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Solitaire Blitz Gameplay

  • Scoring in Solitaire Blitz

Many factors influence your score in Solitaire Blitz.

  • Cards played – This is the simplest measure! You get points for every card played onto a build pile, and each card's point value increases as your run continues. A run occurs every time you are able to play multiple cards in a row without attempting an illegal move or playing from the draw pile.
  • Cards left – You get points for every card left in the draw pile when you win.*
  • Time left – You get points for every second left on the clock when you win.*
  • Bonus time – When you clear a Time Line, if the bonus seconds from doing so would have advanced the clock past 1:00, those seconds are instead converted to points.
  • Bursts of speed – You get extra points for playing 6 or more cards very quickly. When you play at least 6 cards with less than 0.75 seconds between each move, every card you play at that speed earns you an extra 500 points!
  • Clearing a stack – You get points every time you clear a stack down to zero cards.
  • Bonus moves – You get points for making certain unusual patterns of cards, such as:

    Royal Family Bonus
    = The three build piles show a King, Queen and Jack at the same time.
    Three Of A Kind Bonus
    = The three build piles show three cards of the same rank.
    Up-Down Bonus
    = Play six or more cards in a row using just two ranks (e.g. 5-6-5-6-5-6).
    Around the World Bonus
    = Play every card from Ace to King (or King to Ace) without changing direction or breaking the run.
    Seven Seas Bonus
    = Play one card from each of the seven stacks, moving left to right. This is a rare achievement to pull off, so don't forget to brag!
    Accuracy Bonus =
    Play your entire game without making a single illegal move.

Cards and Time left over count only the standard cards and time, not any added by the Extra Cards or Extra Time boosts.

Any points earned in the top two categories are multiplied by your current Card Multiplier. The Card Multiplier starts at x1 and goes up by one whenever you find a fish. Some fish appear randomly, but you always get a fish when your run reaches 10, 20, 30, 40, 50, or 60 cards.

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  • Boosts in Solitaire Blitz

There are a great variety of game-enhancing boosts to choose from in Solitaire Blitz! Experiment with them, one at a time and in different combinations, and see which earn you the highest scores and the coolest treasures!  The boosts that are available for purchase slowly change over time.  Some new options are added, and others are retired.  If a favorite isn't available today, take the opportunity to try a new combo!

Boosts are purchased with Silver.

  Anytime Joker: Keep an Ace up your sleeve...or in this case, a Joker. With one of these cards set aside for use at any time, you're able to move quickly through a tough spot!
  Bonus Fish: This boost starts your score multiplier off at x2!
  Depth Charge: This boost plants two explosives in your stacks, allowing you to detonate four cards in a vertical blast.  At the start of the round, you will see which stacks the explosives are hidden within, and once you have uncovered them, you can click on them at any time to destroy a portion of the stack beneath! 
  Double Time: Start with twice the time on your clock!  Alone, this boost starts you off with two full minutes; in combination with Extra Time, this boost sets three minutes on your clock!  Double Time is your ticket on a leisurely sail through the islands of Solitaire Blitz!

Double Mine: Deal double devastation to your decks! Twice throughout the round, you will discover explosive potential waiting to be unleashed from the depths. Tap a Mine to clear all your face-up cards, and don't worry about whether it's too soon to lower that first boom--there's another one coming!

  Extra Cards: Adds 13 cards plus 1 Joker to the deck to keep you from running out of moves.  Recommended for use with Extra Time so you have a chance to get through all these extra cards!
  Extra Jokers: Add two extra Jokers to your deck!
  Extra Time: This boost is simple, yet elegant.  Who couldn't use another 30 seconds on the clock?
  Key Magnet: To get all your build piles started earlier in the game, play with the Key Magnet boost!  It will draw all Keys toward the tops of the stacks so you can quickly open your second and third piles. 
  Mine: This boost is devastating to all face-up cards on your stacks!  At the start of the round, you'll see which stack conceals your Mine, and once you uncover it, you can click it at any time to explode all the face-up cards at once!  Very handy for clearing unplayable cards and reaching your next Time Line!
  Run Finder: This boost marks runs of cards in the same stack so you can click with confidence!  If there are multiple playable cards in a row within the same stack, they'll be turned face-up to indicate that.
  Spyglass: Highlights the deck immediately whenever there are no legal plays available to you on your stacks.  This boost will save you valuable seconds of considering possible moves! 
  Starrgh-Fish: Once you uncover this boost, click it to initiate an auto-play burst of the best possible moves on the board!  He'll play from the stacks where possible, draw from the deck if he must, aim for key cards if he can, and do his best to save Jokers for you, but best of all, he'll do it in a fraction of the time it would take you to choose your next play!
  Starting Joker: Choose this boost to guarantee that your first card on the deck is playable!  The Joker matches when nothing else does.
  Tempest in a Teacup: No moves available?  A couple of empty stacks and a couple you've made barely a dent in?  Use this handy boost to reshuffle your remaining cards into a set of new, even stacks, turning up a whole new set of options and resetting the levels above your Time Line!


Boost Packs

You can save on Silver by buying some of the most popular Boosts by the Pack!  

  Visit the Shop or click on the Boost Pack Shop icon in the Boosts selection menu to choose a pack of boosts!
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  • The world (and worm!) of Solitaire Blitz

Welcome to the beautiful island home of Solitaire Blitz!  It's an idyllic setting for you to start a new career as a treasure hunter!  In this peaceful tropical locale, you are one of many trolling the depths in search of rare and valuable artifacts.  

Treasure-hunting is so popular here that even local wildlife want to get into the game!  You'll find birds, fish, even worms eager to join you on your quest and lend a hand...well, a metaphorical hand.  You'll be lent plenty of fins, flippers, tentacles, wings....

Otis the worm is one of your best buddies below the waves!  When he swings in at the end of a game, take a moment to click on him to claim your treasure!  If you forget to click on "Claim Treasures," don't worry--earned silver is still automatically added as long as you complete the game.  But if you don't click on Otis, you won't get to see the values of your discoveries!   Another option is to click on your treasures one by one to see their worth.

Otis gets particularly excited for you when you've found especially rare and exotic treasures!  When he does a little dance for you, you've uncovered something that would be the envy of your fellow treasure hunters!  

Otis' best friend is Pearl, the mermaid, your trusty tour guide through the deep!  Count on her to keep you informed of new and important features as you navigate the deep blue sea.

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  • Duels FAQ

Looking for a way to make your Solitaire Blitz games a little less solitary? Ready to take your leaderboard rivalries to the next level? Now there is a way to prove your dominance once and for all!

Duels present both you and the friend you challenge with the exact same board. That's right--the cards will not vary at all, so the only difference is you! Your decks are dealt out in perfect synchronicity, so there is no question of a luckier draw for one player or another. One of you was faster or made better choices, and that player will be victorious!

Challenge a friend to a Duel!

At the top of your leaderboard, you will see a new addition:

Click this bar to open the friend picker and select your opponent! You can play against one friend at a time or as many as 50!

If you play against multiple friends, every one of them will play on the same board with the same card layout. They're not playing against each other, though, only against you, so only you will see the results of all the games as they are completed. Each friend will see only your score and their own.

Accept a friend's Challenge!

Invitations to a duel are delivered in the Message Center. Click Accept to start your turn in the match your friend has started with you. At the end of the game, you will see how your game measured up against theirs.

At the end of a duel, once both players have taken their turns, you will have the options to Finish, Post Results, or Rematch. To end the duel, simply click Finish. To brag about the shellacking you've just dealt out, click Post Results! If you didn't come out on top this time, try hitting Rematch to start again on a new board. (You can always hope starting a new game will distract your victorious friend from bragging about how hard he schooled you. No guarantees though!)

Does losing a duel affect my win streak?

No! Winning or losing a duel has no effect on your ongoing streak. However, losing a game during a duel is just like losing a game any other time...if you run out of time or moves, your win streak will end. Just getting a lower score than your friend will not cost you your streak.

Your win streak bonus does apply to your score in the duel, though, so you could be coming into the game at quite an advantage if you've been playing a while without a loss!

What does it cost to play a duel?

Duels are just like regular games in Solitaire Blitz. They cost Energy to play and Silver to use any Boosts you would like, but no additional cost is added for dueling. Your Boosts you've been using are auto-selected as the game starts, as usual. Duels will feel just like regular games, the only difference being that at the end, you know who played the better hand of cards!

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  • How to Play Solitaire Blitz

The Basics

Solitaire Blitz starts with two full decks of cards being shuffled and dealt out to form seven stacks (totalling 67 cards), plus one draw pile (41 cards). At the start of the game, the top card of the draw pile is turned over to form a build pile, and the clock starts.

You have one minute to move the cards from all 7 stacks onto the build pile(s). Suits and colors don't matter, only the rank of the card. You can play any card from a stack onto the build pile, as long as it’s exactly one higher or one lower than the card that’s already there. Aces can be high or low, so they are playable on both Kings and Twos and form a bridge between those cards. Jokers can play on anything.

At any time – but especially if you get stuck with no other legal moves – you can return to the draw pile to deal fresh cards onto the build pile(s).  Just be careful. You can only go through the deck once, so it can easily run out.

The game ends when you run out of moves, run out of time, or win by clearing all the cards. No matter whether you win or lose the game, if you clear all of the cards from a stack, you get to pick up the treasure at the bottom of it. Good luck!

Advanced Play

Beating the clock is the biggest challenge in Solitaire Blitz. To earn extra time, clear the cards from every stack down to the depth of the next Time Line.

  There are four Time Lines in each hand, and each one you uncover adds an extra 20 seconds to the clock.

Making long runs is critical for getting a good score in Solitaire Blitz. A run refers to any two or more cards you play successfully in a row without drawing from the deck or attempting an "illegal" play. Illegal plays occur when you click on a card that cannot be placed anywhere. As the length of your run increases, each card scores a higher number of points than the one before. As your run continues, every 10 cards earns you a permanent multiplier, heralded by one of the sign-carrying fish. Even if you break your run, that multiplier lasts for the rest of the hand.

To start your game off strong and build up speed to get runs going, look for the Key Cards that unlock extra build piles. Two Key Cards are randomly dealt into the stacks in every hand. These Key Cards can be identified by a ribbon slipped over the bottom right edge of the cards. Once played, the Key Card will unlock the next available build pile and deal a card onto it, giving you more potential moves.

When multiple build piles are available, a card played from the stacks goes left-to-right through the build piles, looking for a match. If you have a card that could be played on more than one of the build piles, it will land on the first available from left-to-right. There is no way to select which pile it lands on. A Joker will always land on the first build pile.

Tips and Tricks

How do you get a high score in Solitaire Blitz? Simple! Play fast and make long runs! But everyone approaches this goal a little differently. Here are a few tips to consider:

  • Try to make the longest runs possible to get the highest score. Before picking a card, look ahead to the second and third card you might play on it. Sometimes, picking a different starting card can result in a longer run. Of course, the “long run” strategy comes at the risk of taking too much time.
  • Try to play as quickly as possible, to beat the time limit and get the most bonus points at the end. Some players imagine a metronome ticking away, and try to play cards as fast as it beats. Others play in quick bursts. While this strategy increases your risk of illegal plays, practicing at “playing fast” can help improve your game over time.
  • Aim for the Key Cards first, to maximize the number of options you have for the rest of the game. You often find yourself with two or three alternative cards. If one of them helps you uncover a Key Card, choose that card first.
  • Choose cards from deeper stacks over shallower ones and try not to empty any of your stacks too quickly. This way, you have more options and won’t get stuck with one tall stack at the end. Keeping the stacks “balanced” in this way not only gives you a better chance of clearing them, it also helps you uncover Time Lines. Of course, this strategy comes at the risk of finding less treasure.
  • Collect rare items to get the most silver. If you see a hint of that telltale glow in the dirt before the deal, aim for it instead of the other stacks. It’s probably worth more silver, which will help you buy boosts in future games.
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  • Quests in Solitaire Blitz Lost Treasures

Welcome to Lost Treasures!  Join Pearl, Otis, and the whole gang on a voyage through the world of Solitaire Blitz!  Earn glory, honor, and boundless treasure by completing quests at each location on the map.

Tell me more about this boundless treasure!  

With pleasure!  Completing the quests earns you far greater rewards than you have yet known in Solitaire Blitz!  In addition to Silver and Energy, you will earn new Decks and bundles of Boosts.  Best of all, some of these Boosts may be as yet unknown to you!  

At the end of each game, you will see your results:

If you found one or more quest items, you will see this view of your achievement.  If you'd like to see the standard game stats view as well, just click Show Stats to see your Silver earnings, Longest Run, Max Multiplier, and Win Streak, if applicable.

Just like any treasure, quest items can be found at the bottom of any cleared stack, whether or not you win the game.

How do I advance to the next spot on the map?

Click on the next destination to continue in that direction.  Just point the bow of your ship toward the horizon, and sail on!  


Your destination is that glowing rocky cove!  Click on it to tell your ship where to go!

How do I proceed to the next quest?

Between islands on your quest, you will find that you need to hire additional crewmates for your ship.  It's easier than swabbing the deck!  Just click the Ask Friends to Crew button and ask your friends to help you out.  It doesn't matter whether they are currently Solitaire Blitz players or not.  In fact, you can invite the same friends to crew for you every time! There's no limitation on which of your friends can help you reach the next island.  Once they accept, you will be able to start your quest.  Click on the location again to continue with your crew on board!

If you don't have any Solitaire Blitz players on your friends list, this is a good time to invite them to play!  Alternatively, you can pay to unlock the next quest location with Silver or through a one-time purchase for that island.

Can I replay a quest I've already beaten?

You bet!  Just return to the Main Map and click again on the location to return to a previous quest.  You will see the options to Play Again or Review Quests.  Click Play Again to start this journey once more or Review Quests to see the quest items you collected.  If you choose Play Again, the rewards will be different from those received on the initial completion.  It's a great way to earn lots of Silver!

Don't worry--replaying previous quests in whole or in part will not affect your progress on the later quests.  You can return to the most advanced place you left off at any time!

Do Duels count toward my quest?

Duels are separate, standalone games.  You will find treasures on Duels, as always, but they will not include quest items.

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  • Silver and Energy FAQ


There are many treasures under the sea, from shells and crabs to pirate chests and royal regalia.  Recovering these treasures will earn you Silver, the standard currency of the seven seas.  The rarer the treasure, the higher its value!  Some treasures will be special Quest items to help you reach your goals and earn greater rewards!  Silver is what you need in order to buy boosts that will enhance your game.

Boosts help you win the game and/or get a higher score that you would have earned without them.  You have a chance to buy them before each hand.  Some boosts are better suited for beginners (like “Extra Time” which gives you another 30 seconds to play).  Others are better for strategic players (like “Run Finder” which gives you extra information about what’s underneath the top card).  See the Boosts FAQ to learn more about all the possibilities!

In addition to the Silver earned in the game, Silver is available for purchase in the Shop.  It can also be earned by inviting friends to join you in the game!  

Another way to earn Silver is by watching short videos from our sponsors.  

  At the bottom of your leaderboard, there is an icon that indicates whether you currently have a video available to watch. If the icon is grey, there are no videos offered at this time.

A full-color icon with a plus sign lets you know there is a video awaiting you!  Click the icon to watch a video and earn 2000 Silver!  

Don't forget to click the "Get Your Reward" button after you finish the video. The Silver will be added to your balance automatically!


It takes Energy to dive for treasure!   You start with 5 units of Energy, and each hand consumes one.  Fortunately, as soon as you drop below the maximum, Energy begins to replenish.  In a few minutes, you’ll be back up to full.

To help each other out, you and your friends can send free Energy to each other, above and beyond the maximum.  Just click their names on the leaderboard to instantly send one unit of Energy per friend per day.  Also, extra Energy is always available for purchase in the Shop.  Energy that you purchase or receive from friends goes into your “Energy Bank,” where it’s saved until you’re ready to use it.  

Banked Energy

Using your banked energy is as simple as clicking Play just as you normally do!  There are no extra steps required.  If you have no more regular energy available, the next time you play, it will simply draw from your bank instead.

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Solitaire Blitz Troubleshooting

  • How to clear your browser cache & cookies

We have provided the basic steps for clearing your browser cache/cookies in most common browsers.  However, as you may have noticed, the basic steps for completing simple actions change all the time.  Software is constantly updated, and little details are altered each time. We strive to keep this updated whenever we notice the processes are changed and whenever a new browser or version is released.  If the steps for any particular browser are no longer quite what you see here, please simply check the Help menu for your browser to find the updated information.

Disclaimer: Clearing your cache may fix game issues, but may also result in the loss of automatically saved passwords and web page settings.

Internet Explorer 9 or 10:

  1. Launch your Internet Explorer browser.
  2. Click on the Tools icon at the top right corner of the browser window.
  3. Click Safety, then Delete Browsing History.
  4. Make sure Temporary Internet Files is selected.
  5. Click Delete.
  6. Close your browser and restart Internet Explorer.

Internet Explorer 8:

  1. Launch your Internet Explorer browser.
  2. Click on the Safety menu at the top of the browser.
  3. Click Delete Browsing History.
  4. Make sure Temporary Internet Files is selected.
  5. Click Delete.
  6. Close your browser and restart Internet Explorer.

Firefox for PC:

  1. Choose 'Tools' from the main menu (at the top of the Firefox window). 
  2. Click on 'Clear Recent History'
  3. In the drop-down menu "Time range to clear:" please select Everything.
  4. Select all the checkboxes other than 'Cookies,' 'Active Logins,' and 'Site Preferences.' 
  5. Click the 'Clear Now' button. 
  6. Your computer may take a minute or two to delete everything. 
  7. Now, close all Firefox windows and re-open Firefox again.

Firefox for Mac: 

  1. Launch your Firefox browser.
  2. Click on the Tools menu at the top of the screen and select Clear Recent History.
  3. In the drop-down menu "Time range to clear:" please select Everything.
  4. Click Clear Now.
  5. Close your browser window and restart Firefox.

Google Chrome:

  1. Click on the Customize menu icon (looks like three parallel lines) at the upper right.
  2. Scroll down to Tools, then to Clear browsing data in the Tools submenu.
  3. On the window that opens, you will see a checklist.  Please make sure Clear browsing history, Clear download history, Empty the cache, Delete cookies and other site data, & Clear data from hosted apps are checked.  
  4. At the top of the window, select "the beginning of time" in the drop-down menu.
  5. Click the Clear browsing data button.

Safari for PC:

  1. Click on the Gear icon at the top of the Safari window.
  2. Select Reset Safari.
  3. Make sure "Empty the Cache" is selected. (Unselect any items you do not want to reset.)
  4. Click Reset.
  5. Close all Safari windows and relaunch Safari.

Safari for Mac: 

  1. Launch your Safari browser. 
  2. Click on the History menu at the top of the screen. 
  3. Click on Clear History from the drop-down menu. 
  4. Click Clear.
  5. Close your browser window and restart Safari.

Internet Explorer 7:

  1. Launch your Internet Explorer browser.
  2. Click on the Tools menu at the top of the browser.
  3. Click Delete Browsing History.
  4. Click Delete All.
  5. Close your browser and restart Internet Explorer.

Internet Explorer 5.x and 6.x: 

  1. Launch your Internet Explorer browser. 
  2. Click on the 'Tools' menu at the top of the browser. 
  3. Click on 'Internet Options' from the drop-down menu. 
  4. Click on the 'Delete Cookies' button. 
  5. Click on the 'Delete Files' button. 
  6. Click 'OK'. 
  7. Close your browser and restart Internet Explorer.
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  • Trouble connecting to Facebook within your iOS game

If you are having trouble connecting to Facebook from within your game, there are a number of basic steps to try.

1. Do you have the current version of both apps, the game and Facebook?


Apps are updated regularly, and you will be notified of any available updates via the App Store.

On your device, if you see something like this, four of your installed apps have updates available for download!

You can also check your app version against the iTunes or App Store description to be sure. The app version number is found in the game's Options menu.

  • The Facebook app now requires iOS 7.0 or above. If your device is not capable of updating to meet this requirement, you will not be able to connect to Facebook within any other apps.

2. Try closing any unnecessary apps

Every time you launch an app on your iOS device, it remains open in the background so that it will load more quickly next time you need it. However, this adds up over time to a large number of apps running at once, and it can seriously slow down your entire device. It can also prevent your game from establishing a Facebook connection!

To view all open apps, give your home button a quick double-tap. You can swipe upward on any app's tile in order to close it.

This process does not delete an app from your device! You can launch the closed apps again the next time you need them.

3. Restart your device

If you’ve followed the steps above and you’re still receiving an error when you try to connect to Facebook, try simply restarting your iOS device. Once the device is restarted, try starting the game and connecting to Facebook before starting any other applications.

4. Reinstall the game

If simply closing background apps or turning your device off and back on has not resolved performance issues with an app, the next step we recommend is to delete the app and reinstall it.

Note: deleting apps will also delete offline progress, so please be sure to backup your data first. You will not lose any online progress, as that is stored on our servers and will be recovered when you connect to Facebook.


To delete an app from your iOS device, simply press and hold the app icon until all the icons begin to jiggle, and an x appears at the corner of each icon.

Tap the x to delete the app.

You can then redownload the app through iTunes or the App Store. Only the iTunes backup will also allow you to restore any saved offline progress.

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  • Close Background Apps to Improve Performance

If apps are crashing, running slowly, or not responding as expected, one useful step is to force-close apps you are not actively using.  Every time you launch an app on your iOS device, it remains open in the background so that it will load more quickly next time you need it.  However, this adds up over time to a large number of apps running at once, and it can seriously slow down your entire device.

To view all open apps, give your home button a quick double-tap.  

If you are on iOS6 or below, you should see a bar open at the bottom of the screen with your app icons displayed:

You can swipe your finger right-to-left to scroll through the pages of open apps and select which ones you are least in need of.

Press and hold any app icon to cause them to jiggle:

Tap the minus symbol at the corner of any app icon in order to close that app.  You may be surprised how many apps are running in the background at any given time!  Closing the ones you don't actively need just now will greatly improve your device's overall speed and responsiveness.

If you are on iOS7 or above, this process is different.  After double-tapping the home button, you will see all your open apps displayed as tiles.  Swipe each tile in an upward motion to close that app.

This process does not delete an app from your device!  You can launch the closed apps again the next time you need them.

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  • Basic troubleshooting steps for free online games

Most games work in multiple browsers but will still exhibit better performance in some than others.  If you are having difficulty with your online game performance, we strongly recommend trying alternate browsers.

In order to play the free online games, certain components need to be installed and activated on a computer through its browser. Depending on your computer and the browser you are using, you may need to install or update Flash. If the necessary add-ons are not installed through the computer's Internet browser, our free online games will not operate properly. Please refer to your computer's help articles or your browser's help articles for further help installing and activating these components.

Other possible issues that could cause blocking of our Online games may be firewalls and virus scanners. We recommend you add our site to your list of "Safe" or "Trusted" Sites for your browser, firewall and virus scanners. Please refer to your software's help articles regarding adding safe/trusted sites.

Further instructions on resolving online games issues:

1. Clear your Internet cache.

Clearing your Internet browser cache/cookies can fix many common issues with pages failing to load. Some browser components may need to have their cache cleared as well. We have provided steps for most common browsers here.

Restarting your computer after following the above steps can also help the performance of the game.

2. Update Flash.

You may need to install or update to the latest version of Adobe Flashplayer.

If you need assistance installing the latest version of flash, you may find instructions on the page:

3. Security Concerns.

Some antivirus or personal firewall applications incorrectly identify our products as viruses and disrupt or block the software from downloading or registering. Please be assured that products that come from PopCap Games are virus free. We recommend that you visit your AntiVirus Software website for the latest virus definitions to allow the component to load properly. 

Still having trouble?

If you require further assistance, please click on the "Contact Us" button below and provide us with the following information so we can assist you:

  • What is the name of the game you are having a problem with?
  • Important: What Operating System (OS) and Web Browser (Name and version number) are you using?
  • Describe the problem you are experiencing. Does the online game window partially appear? Is it opening and stalling?
  • Please describe the exact steps you are taking when trying to access the game. (including the exact button/link you are clicking on).
  • Are you having the same problem with any of our other online games?
  • Did you receive an error message? If so, what did the error message say?

Thank you in advance for providing these details.

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  • Error Message: "Blocked App"

When you attempt to connect to Facebook from your game on iOS, do you receive an error message that reads "Blocked App?" 

This error message indicates that you have blocked the game within your Facebook account settings.  Please visit Facebook in your browser to resolve this issue (official Facebook instructions can be found here, or just continue reading for the steps to take!).

Click the gear icon at the upper right corner. A drop-down menu will appear.

Select Account Settings in the drop-down.  
On the lefthand side of the page, select Blocking.  

At the bottom, there will be a section called Block apps.  Any apps you have blocked in the past will be listed there.  Click "Unblock" beside the app you want to be able to connect to from your iOS device.

When you launch the game again, you will be able to log into Facebook from the app!

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  • How to Delete and Redownload Apps

If simply closing background apps or turning your device off and back on has not resolved performance issues with an app, the next step we recommend is to delete the app and reinstall it.

Note: deleting an app will also delete game data such as coins and scores!  Please be sure to backup your data first. 


To delete an app from your iOS device, simply press and hold the app icon until all the icons begin to jiggle, and an x appears at the corner of each icon.

Tap the x to delete the app.

You can then redownload the app through iTunes or the App Store. Only the iTunes backup will also allow you to restore your saved progress.

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  • Why isn't my score saving correctly or appearing on my Facebook page?

Please ensure that you have internet connectivity. If you are not connected to the internet, or have a very weak wireless signal your score may not post. You may be able to solve the problem by logging out of Facebook, clearing your cookies and cache in your browser, and refreshing the page.

Click here for instructions on clearing your browser cache and cookies.

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  • Chrome users: Is your cursor missing or in the wrong place?

Many players are suddenly having issues with online games in Chrome.  You might be experiencing one or more of the following issues:

  • I can't click on the buttons
  • I can't see my cursor
  • My cursor isn't where it should be on the screen
  • I try to click on one button, but another button or link is activated instead
  • The game is slow and laggy

We are happy to say there is an easy way to fix this!

Copy and paste the following into your address bar in Chrome:


I know that doesn't look like what you're used to typing or pasting into your address bar!  But trust me, this is how it should look:

Your plugins console might load with expanded view already open, or it might load in simplified view.  Look all the way over on the right hand side of the page, where the word Details appears. 

See the little + sign there?  That means you are seeing the simple view.  Click the + sign to expand to detailed view of the plugins console.  

Your detailed view may look like this:

If so, you can fix this issue right now!  See how there are two plugins listed under Adobe Flash Player, and one is grayed out?  That's what's causing the problem with your games. Just click Enable in the grayed out section, and then close Chrome.  When you launch it again, you shouldn't have any further trouble!

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  • The page fails to load correctly at least part of the time; how can I fix this?

Some ad-blocking and anti-virus software have been known to cause this issue. We recommend adding the page (see below for the URLs for each game) as a trusted site to these programs. In order to do this, please consult your ad-block and/or anti-virus program manuals.

Bejeweled Blitz page (

Solitaire Blitz page (

Zuma Blitz page (

If you are still having loading issues, please clear your browser cache.  Click here for instructions.

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  • Online games running sluggishly in Internet Explorer 10?

Players who have recently updated to Internet Explorer 10 may be finding that online games are running slowly and sluggishly.  This is a known issue relating to the way the browser interacts with Adobe Flash, and Microsoft is working on a solution.

In the meantime, here are the suggestions we have to offer:

  • Try another browser.  

    Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox are both free downloads.  Give one of those a shot!

  • Uninstall Internet Explorer 10 (Windows 7 users only)

    On Windows 7, uninstalling the latest version of Internet Explorer automatically reverts you to the previous version, and Internet Explorer 9 works with Flash just fine!  You can always reupdate to IE10 when the issues with Flash are resolved.

    On Windows 8, please simply use Chrome or Firefox for the time being, as there is no way to install an older version of Internet Explorer.

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  • Where do my game posts show up on my Timeline?

The new Facebook Timeline feature has changed the order in which your activities appear on your profile page.  There are many factors that affect your game activity posts and who can view them.  

App Permissions Settings

When you first start playing a game on Facebook, you must allow it certain permissions. One of those permissions is "Post on my behalf."  Please note that "Post on your behalf" does not mean the game will post without your permission!   When you click "Share" on a high score or achievement, the game needs to have permission to complete that action of sharing on your behalf.

Click on "Edit settings" beside the app to make sure that "Post on my behalf" is listed as a permission you have allowed for the game.  Next, you'll want to make sure you have not set the app's posts to be hidden from people you want to see them.

Lower in the "Edit settings" menu is a header called "Posts on my behalf:" where you will see a drop-down menu with groups of friends listed.  You can choose to allow the game's posts to be viewed by anyone (Public), by Friends, by Friend Groups you pre-define (such as creating a group of your friends who also play the game!), or by "Only Me."  If you have at any point set your Posts to be visible to only a certain group/only yourself, that may be keeping you or your friends from seeing your Posts appear.

News Feed View

At the top of your News Feed, you have a "Sort:" option.  You can set your News Feed to sort by "Top Stories" or "Most Recent."  If you've got it set to sort by "Top Stories," which is the default, then you won't see game/app posts coming up much, because those are rarely considered top stories by Facebook.  Sorting by Most Recent will show you the latest activity without preferential treatment assigned based on number of likes or comments, etc.

Recent changes to Facebook have also made it so that hitting "Like" on a page may not be sufficient to add that page's updates to your News Feed.  If you know you "Liked" a page but are not seeing any updates from that page, you may need to visit the page and click the "Liked" button, then hover your mouse until the menu appears.  If "Show in News Feed" does not currently have a checkmark beside it, you will need to enable that option here.

Where to Look on Your Timeline

Even with your settings and permissions properly configured, you may not know where your game posts are being displayed on Timeline, because they are also not being treated as "Top Stories" on that page.  However, any game activity you chose to post should be visible on Timeline.  Since Timeline attempts to prioritize your posts and activities rather than displaying them strictly chronologically, app posts will fall lower down on the page than things like status updates, tagged photos, or messages from friends.

Scroll down your Timeline, and you will find that below the "widgets" such as your Friends list, recent Likes, game Achievements, etc., you will start to see your app posts.  They may be aggregated by app title, so you may see several recent High Score posts gathered into a bundle that can be expanded to view in full.

For more information on Facebook's Timeline feature, you may want to review the FAQs at

Need further help?
  • How can I make the game bigger on my screen?

You can "zoom in" with your browser by using the following keyboard shortcuts:

Ctrl and + will zoom in.

Ctrl and - will zoom out.

Give it a try!

Note: if you have been actively playing the game, please make sure to click an area of the screen outside of the game board before using keyboard shortcuts.  An area of empty white space to the side of the game will shift the focus to the browser as a whole, allowing the keyboard shortcut to be applied.

Need further help?

Solitaire Blitz General Information

  • Already playing Solitaire Blitz on Facebook? Learn about Solitaire Blitz on iOS!

If you're used to playing the game already on Facebook, here are some things you'll need to know to get the most out of the iOS version of the game.

When you first install Solitaire Blitz on your iOS device, you will begin with 5 units of Energy and 50000 Silver.  You can purchase more in the Shop.

You will go through the tutorial when you first play, even if you logged in to Facebook on the first prompt.  Don't worry--it won't take long, and you'll learn about the features specific to this version.  For instance, if you were used to the keyboard shortcut of using your spacebar to draw from your deck, you'll be happy to discover the touchscreen equivalent!  A simple swipe will draw from your deck.

Your progress, score, Decks, and Silver & Energy balances will sync between Facebook and iOS when you log in.  If you then continue play on your iOS device in offline mode, perhaps due to losing your active Internet connection, your data will sync again the next time your Internet signal is strong enough.  

Win Streaks are maintained separately on your device and will not sync with Facebook. 

Need further help?
  • Earn prizes by sharing Solitaire Blitz with your friends!

We've added another easy way to earn Silver (as well as other fabulous rewards) in Solitaire Blitz!  Just click on the Messages button above the game to see the new feature we've added to the Message Center:

Wow!  50,000 Silver awaits!  To get started, click Add Friend (or click one of the little question mark icons...or click anywhere within this box of enticement!) to launch the Friend Picker.  Choose the friends you would like to invite, and then click Send Invite.

You can also initiate invitations from the Invite button or from within your leaderboard using the "Invite Oliver Queen" buttons--no matter which of these tools you use to invite a friend to Solitaire Blitz, the invitations will still be eligible for the prize.

But wait, how do I actually win the prize?

Once you've sent the invitations, it's up to the friends you invited to do the rest!  If a friend you invited to Solitaire Blitz accepts the invitation and starts playing, you will then see their profile pic appear in place of one of those little question mark boxes, marking your progress toward your current goal.  When you reach the goal, you will be notified in your Message Center to claim your prize!

If you invite a friend who has previously played Solitaire Blitz in the past, even if they haven't played in a while, those invitations are not counted toward your goal.  The prizes are awarded based on the number of first-time players who join the game after receiving your invitation.

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  • What is Solitaire Blitz?

Solitaire Blitz is a fast-paced, treasure-diving solitaire variant. Two decks of cards are shuffled and dealt onto seven stacks, reaching down to the seafloor. Can you clear the cards to win the treasure?

Solitaire Blitz calls on your speed and precision and challenges you to stay cool under pressure! Beat the clock and discover the rarest artifacts of the deep!

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  • Solitaire Blitz Glossary

Build Piles – The destination piles for the cards in your Stacks.  You start with just one build pile, but you can unlock two more as you play by finding Key Cards.

Boosts – Boosts are special powers you can use to earn a higher score and enhance your game.  They can give you extra time, extra cards, extra fish, extra jokers and more!  Try different Boosts, to find the ones that best suit your style of play.

Card Multiplier – The Card Multiplier affects all the points you earn from playing cards. Whenever you find a fish, that indicates the card multiplier has gone up by one (from x1 to x2, for example).  The maximum multiplier is x9.    

Deck – Also sometimes referred to as the Draw Pile, the Deck is where the remainder of the cards are placed after dealing out the Stacks.  Play from the deck whenever you run out of moves, but be careful!  This pile will run out of cards, and you can only go through it once. You can draw from the deck either by clicking on it or by hitting the spacebar on your keyboard.

Decks – All decks of cards are the same on the front (4 suits of 13 cards, plus 2 jokers).  But they can have different backs with very different art.  Play with your favorite!  You earn new decks as quest rewards, and there are premium decks available for purchase in the shop!   

Energy – One unit of Energy is consumed with every deal of the cards.  Energy recharges at a steady rate, up to a maximum of 5.  Additional energy bought in the shop or received as gifts is stored in a separate bank, drawn from only when your regular energy is zero.  Your current energy level is indicated by a meter on the map.

Fish – Every time you see a Fish in the game, it means your Multiplier has increased.  

Free Gifts – Once per day per friend, you can send Energy by clicking on their name on your Leaderboard.  In addition, you can click the Daily Gift button on the game's menu bar to send friends special treasures! 

Key Card – Two cards randomly placed among the Stacks have ribbons on them, indicating that they are Key Cards.  Each key card will unlock an additional build pile for you to play on.

Leaderboard – The Leaderboard displays all of your friends who are playing the game, their highest score this week, and the card back they’re currently using.  Click on a friend’s name to send them a free unit of Energy!

Messages – If your friend sends you a gift or requests help, you will find it in your Messages.  If you have messages waiting, this screen will appear automatically at the start of the game.

Quest item – Among the Treasures you will find at the bottom of the Stacks will be specific items you collect to complete Quests in Solitaire Blitz Lost Treasures.  Collect all the Quest items to earn big rewards, such as Silver, Energy, Decks, and Boosts!

Shop – You can buy EnergySilverBoosts and Decks in the Shop.  The Shop offers many exclusive items that you won’t find anywhere else in the game.  You will also find Bundles that combine multiple Boosts for a low price.

Silver – Silver is the currency of Solitaire Blitz.  It lets you buy Boosts for your hand and can also be used to buy some items in the Shop.  Your current Silver balance is indicated by a meter on the map.

Stacks – The cards are dealt out into seven Stacks at the start of the game.  To clear each stack, you must move the cards onto the build piles.  Each stack conceals a treasure buried beneath.   

Stopwatch – You have just 60 seconds to clear the cards from the Stacks, and the Stopwatch tracks your time.

Time Lines – There are four Time Lines in each hand, at depths of 1, 4, 7 and 10 cards.  When you clear all the cards above a Time Line, 20 seconds are added to the clock.

Treasure – Shells, crabs, jewelry, antiques, and many more mysterious things await you on the ocean floor, concealed by the stacks of cards.  If you clear all of the cards in a stack, you can pick up its Treasure.  The treasures are instantly converted to Silver.

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  • How do I pause my game?

You can pause your game at any time by clicking the pause icon right under the timer.  Your cards will all flip over and the time will freeze until you click the "Keep Playing" button to resume the game.

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  • Enjoy a "Last Chance" in Solitaire Blitz

Have you ever been *so close* to winning a round of Solitaire Blitz when Otis starts fretting and letting you know you're out of time?  We've added a "Last Chance" opportunity to save your game when victory seems just out of reach!

If you've reached the end of the game by running out of moves or time, you will be offered a Last Chance to add additional cards and time for another shot at winning!  

Need further help?
  • How do I adjust the volume?

To adjust the volume or turn the sound and music on or off:

  1. Click the gears icon in the bottom right corner of the game. 
  2. Check or uncheck the boxes beside Music and Sounds to enable or disable.
  3. Use the slider bar beside "Volume" to adjust to your desired setting.

You may also want to check your computer's sound settings if you're not hearing sounds as expected.

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