro Tip: Spirit Turtle doesn't enjoy sausages--they're a bad mix with his natural ability to bring on Hot Frog.  


Sticky Apple

With oozy gooey goodness, this sugar-coated apple causes all the balls to slow down, giving you plenty of time to take aim and savor the experience.


Whipped Taters

Just as the mixer spins faster and faster when the potatoes are smooth, your frog shoots faster and faster when you're really in the zone!  Keep up your chain to build your speed as you go.  Great for saving a powerup slot on Speed Shot--why not use it for Chain Blast instead, and really maximize the chain benefits?

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  • Powers in Zuma Blitz

Zuma Blitz has a variety of exciting powers (also called powerups) available to enhance your game!  You can play with up to three powers per game by spending Coins.  As you gain XP and earn Stars, new powers unlock and others increase in might! 

Read all about the powers you can call upon to blast balls and earn high scores!

Each power levels up at certain stages of your progress, measured in the number of Stars you have earned.  You can also pay to unlock the higher levels of the powers early.


  This Power adds Bomb balls to your rollout. When you match a Bomb, it blows up and clears balls surrounding it.  If it's near enough to a piece of Fruit, it can also pick that up for you!  This power is great for catching multipliers and other powerup balls as well as opening gaps in the curve.

There are three tiers of Bombs:

  Bombs I (4th Star) - Basic Bombs that explode when matched. 
  Bombs II (47th Star) - Bombs roll out more often, so you can make even more explosions!
  Bombs III (88th Star) - Increases the blast radius for Bomb balls, so your explosions get even bigger!


Wild Shot:

At regular intervals, a Wild Shot ball will appear in your frog's mouth. Wild Shot matches any ball on the board. It will even match and remove single balls. If you don't hit a ball dead on, the Frog King decides which ball will be the optimal match to earn you the most points. Wild Shot is very useful for matching lone special balls. Shooting Fruit with a Wild Shot will not change the point value of Fruit.

  Wild Shot I (6th Star) - Every 15th ball you fire will be a Wild ball. This ball will match any ball it touches.
  Wild Shot II (68th Star) - Every 13th shot will be a Wild ball.
  Wild Shot III (92nd Star) - Every 11th shot will be a Wild ball.



  This Power adds Cannon balls to your rollout. Cannon balls come in all colors. When you match a Cannon ball, it changes your frog into Cannon Frog, so your next shot will fire 3 cannonballs, clearing away anything in their path!  Cannons are useful for clearing distant Fruit or getting rid of bunches of single, unmatched balls.

There are three tiers of Cannon:

  Cannon I (10th Star) - Cannon balls added to rollout. Match for triple shot!
  Cannon II (65th Star) - Cannon balls rollout with greater frequency.
  Cannon III (95th Star) - Adds an additional cannonball to the Cannon (for a total of four cannonballs each shot!).


Speed Shot:

This Power makes your frog shoot faster!  This is great for making gap shots and shooting at Fruit!

  Speed Shot I (13th Star) - Increases your shot speed by 10%.
  Speed Shot II (53rd Star) - Increases your shot speed by 20%.
  Speed Shot III (82nd Star) - Increases your shot speed by 30%.


Color Nuke:


Match Nuke balls to activate a laser you can use to destroy all balls of one color from a curve. Use the nuke to blast a color with many special balls, to trigger combos by destroying a color at the center of several sets that are ready to collide, or to destroy a special ball you can't reach. But don't think about it too long, because your time is still ticking! Choose carefully but quickly!

There are three tiers of Color Nuke:

  Color Nuke I (17th Star) - Your frog shoots a laser which you can aim at the color of your choice to destroy all balls of that color on a single curve.
  Color Nuke II (57th Star) - Nuke balls appear more frequently in the rollout.
  Color Nuke III (98th Star) - The laser destroys the selected color on both curves!

Note: there is no bonus for hitting Fruit with a laser.  In fact, it would be a waste of the powerup!


Fruit Master:

This Power makes Fruit appear more often in your game. The more Fruit you hit, the more points each one is worth!

There are three tiers of Fruit Master:

  Fruit Master I (23rd Star) - Fruit appears 3 seconds faster than normal.
  Fruit Master II (72nd Star) - Fruit appears 5 seconds faster than normal.
  Fruit Master III (85th Star) - Fruit appears 7 seconds faster than normal.


Multiplier Enhancer:

This Power increases your starting multiplier. The points you score for every match are multiplied by the number on the Multiplier ball. Match more multipliers as you play so you can earn even more points. The maximum is x9. Shoot these balls as quickly as possible to ramp up your score! 

  Doubler (27th Star) - Start your game with the x2 Multiplier active.
  Tripler (108th Star) -  Start your game with the x3 Multiplier active.


Inferno Frog:

This Power makes your Hot Frog even hotter! If you have this Power active, your Hot Frog will shoot more than three fireballs!

There are two Tiers of Inferno Frog:

  Inferno Frog I (33rd Star) - Gives Hot Frog 1 extra fireball shot (for a total of 4 shots).
  Inferno Frog II (78th Star) - Gives Hot Frog 2 extra fireball shots (for a total of 5 shots).


Chain Blast:

With this power, when you make a chain of 10 consecutive matches, an explosion occurs. The first explosion occurs on the 10th match but after that every 5th match triggers a blast. If you break the chain by failing to make a match, the count starts over at 0.

There are three Tiers of Chain Blast:

  Chain Blast I (37th Star) - An explosive blast occurs at the end of a chain of 10 consecutive matches (and every 5 matches thereafter).
  Chain Blast II (62nd Star) - A blast occurs at the end of a chain of 9 consecutive matches (and every 4 matches thereafter).
  Chain Blast III (98th Star) - Increases the size of the explosions.


Sands of Time:

This Power increases the extra time you get with each Time ball you match.  A standard Time ball adds 5 seconds to the clock.

  Sands of Time I (43rd Star) - Time balls add six seconds to the clock when matched.
  Sands of Time II (66th Star) - Time balls add seven seconds to the clock when matched.
  Sands of Time III (105th Star) - Time balls add eight seconds to the clock when matched.
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  • Tips for scoring higher in Zuma Blitz!

There are a number of strategies you can employ to get a high score in Zuma Blitz.  Here are some of the important bonus opportunities to take advantage of:

Maximize points with Multipliers!

  Among the many special balls in the game, pay special attention to the multipliers, and shoot them as quickly as you can once they appear! 

Once you activate a multiplier, it immediately starts doubling every point you score (then tripling, quadrupling, quintupling, and so forth)!  In addition to expediting the effect of the point multiplier itself, shooting the multiplier ball currently on the board will allow the next one to start spawning. The sooner you get a x2, the sooner you will be able to get a x3!

Compound your coup de grace by maintaining your Chain!

  Each consecutive match you make adds to the length of the Chain. Once your Chain reaches 6, you will start earning an extra 100+ points for every match you make until you break your Chain. 

When you break your Chain by missing a shot, you will have to rebuild to 6 matches before the bonus applies again.  

  • Shooting Fruit doesn't break your long as you successfully hit the Fruit!
  • Powerups and special shots such as Cannon, Color Nuke, and Hot Frog blasts also do not affect your Chain in any way; these shots don't count to add to your Chain, but they also don't break it.  
  • Wild Shot does count toward your Chain, but it cannot break it, since any shot you take will be an instant match!

Cleverly curtail a rollout for a Curve Clear bonus!

  When you clear all the balls all the way to the mouth of one of the tunnels, you get a Curve Clear bonus.  The later in the game you clear the curve, the more points you earn!  

This is a great use for your Hot Frog blasts, particularly with Cannonballs combined, as you can use that widespread explosive power to cut straight through huge sections of balls and wipe the curve to nothing!  Try Ignition Sauce to really increase the explosive potential!

Feast on Fruit for fabulous fortune!

  Every curve has at least one place where Fruit will appear. The first time you play a tournament board, figure out where the Fruit spawn so you can set up Gap Shots to hit them. Each Fruit you hit is worth more points than the one before.  

Listen for the tell-tale sound effect that heralds the appearance of Fruit.  If you wait until you spot it visually, it may be too late to execute a plan to clear the balls in front of it and take a shot.  If you start planning your shot based on where you know the Fruit can appear as soon as you hear the sound effect, you can get it every time!

Remember that you can shoot the Fruit with any color ball, and it won't break your Chain unless you miss.

There are many ways to clear a Fruit:

  • Shoot any ball to hit the Fruit.
  • Shoot a fireball straight through the curve to hit it when you have Hot Frog.
  • Shoot a cannonball at it when you have Cannon.
  • Cause an explosion close enough to the Fruit to explode it.  (This one is tricky, because the epicenter of the blast has to be near enough to the Fruit to affect it. Just because the blast took out the balls in front of the Fruit doesn't mean it was close enough to hit the Fruit as well.)

If we do not ever take time, how can we ever have time? (as the Merovingian says)


Another factor that can greatly increase your score is extra time. The more Time balls you match, the longer your game lasts, and the more time you have to rack up points!

The ultimate in Zuma wisdom: Know thyself.

Know your weaknesses.  Take advantage of the Powers and Food that will make up for your shortcomings.

  • Do you often run out of time before getting Hot Frog? Scarf down some Key Time Pie to add precious seconds to the clock.  If you've unlocked the Sands of Time powerup, you can maximize each time ball as well!
  • Are you likely to miss shots when aiming for small bunches of balls?  Snack on a Candy Lei to get bigger clusters.
  • Do you often get sidetracked dealing with one curve while the other gets out of control heading toward the skull? Use Color Nuke, Bombs, or Cannon to clear a lot of balls fast.

Even better: Know your strengths. Use Powers and Food that complement your style and make the most of your abilities.

  • Are you a fast shooter? Get Speed Shot and be even faster.
  • Do you set up lots of Gap Shots? Buy Gapple Sauce to get more points for each Gap Shot.
  • Do you rarely miss shots? Get Chain Blast so you earn more points for consecutive matches!
  • Are you the type who never misses Fruit? Use the Fruit Master powerup & nibble on a Kiwi Kebab to make Fruit appear far more often!

Let Zuma work for you!  

Make the most of each powerup!  Wild Shot and Color Nuke are great powerups. They're immensely useful tools and possibly the most versatile in your arsenal!  But if you're indecisive when they activate, they can become a hindrance rather than a help.  Don't let yourself pause to evaluate all the options when you're playing with these powerups--trust your instincts and maintain your momentum.  

Use your knowledge of the future to influence the now!  You always know what your next two shots will be, thanks to the visual aid of the frog's mouth and back.  You always have the option to swap those shots, thanks to right-click/spacebar.  Keep an eye out for ways to use that foresight to your scoring advantage!  Maybe both colors you are about to play have shots available on adjacent tracks of your curve!  You can use the first ball to open a gap and then without pausing, fire the next shot, knowing it will pass through the gap to match the balls just beyond!

Finally, try various combinations of Powers and Food.  You can use them to amplify or complement each other.  If you have Bombs, Cannon, and Chain Blast active on your Powers menu, try adding Pyro Popcorn to make all of those explosions bigger!  Don't like playing without Speed Shot but already have three other Powers selected?  Add Hasty Pudding to make up for not having Speed Shot enabled!  There are so many possibilities, and exploring them will help you hone your own play style.  You may be surprised what combinations lead to your highest scores yet!

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  • Monuments in Zuma Blitz

Monuments to certain Spirit Animals can be found in the depths of the jungle. These monuments can greatly improve your game when used!  The Spirit Animal you choose will take the place of your frog for one game, and each one has unique special abilities!

Depending on the weekly board, one Spirit Animal might be more useful than another. When the board changes, try out the different monuments to see what they can do for you! 

In addition to its special power, every Spirit Animal gives you a Spirit Blast bonus at the end of your game. The Spirit Blast will blow up all the balls of a single color and give you bonus points. Each Spirit Animal is associated to a specific color. You'll also score points from any combos that result from the Spirit Blast. 


Spirit Eagle:

   Super Speed Shot - As the Eagle flies, so do your shots while he is on your side!  The Spirit Eagle makes your every move smoother and faster, enabling you to slide through the narrowest of gaps with ease!

Fruit Bonus - Every piece of Fruit you hit will give you mega-points while you fly with the Spirit Eagle!  With his help, you'll be making deliciously high-scoring Fruit salad!  Even better, your Fruit will stick around longer to give you more time to shoot!

Green Spirit Blast - blows up all the green balls remaining on the board when time runs out. The bonus points you get from Spirit Blast vary depending on how many balls blow up and your final multiplier.

  Spirit Beetle:

Extra time - gives an additional 12 seconds to your game time. Your game clock will start at 1 minute and 12 seconds.  Try combining him with Boosts like Sands of Time and Food like Key Time Pie, and you could be a frog of leisure!  (Or, you know, use all that extra time to make some major epic scores.  That's probably what I'd do.)

Red Spirit Blast - blows up all the red balls remaining on the board when time runs out. The bonus points you get from Spirit Blast vary depending on how many balls blow up and your final multiplier.


Spirit Cat:

Fireballs - gives a free fireball every 13 shots. No need to get Hot Frog (though it's still awesome) because now the more you shoot, the more fireballs you'll get. Keep shooting for more fireballs! 

Blue Spirit Blast - blows up all the blue balls remaining on the board when time runs out. The bonus points you get from Spirit Blast vary depending on how many balls blow up and your final multiplier.


Spirit Weasel:


Cannon - If you are not using a Cannon powerup in your game, the Weasel will give you that powerup automatically!  If you already have the Cannon working for you, the Weasel will add an extra cannonball to increase your blast power!  During your Spirit Weasel game, you will also see the Cannon balls spawn at a higher frequency, and all balls blasted with the cannon will score at a higher rate!


Yellow Spirit Blast - blows up all the yellow balls remaining on the board when time runs out. The bonus points you get from Spirit Blast vary depending on how many balls blow up and your final multiplier. 


Spirit Turtle:


Hot Frog! - Whenever you shoot Fruit with Spirit Turtle, you instantly earn Hot Frog action!  But that's no excuse to slow down, because you also earn more points for making fast shots throughout the game!


Purple Spirit Blast - blows up all the purple balls remaining on the board when time runs out. The bonus points you get from Spirit Blast vary depending on how many balls blow up and your final multiplier.

Redeem a monument from a wall

If you have friends who also play Zuma Blitz, be sure to share the monuments you discover. Your friends will be able to click on your wall posts to get the opportunity to play with that Spirit Animal as well! Likewise, if your friends share their monuments, you can visit their profile page and click on their wall posts in order to give yourself the opportunity to play with a Spirit Animal. 

By popular demand, we have added monument streaks!

When you play a game with a monument, you will then have the opportunity to continue playing with that same monument for several subsequent games, each at a lower cost than the one before! 

Need further help?

Zuma Blitz Billing & Purchasing

  • What's available in the Zuma Blitz Shop?

If you are getting low on Food, Power, or Life, head to the Shop!

  Coins are the main currency in Zuma Blitz, used to buy power-ups, monuments, Food, and bulk items like Power Packs in the Shop. Buy Coins in bulk to avoid running out while playing. 
  Each heart lets you play one game. Buy bulk packs in the Shop so you never run out of Life. You can also buy passes to play Zuma Blitz non-stop for 6, 24, or 72 hours! 
  XP is earned with every game you play and tracked on a ring surrounding your level number. When the ring fills, you gain a Star. Every 10 Stars, you get a Promotion. To level up faster, try potions to double your XP for a number of games or hours.
  Rather than buying one power-up at a time in the game, you can get a bunch of power-ups in the Shop, and it's much cheaper. This is the smartest way to manage your coins. During sales, you can get even better deals!  A 100-pack gives you 100 games worth of Power. 
  Food makes your frog stronger and faster! Choosing the right food can be a game changer. A variety of treats are available in the Shop, and more are introduced regularly, so check back to see what's new! 
Need further help?

Zuma Blitz Troubleshooting

  • Where do my game posts show up on my Timeline?

The new Facebook Timeline feature has changed the order in which your activities appear on your profile page.  There are many factors that affect your game activity posts and who can view them.  

App Permissions Settings

When you first start playing a game on Facebook, you must allow it certain permissions. One of those permissions is "Post on my behalf."  Please note that "Post on your behalf" does not mean the game will post without your permission!   When you click "Share" on a high score or achievement, the game needs to have permission to complete that action of sharing on your behalf.

Click on "Edit settings" beside the app to make sure that "Post on my behalf" is listed as a permission you have allowed for the game.  Next, you'll want to make sure you have not set the app's posts to be hidden from people you want to see them.

Lower in the "Edit settings" menu is a header called "Posts on my behalf:" where you will see a drop-down menu with groups of friends listed.  You can choose to allow the game's posts to be viewed by anyone (Public), by Friends, by Friend Groups you pre-define (such as creating a group of your friends who also play the game!), or by "Only Me."  If you have at any point set your Posts to be visible to only a certain group/only yourself, that may be keeping you or your friends from seeing your Posts appear.

News Feed View

At the top of your News Feed, you have a "Sort:" option.  You can set your News Feed to sort by "Top Stories" or "Most Recent."  If you've got it set to sort by "Top Stories," which is the default, then you won't see game/app posts coming up much, because those are rarely considered top stories by Facebook.  Sorting by Most Recent will show you the latest activity without preferential treatment assigned based on number of likes or comments, etc.

Recent changes to Facebook have also made it so that hitting "Like" on a page may not be sufficient to add that page's updates to your News Feed.  If you know you "Liked" a page but are not seeing any updates from that page, you may need to visit the page and click the "Liked" button, then hover your mouse until the menu appears.  If "Show in News Feed" does not currently have a checkmark beside it, you will need to enable that option here.

Where to Look on Your Timeline

Even with your settings and permissions properly configured, you may not know where your game posts are being displayed on Timeline, because they are also not being treated as "Top Stories" on that page.  However, any game activity you chose to post should be visible on Timeline.  Since Timeline attempts to prioritize your posts and activities rather than displaying them strictly chronologically, app posts will fall lower down on the page than things like status updates, tagged photos, or messages from friends.

Scroll down your Timeline, and you will find that below the "widgets" such as your Friends list, recent Likes, game Achievements, etc., you will start to see your app posts.  They may be aggregated by app title, so you may see several recent High Score posts gathered into a bundle that can be expanded to view in full.

For more information on Facebook's Timeline feature, you may want to review the FAQs at

Need further help?
  • How to clear your browser cache & cookies

We have provided the basic steps for clearing your browser cache/cookies in most common browsers.  However, as you may have noticed, the basic steps for completing simple actions change all the time.  Software is constantly updated, and little details are altered each time. We strive to keep this updated whenever we notice the processes are changed and whenever a new browser or version is released.  If the steps for any particular browser are no longer quite what you see here, please simply check the Help menu for your browser to find the updated information.

Disclaimer: Clearing your cache may fix game issues, but may also result in the loss of automatically saved passwords and web page settings.

Internet Explorer 9 or 10:

  1. Launch your Internet Explorer browser.
  2. Click on the Tools icon at the top right corner of the browser window.
  3. Click Safety, then Delete Browsing History.
  4. Make sure Temporary Internet Files is selected.
  5. Click Delete.
  6. Close your browser and restart Internet Explorer.

Internet Explorer 8:

  1. Launch your Internet Explorer browser.
  2. Click on the Safety menu at the top of the browser.
  3. Click Delete Browsing History.
  4. Make sure Temporary Internet Files is selected.
  5. Click Delete.
  6. Close your browser and restart Internet Explorer.

Firefox for PC:

  1. Choose 'Tools' from the main menu (at the top of the Firefox window). 
  2. Click on 'Clear Recent History'
  3. In the drop-down menu "Time range to clear:" please select Everything.
  4. Select all the checkboxes other than 'Cookies,' 'Active Logins,' and 'Site Preferences.' 
  5. Click the 'Clear Now' button. 
  6. Your computer may take a minute or two to delete everything. 
  7. Now, close all Firefox windows and re-open Firefox again.

Firefox for Mac: 

  1. Launch your Firefox browser.
  2. Click on the Tools menu at the top of the screen and select Clear Recent History.
  3. In the drop-down menu "Time range to clear:" please select Everything.
  4. Click Clear Now.
  5. Close your browser window and restart Firefox.

Google Chrome:

  1. Click on the Customize menu icon (looks like three parallel lines) at the upper right.
  2. Scroll down to Tools, then to Clear browsing data in the Tools submenu.
  3. On the window that opens, you will see a checklist.  Please make sure Clear browsing history, Clear download history, Empty the cache, Delete cookies and other site data, & Clear data from hosted apps are checked.  
  4. At the top of the window, select "the beginning of time" in the drop-down menu.
  5. Click the Clear browsing data button.

Safari for PC:

  1. Click on the Gear icon at the top of the Safari window.
  2. Select Reset Safari.
  3. Make sure "Empty the Cache" is selected. (Unselect any items you do not want to reset.)
  4. Click Reset.
  5. Close all Safari windows and relaunch Safari.

Safari for Mac: 

  1. Launch your Safari browser. 
  2. Click on the History menu at the top of the screen. 
  3. Click on Clear History from the drop-down menu. 
  4. Click Clear.
  5. Close your browser window and restart Safari.

Internet Explorer 7:

  1. Launch your Internet Explorer browser.
  2. Click on the Tools menu at the top of the browser.
  3. Click Delete Browsing History.
  4. Click Delete All.
  5. Close your browser and restart Internet Explorer.

Internet Explorer 5.x and 6.x: 

  1. Launch your Internet Explorer browser. 
  2. Click on the 'Tools' menu at the top of the browser. 
  3. Click on 'Internet Options' from the drop-down menu. 
  4. Click on the 'Delete Cookies' button. 
  5. Click on the 'Delete Files' button. 
  6. Click 'OK'. 
  7. Close your browser and restart Internet Explorer.
Need further help?
  • Basic troubleshooting steps for free online games

Most games work in multiple browsers but will still exhibit better performance in some than others.  If you are having difficulty with your online game performance, we strongly recommend trying alternate browsers.

In order to play the free online games, certain components need to be installed and activated on a computer through its browser. Depending on your computer and the browser you are using, you may need to install or update Flash. If the necessary add-ons are not installed through the computer's Internet browser, our free online games will not operate properly. Please refer to your computer's help articles or your browser's help articles for further help installing and activating these components.

Other possible issues that could cause blocking of our Online games may be firewalls and virus scanners. We recommend you add our site to your list of "Safe" or "Trusted" Sites for your browser, firewall and virus scanners. Please refer to your software's help articles regarding adding safe/trusted sites.

Further instructions on resolving online games issues:

1. Clear your Internet cache.

Clearing your Internet browser cache/cookies can fix many common issues with pages failing to load. Some browser components may need to have their cache cleared as well. We have provided steps for most common browsers here.

Restarting your computer after following the above steps can also help the performance of the game.

2. Update Flash.

You may need to install or update to the latest version of Adobe Flashplayer.

If you need assistance installing the latest version of flash, you may find instructions on the page:

3. Security Concerns.

Some antivirus or personal firewall applications incorrectly identify our products as viruses and disrupt or block the software from downloading or registering. Please be assured that products that come from PopCap Games are virus free. We recommend that you visit your AntiVirus Software website for the latest virus definitions to allow the component to load properly. 

Still having trouble?

If you require further assistance, please click on the "Contact Us" button below and provide us with the following information so we can assist you:

  • What is the name of the game you are having a problem with?
  • Important: What Operating System (OS) and Web Browser (Name and version number) are you using?
  • Describe the problem you are experiencing. Does the online game window partially appear? Is it opening and stalling?
  • Please describe the exact steps you are taking when trying to access the game. (including the exact button/link you are clicking on).
  • Are you having the same problem with any of our other online games?
  • Did you receive an error message? If so, what did the error message say?

Thank you in advance for providing these details.

Need further help?
  • The page fails to load correctly at least part of the time; how can I fix this?

Some ad-blocking and anti-virus software have been known to cause this issue. We recommend adding the page (see below for the URLs for each game) as a trusted site to these programs. In order to do this, please consult your ad-block and/or anti-virus program manuals.

Bejeweled Blitz page (

Solitaire Blitz page (

Zuma Blitz page (

If you are still having loading issues, please clear your browser cache.  Click here for instructions.

Need further help?
  • Chrome users: Is your cursor missing or in the wrong place?

Many players are suddenly having issues with online games in Chrome.  You might be experiencing one or more of the following issues:

  • I can't click on the buttons
  • I can't see my cursor
  • My cursor isn't where it should be on the screen
  • I try to click on one button, but another button or link is activated instead
  • The game is slow and laggy

We are happy to say there is an easy way to fix this!

Copy and paste the following into your address bar in Chrome:


I know that doesn't look like what you're used to typing or pasting into your address bar!  But trust me, this is how it should look:

Your plugins console might load with expanded view already open, or it might load in simplified view.  Look all the way over on the right hand side of the page, where the word Details appears. 

See the little + sign there?  That means you are seeing the simple view.  Click the + sign to expand to detailed view of the plugins console.  

Your detailed view may look like this:

If so, you can fix this issue right now!  See how there are two plugins listed under Adobe Flash Player, and one is grayed out?  That's what's causing the problem with your games. Just click Enable in the grayed out section, and then close Chrome.  When you launch it again, you shouldn't have any further trouble!

Need further help?
  • The game is running slowly or is non-responsive. I want to go fast!

We're very sorry if your game is not running at its full expected speed!  We call it "Blitz" for a reason, and it should feel lightning-fast!  That said, there are a number of factors that can affect your game's performance, and we are happy to offer several suggestions for restoring the full Blitz factor!

1. Clear your browser cache.

Clearing your Internet browser cache/cookies can fix many common performance issues. We have provided steps for most common browsers here.

2. Restart your browser.

The simple step of closing your browser and relaunching it may help as well, especially in combination with having just cleared your cache.

3. Update Flash.

You may need update to the latest version of Adobe Flashplayer.

4. Close extra tabs you may have open in your browser.

Everything that's happening at the same time taxes your system!  If you tend to open a new tab for every webpage you'd like to visit, you're asking your browser to keep track of a lot of information.  It's also having to constantly refresh each of those pages...and let's not forget about the advertisements that might be trying to play videos on a tab you're not even looking at...better to just close the ones you won't need again anytime soon, allowing the ones you really care about to function at their best!

5. Update your browser.

If your online activities aren't as zippy as they used to be, it's often because the software that runs them is falling behind the times.  We have provided links to download or update the most common browsers:

6. Try a different browser.

It's about finding the right tool for the task...and the right tool for your friends may not be the right one for you.  For whatever reason, you may find that one browser renders pages faster or loads graphics more smoothly, and even on your own computer, you may find that certain tasks are better accomplished in one browser while others work more efficently in a different one.  There is no reason not to have multiple browsers installed side-by-side, and it gives you more options when you do!  

You can use the same download links from above to install these browsers.

7. Close other programs.

Just as keeping multiple tabs open in your browser will cause that program to slow down and chug, running a lot of programs all at once will slow down your whole computer.  Take a look at the programs you've got open, and close down any that you don't need right now.

8. Restart your computer.

Again, just as restarting your browser is a useful step to clear it of its hanging processes and let it start from scratch, shutting down your whole computer is just a really nice thing to do every once in a while.  Your computer probably works very hard for you and never complains (or rarely, anyway, if you consider error messages to be complaints!), so give it a little "power nap" to restore its mojo.  It will thank you by running with greatly increased efficiency (or at least as much as it can muster)!

There are, unfortunately, a few other factors that we are less able to advise you on.  If none of the above suggestions have been helpful, or if you are experiencing chronic, ongoing lagginess that never improves, then you may need more in-depth assistance, even professional maintenance for your computer.  Be sure you're taking good care of it: avoid clicking on suspicious links; keep your antivirus software up-to-date and scanning regularly as recommended; run your Operating System updates.  If you're good to your computer, it will be good to you!  

Need further help?
  • Online games running sluggishly in Internet Explorer 10?

Players who have recently updated to Internet Explorer 10 may be finding that online games are running slowly and sluggishly.  This is a known issue relating to the way the browser interacts with Adobe Flash, and Microsoft is working on a solution.

In the meantime, here are the suggestions we have to offer:

  • Try another browser.  

    Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox are both free downloads.  Give one of those a shot!

  • Uninstall Internet Explorer 10 (Windows 7 users only)

    On Windows 7, uninstalling the latest version of Internet Explorer automatically reverts you to the previous version, and Internet Explorer 9 works with Flash just fine!  You can always reupdate to IE10 when the issues with Flash are resolved.

    On Windows 8, please simply use Chrome or Firefox for the time being, as there is no way to install an older version of Internet Explorer.

Need further help?
  • Why isn't my score saving correctly or appearing on my Facebook page?

Please ensure that you have internet connectivity. If you are not connected to the internet, or have a very weak wireless signal your score may not post. You may be able to solve the problem by logging out of Facebook, clearing your cookies and cache in your browser, and refreshing the page.

Click here for instructions on clearing your browser cache and cookies.

Need further help?
  • How can I make the game bigger on my screen?

You can "zoom in" with your browser by using the following keyboard shortcuts:

Ctrl and + will zoom in.

Ctrl and - will zoom out.

Give it a try!

Note: if you have been actively playing the game, please make sure to click an area of the screen outside of the game board before using keyboard shortcuts.  An area of empty white space to the side of the game will shift the focus to the browser as a whole, allowing the keyboard shortcut to be applied.

Need further help?

Zuma Blitz General Information

  • Love Zuma Blitz? Get even more Zuma!

Addicted to Zuma Blitz? We all are! If you've been wondering if there are other ways to enjoy Zuma, you've come to the right place.

Playing other versions of Zuma may even improve your Zuma Blitz scores! Zuma is a muscle, and you can only get stronger the more you work it!

First released in 2004, there are several versions of Zuma you can get if you simply can't get enough frog-fueled fun in the jungle.

Need further help?
  • Zuma Blitz options: sound, color blind mode, and more!

   Click the gear icon at the upper right beside "Shop" to open the Options menu.
  If you are in the middle of a game, you can access Options by clicking the Pause icon at the lower right corner.

The Options menu allows you to raise or lower the volume of music and sound effects or mute the game altogether.  

You can also turn on Color Blind Mode to change the ball colors to grayscale or disable the Laser Guide if you prefer playing without that feature.  

The Laser Guide is a transparent laser beam that points from your frog's mouth to the ball you are targeting and is always the color of the ball currently in the frog's mouth.  Using the Laser Guide does not affect your score, but it may affect your frame rate which can slow down the game.  If your game is lagging, try turning off Laser Guide (you might also give it a try if you're looking for a little extra challenge!).

Need further help?
  • Spirit Animals

The jungle is filled with wondrous creatures, and Zuma Blitz honors them all with Spirit Animal totems you unlock and collect every time you achieve a high score.  The animals range from common beetles and humble lizards to noble jaguars and wondrous unicorns! You unlock a totem by scoring within its range.  All Spirit Animal totems begin as paper, but each score within the same Spirit Animal's range adds a point toward leveling up the totem. You can upgrade Spirit Animals to oak, stone, jade, silver, and finally gold.

If you get consistent scores, a Spirit Animal will level up quickly.  If your scores vary greatly, you will have a menagerie of paper Spirit Animals to start with.  You can easily see at a glance what a player's average scores tend to be by the relative materials their Spirit Animal totems are made of.

Need further help?
  • What is Zuma Blitz?

Zuma Blitz is the fast and furious one-minute version of the hit Zuma series from PopCap Games. Take on your Facebook friends as you blast balls from your fearless frog. Race the clock and destroy the chain of balls before you're swallowed by the golden skull. Master trick shots to score big, earn extra time and leap up the leaderboard. Work your mojo to gain experience points and unlock explosive new Powers. It's the most ribbeting game on Facebook!

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