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Bejeweled Blitz Gameplay FAQ

  • Boosts FAQ

Boosts are special power-ups that you can purchase using Coins. They each last for three games and you can use up to three Boosts at a time.


The Mystery Gem boost places a random special gem on the board at the start of the match.  Get a headstart on your game off with a flame gem, star gem, or hypercube!


Detonator adds a button in the lower left corner of the board that can be pressed to explode all special gems and multipliers at once!  This boost can be used once per game.  Choose wisely when to detonate!



Scrambler places a button at the lower right corner of the board that can be used to mix up the gems when you're having trouble finding a match!  This boost can be used twice per game.

  The +5 seconds boost adds five seconds to your time.  Five seconds can feel like a long time when you are using it to make extra matches and earn more points!


  The Bonus Multiplier starts you off with a x2 multiplier gem at the opening of the game.  Match it quickly to start reaping the scoring benefits and hurrying toward your next multiplier!


How do I choose my Boosts?

At the beginning of each game, you will see the Boost Select screen. From here you can see how many Boosts you have remaining from previous purchases, add or remove new Boosts, and add Coins if you don't have enough to use your selected Boosts.

Will my Boosts automatically refill when they're empty?

If your Boosts run out during a session of Bejeweled Blitz, by default they will automatically refill as long as you have enough Coins to pay for them. When you leave and start a new session your Boost selection will not auto-refill from a previous session (same thing if you switch to a different computer, user profile, or Facebook user account).

You can select whether or not you want Boosts to auto-refill on the Options screen. Just click the box to toggle auto-renew on or off.

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  • Key Stones - Frequently Asked Questions

Key Stone quests in Bejeweled Blitz can be very specific, and they may even refer to elements of the game in terms you don't recognize offhand.  We're putting together this Key Stone key to help you on your journey to complete them all!  Don't see your question answered below? Send us a message and let us know what you're looking to learn!

1. What is a Detonator?

Detonator is one of the standard five boosts you can select at the beginning of your Bejeweled Blitz game.  It adds a button to the board that you can press at any point in the game to activate all special gems currently available.  If your Key Stone challenge is to use Detonator, you must start the game by selecting that boost.  If your quest is to use the Detonator on a specific target, such as a Hypercube, try using the Mystery Gem boost as well to get a random special gem at the start of every game.

Detonator is used to destroy gems, not to create them.  Your Key Stone quest requires that you destroy a specific type of special gem using this boost.

2. If a quest is to achieve a certain score with a specific boost, am I allowed to use other boosts as well?

Yes, you can use any combination of boosts and/or rare gems in your game!  You must use a specific boost, but you can add whatever other features you choose to aid you in your challenge.

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  • Key Stones - What They Are and How They Work

Welcome to the latest evolution of Bejeweled Blitz Key Stones! The quests are deeper, the treasures richer, the rewards more rewarding! Let's have a closer look:

Carry out Bejeweled Blitz quests!

The Key Stones present you with specific goals, which can help you narrow in on certain moves to make, focusing your gameplay. When you know you need to make Flame Gems in particular, you may find your eyes increasingly drawn to those matches. You may be about to realize a deeper level of skill than you thought you had!

Discover and develop new strategies!

Boosts and Rare Gems can also help you reach your goals when used correctly! If you haven't been getting Blazing Speed to trigger on your own, save your Blazing Steed for use when you see the Blazing Speed Key Stone appear. The Rare Gem's effects count toward your goal.

Unlock 3 Key Stone slots!

The first Key Stone slot is unlocked from the start (after completing the tutorial). From your very first game, you have an extra challenge and the chance for an extra reward!

Once you reach Rank 5, you will unlock the second slot and have new, more challenging quests to complete. The third slot carries the highest difficulty quests and unlocks at Rank 20. Don't want to wait? You can pay to unlock the second and third slots at any time.

Make lemonade!

We've all been there--we make a couple of weak moves, and suddenly the special gems that could clear a big section and bring in a new cascade are off in a corner, nowhere near any matchable pairs, and we're just hunting for a decent move while we watch the clock run out. Key Stones offer a way to make even your worst game an achievement! Certain Key Stone quests will reward you for a low-scoring game. Granted, you could *try* to score low (harder than it sounds), or you could just smile the next time you fail, knowing you secretly succeeded!

(On that note, we have taken measures to prevent "cheating" at certain types of quests; Key Stones don't reward you at all for abandoned games or games below a minimum score requirement.)

Bejeweled Blitz is now a different game all the time!

With up to three Key Stone slots regularly updating with new quests to fulfill, your game can change daily! Each Key Stone has an expiration associated with it, so if one isn't to your liking, it will shortly be replaced with something new. But if you complete the quest, you'll see a new one appear right away to offer you the next challenge!

Reap your rewards!

Key Stone Rewards range from Mystery Treasures to XP that levels you up to Rare Gems. Coins and XP are delivered to your Message Center. Rare Gems are saved to your Items inventory for redemption whenever you're ready. And those boosts of XP will not only advance your Rank but bring you closer to the Grand Mystery Treasure you receive when you reach the next Rank, plus the Legendary Mystery Treasure waiting for you every 10 Ranks!

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  • Frequently Asked Questions About Bejeweled Blitz

What is the purpose of the Meow button?

Well...who said everything in life had to have a purpose?  Do you go around asking dandelions why they grow?  We like cats.  Cats like Bejeweled Blitz.  If you don't believe me, try asking the next cat you meet.  I bet he'll meow.  What more proof do you need?

  What is the Meaning of Life?

Er...maybe that should be phrased "What is the meaning of the Meaning of Life?"  Wow, this is getting really deep.  Anyway...if you don't get this reference, you have an excellent opportunity ahead of you for laughter and delight.  Go find a copy of The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy (the book, not the movie.  Say it with me: the book, not the movie).  The hilarity receptors in your brain will thank you for it.

How do I get two Blazing Steeds in one game?

This is an easy don't!  The Key Stone in question is prompting you to get two Blazing Speeds in one game.  It's a trick of the eye combined with rhyming terms that adds up to a bit of confusion.  

Blazing Speed is achieved by making matches very, very quickly, and you can tell you have it when the board erupts into flames (also, if you have sounds enabled, you will hear the words "Blazing Speed!" spoken, accompanied by the sound of crackling flames).  It's hard to get Blazing Speed twice in one minute...but it's definitely possible.  If you're having trouble getting there, the easiest way is to start off by using a Blazing Steed!  That rare gem will give you your first Blazing Speed instantly at the top of the game, and then you only need to get there one more time within the minute.

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  • Rare Gems

Rare Gems are rare and beautiful gems which you can find and harvest by playing Bejeweled Blitz. Each Rare Gem has its own unique gameplay effect!


The Moonstone splinters into three fragments and lands in your game board as a trio of Star Gems to start you off!  It's like Mystery Gem times three, without the mystery!

Cat's Eye:

After your Last Hurrah has rewarded you for any special gems you had left on the board, Snackers will appear with eyes ablaze to help you score even higher!  His multiplier is triple your final multiplier in the game, and each blast from his laser eyes is as powerful as a flame gem detonation!  Snackers will rescue a lackluster game or send a great one into the stratosphere!

Phoenix Prism:

The Phoenix Prism captures the light reflected from all the gems on the board, giving it a beautiful rainbow shine. Due to this unique interplay of light and color, the prisms are Wild Card gems, able to be swapped to any nearby pair of gems to create an intense chain reaction, each prism causing a diagonal line of gems to explode.

The Phoenix Prism comes in batches of six gems, but only one gem can shine at any given time! Once you match your first prism, you will see the next light up within moments. Match it quickly to bring out the third! If you don’t use all six within the minute available, don’t worry; you’ll see any remaining prisms working to jazz up your Last Hurrah.

Once all your prisms have burst, and your eyes have feasted on the dazzle of colors, the phoenix himself will appear! (Okay, it could be a girl phoenix; it’s impolite to ask and downright rude to check!) As he takes his final bow and is reborn, a shower of his own feathers falls around him. Whichever feather he catches in his beak will determine the coin bonus you receive on top of the coins already earned in the game.  These will automatically be added to your Coin balance.

Blazing Steed:

When you harvest a Blazing Steed Gem, you will begin your next game with Blazing Speed, which causes gems to drop more quickly and turns every match into an explosion!  Blazing Speed usually lasts eight seconds, but this special opening lasts ten so you can start out with a bang, a blast, and a ba-boom!

But wait, there’s more.  Even after the initial Blazing Speed burst fades, the Blazing Steed continues to make his presence felt.  For the whole game, keep an eye on the Flame Gems you match—they’re bigger, better, blazing-er versions of their normal selves, taking out a larger area and earning more points.

Finally, when the clock runs out, a herd of fiery horses will stampede across your gameboard, scattering and detonating extra Flame Gems in a blaze of glory!    

The Blazing Steed is our special gift to our devoted daily players!  While you can find it at random like other rare gems, you can also earn a free Blazing Steed every week through the simple act of completing your Daily Spin at least 5 times within a week.  You can use your free Daily Spins or speed up the process by purchasing extra spins.  Like other rare gems, you can also harvest them off your friends’ walls if they share them.

When you have earned your free Blazing Steed, you will notice that you have something new waiting in your Items inventory.  

Kanga Ruby:

Meet the magnificent mustachioed marsupial!  The king of kapow!  Bruce, the boxing kangaroo!  The Kanga Ruby is here to pound gems on your behalf with fists of furry fury! Whenever he appears on screen, a well-placed blow will be delivered to your board, destroying a section of gems.

The Blitzing boxer will turn up to deliver his roundhouses at least three times per game, but you can motivate him to come back even more often by destroying red gems!  A Kanga Ruby's favorite gem is red, and as you match these, you will see his meter filling at the top of the board.  The more red gems you match, the faster he will return to take another shot!  

At the end of the game you will be awarded 100 coins for each red gem you destroyed! 

Don't forget to Share your Kanga Ruby at the end of the game, because only through sharing can you experience the glory of Kanga Ruby Levels 2 & 3!

Whenever you play a game with a basic Kanga Ruby and Share it with your Facebook friends, you are sending them an exclusive invitation to play with Kanga Ruby Level 2!  

When your friends play their Level 2 Kanga Ruby and Share it with you, you get to play Kanga Ruby Level 3!

Levels 2 & 3 are exclusively available through sharing.  You will see the offers in your Items box.

The Rare Gem Vault

We love to bring new Rare Gems out to play from time to time!  Special occasion Rare Gems like Flower Power, Rock-It Blast, and Ice Burrst are available for a limited time before being returned to the vault.  Don't worry--your favorites never stay gone for too long!

I bought a Rare Gem but I didn't get to use it; what happened?

Please note that the Rare Gem will only appear if you play again once you've chosen to harvest it. If you refresh your Web browser or browse to another page, the Rare Gem will vanish.

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  • Daily Challenges in Bejeweled Blitz: The Future Is Meow!

The Bejeweled Blitz Daily Challenge is the latest innovation in gem-matching glory! From your game's main menu, click or tap the Daily Challenge button to see today's mission goals, plus the potential rewards that await you.

  The challenge parameters will change every day. If the challenge involves playing with a particular boost or Rare Gem, that will be indicated in the space for those icons, but best of all, you will get the boost(s) and/or Rare Gem for free!

Your score goals will vary based on the challenge difficulty. Reach the score required for Bronze, Silver, or Gold Star Cat, and you will earn a reward! Rewards also vary by challenge but will include Coins and/or Rare Gems.

Your first try at the Daily Challenge is free, every day! If you aren't satisfied with your score (or if you just want to play the unique and exciting challenge again!), you can pay Coins for subsequent rounds.

Each reward tier can be earned only once per day. For instance, if you replay the challenge after winning the Bronze level reward, you have the chance of winning Silver or Gold on your next try, but you will not receive the Bronze a second time.

If you are playing Bejeweled Blitz on iOS or Android, please note that you must log in to Facebook before playing the Daily Challenge in order to receive any rewards you might qualify for. The game will remind you of this if you try to start a Daily Challenge level while offline.

What if I don't have a Facebook account?

If you are playing Bejeweled Blitz on iOS or Android without connecting to Facebook, you can still enjoy the thrill of the unique gameplay experience every day! You will see a Daily Challenge button below the Play button. However, rewards can only be delivered through a Facebook account, so offline Daily Challenges are truly their own reward. 

The icon is spinning!

Spinning Daily Challenge icon is still loading

If you load Bejeweled Blitz on iOS or Android, and the Daily Challenge icon is spinning, it is downloading the current challenge to your device. This shouldn't take more than a moment over a strong connection. However, if you have just updated the app, this may take up to a minute.

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  • Ranks & Experience Points (XP)

What are Ranks and Experience Points?

You collect Experience Points with every game of Bejeweled Blitz. As you play and score more points, your accumulated Experience Points will let you achieve new Bejeweled Blitz Ranks. You can compare your Ranks and XP with your friends on the leaderboard.

If I have to quit a game early -- at 48 seconds for instance -- will I still get the XP I earned up to that point?

Alas, Experience Points are calculated at the end of each game, so if you leave early, you won't get any Points for that game.

Does XP affect my coin total or my high score? 

XP does not directly affect your coin total or your weekly tournament leaderboard score, but by collecting enough XP to reach a new Rank, you earn bragging rights, cool titles, new Key Stone slots (at certain Ranks, to the possible total of three slots), and special Rank Rewards (premium Mystery Treasures!).

How many Rank Badges can I earn?

You'll earn new Rank Badges for the first 100 Ranks.

How many Ranks are there?

There are 181 Ranks with unique names. You can continue to earn higher Ranks after 181, but we ran out of cool names at that point.

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  • "Encore" and "Feathered Fury" Information

Great games deserve an encore! With our new feature, you get the chance to make your best games even better with an extra 10 seconds of play and a huge boost to your score, courtesy of Feathered Fury – Bejeweled Blitz’s resident ninja!

When you’re close to a good score but your 60 seconds has run out, Feathered Fury may decide to swoop in and offer you an encore. For a small coin fee, you can keep playing for 10 seconds after which he’ll return to fill the board with Special Gems and take your score to new heights faster than you can say, “Ninja Power"!

You can never be sure when the elusive and mysterious Feathered Fury will decide to make an appearance, but he usually shows up when you're having a good game and just need that final boost to keep your scores going strong.

If you don’t want to take Feathered Fury’s offer, just tap on the “No Thanks” button or wait 30 seconds and it will disappear on its own. It’s okay, he understands.

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  • Bejeweled Blitz Items -- a new and improved inventory for your Rare Gems!

Rare Gems you earn or receive from friends are now stored in the new Items box.  This will help you view your inventory and choose the best way to boost your next game!

  Click on Items to view your available Rare Gems! You will see a notification if new Gems have been added since you last viewed your inventory.

How can I tell which Rare Gems are free and which cost Coins to use?

As always, you may have a mix of earned or rewarded Rare Gems and those shared by friends. Earned or rewarded Rare Gems, such as the Blazing Steed you can earn each week through the 5-Spin bonus, or Gems received as rewards for completing Key Stones, are free to use.

  A free Rare Gem like this Blazing Steed says simply USE NOW.
  A shared Rare Gem like these Kanga Ruby invitations from friends shows a Coin price underneath.  The envelope symbol also helps to differentiate shares from free gems.

How many Rare Gems can I store in Items?

The limits are five of each free Rare Gem and 25 of each shared Rare Gem!  That should keep you rolling in riches!

Why are some of my Rare Gems grayed out and unclickable?

At this time, not all Gems are available for all platforms.  If you are playing on Facebook as well as on mobile devices, your inventory will be visible to you everywhere, but we wouldn't let you try to harvest something in a place where it won't do you any good!  If a Gem is grayed out on your iPhone, you can enjoy it later in your browser on Facebook.

Why do some Rare Gems show up as locked?

Certain Rare Gems are only available for a limited time, such as Rock-It Blast and Ice Burrrst.  Those Rare Gems will remain in your inventory in a vaulted state during periods when they are not available for use.  When these Gems come back for everyone, yours will still be waiting for you!

What happens to the Message Center?

The Message Center will continue to be the place where your Coin and XP rewards are delivered.  Any Rare Gems you still have in your Message Center are still there, but new Rare Gems will be delivered to Items.

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  • How to play Bejeweled Blitz

In Bejeweled Blitz, your basic goal is to swap pairs of gems in order to create sets of three or more, just as in any other version of Bejeweled.  Since Blitz gives you only one minute, it's all about speed, strategy, and making the best moves in every moment to score as high as you can in a very short time and beat your friends to the top spot on the Leaderboard!

The board is an 8 x 8 grid of gems. When you swap gems to make sets of three or more, the matched gems disappear, allowing more gems to fall into place from above. Matches of 4 or more create powerful Special Gems.

Special Gems

Making matches of particular types converts gems into Special Gems.

  Flame Gems are created by matching a set of four gems. Flame Gems explode when matched, destroying themselves along with all eight surrounding gems.
  Hypercubes are created by making a line of five gems. Hypercubes can be matched to any adjacent gem regardless of color, and doing so destroys all gems of that color on the board. This is a great way to detonate a Multiplier Gem that is not near any sets of its own color! 
Star Gems are created by making a T- or L-shaped match. Star Gems, when matched, destroy all gems along vertical and horizontal lines from their own position.
Multiplier Gems are created by clearing a dozen or more gems at the same time. Once you have a Multiplier Gem on the board, match it as quickly as possible to multiply your score for the rest of the game.  There are up to eight Multiplier Gems you can earn per game if you're fast enough with your matches!
  Coin Gems appear only on yellow gems. Their appearance is random, meaning that you cannot take any special action to generate them, but matching them helps you earn Coins for buying Boosts!


When you make a match, new gems fall in from above. Sometimes those gems themselves match as soon as they land. This is a cascade, and it counts toward the original match. Cascades can stack; that is, a cascade can trigger another cascade, which can trigger another cascade, and so on.


To the left of the game board is a Hint button. Clicking it will indicate a match somewhere on the board. Clicking the Hint button costs you nothing other than time.

Advanced Gameplay

Learn how Boosts can enhance your game and increase your score!  Study up on Rare Gems so you're ready when you unearth one! Read about Ranks and how to level up! Discover the quests you can complete via Key Stones!

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  • Daily Spin FAQ

We love our players, and the Daily Spin is one of the ways we show it!  Just by visiting Bejeweled Blitz on Facebook, you can win free Coins with no more effort than a single mouse-click.  

How often can I spin?

You can play Daily Spin once for free per day. This free Daily Spin is reset at 10pm Pacific Standard Time.

You can also purchase additional spins immediately following your free spin.  Simply click SPIN after your free Daily Spin!  If you already left that screen, just click on the button that says "Daily Spin" above the gameboard to pull up Daily Spin and click SPIN to purchase extra spins. 

What's the 5-Spin Bonus?

We've added a new feature to the Daily Spin to reward our players even more for coming back every day!  If you make at least five spins within the week (the Bejeweled Blitz week starts at 10 AM Pacific Standard Time on Tuesday), you will receive an exciting new Rare Gem that you can use for free!  Both free and paid Daily Spins count toward your weekly total to earn your free Blazing Steed Rare Gem!  There is a limit of one free Blazing Steed per player, per week.

How do I claim my Coins from my Daily Spin?

Your Coins are awarded automatically. Don't worry if you don't see the full animation or you accidentally close your browser window, our system will still award your Coins.

How do the extra bonuses work?

The Friend Bonus is based on how many of your friends are playing Bejeweled Blitz. The Friend Bonus gives you 100 Coins for each of your friends who play Bejeweled Blitz up to the maximum Friend Bonus of 5000. Your friends don't have to have a score for the week to count toward your Friend Bonus.

The Consecutive Day Bonus adds a cumulative bonus of 100 Coins to your Daily Spin for each consecutive day you play. The maximum Consecutive Day Bonus for a day is 700 Coins.

How do I share my winnings?

After you play Daily Spin, you can send bonus Coins to up to 10 friends by clicking on the Share button!  Only the top prizes give the option to give bonus Coins to your friends, and the number of bonus Coins depends on the amount awarded for your Daily Spin. The bonus Coins are available to your friends via their Message Center. The Coins that you share are not subtracted from your own Coins.

Why can't I see the Daily Spin?

The Daily Spin will appear automatically if you've played enough games to unlock it. If you've already played your Daily Spin, it won't appear again until the next time it's reset.

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  • RSVP to the Bejeweled Blitz Party!

We are excited to invite our players to join us in Bejeweled Blitz Party, where you can team up with a friend to earn coins and show off your mad Bejeweling skills!


You can enter Party mode through the icon on your navigation bar just above the game. If you have a number by the logo, there are Party invitations or results already waiting for you!

How to Play: Start a Game with a Friend!

Choose your stakes--the potential coin reward you would like to play for. Once you choose, the Bejeweled Blitz friend picker will open.  You can choose a friend who already plays Bejeweled Blitz or challenge a friend who doesn't play (or maybe hasn't for a while) by switching to the "All Friends" tab.  Just select the friend you'd like to play with to get started.  

Bejeweled Blitz Party will now create a challenge specially tailored to you and your friend! The Team Goal is based on previous Party scores achieved by both players, so you can look forward to a challenge made just for the two of you!  If you have never played a game in Party mode before, you'll start off with a default challenge, but once you've got some experience, you will be able to watch your goals increase as the game learns how skilled you are!


Under the Team Goal meter, you will also see a set of three elite bonus goals, quantities of certain special gems you can create during the game in order to win an even greater prize!  

Next, you'll choose your Boosts for the game, just as you normally would.  Remember that the Mystery Gem boost grants you one special gem at the start of the game, and that special gem does count toward your elite goals!  

Once you have selected your Boosts, you will play your round of Bejeweled Blitz.  How high did you advance the score on your Team Goal meter?  How many special gems did you earn toward the elite goals?  Are you satisfied with your contribution toward the team effort, or would you like to try again before sending your friend the invitation?

If you click "Send Score," your score will be counted officially, and your friend will be notified that it is their turn to play a round with you in Bejeweled Blitz Party!  If you click "Try Again," you will have another shot at earning a higher score for your team.  But remember, there's no going back to that previous score once you hit "Try Again!"  (If you fail to hit "Try Again" before time counts down, it's the same as hitting "Send Score."  Your score will be saved and your invitation sent.)

After your friend plays their round, you will be notified of the final results so you can collect your winnings.  Even if you didn't reach the Team Goal, you will still be rewarded if you have reached a certain percentage toward the goal and/or achieved the elite bonus goals!

How to Play: Accept an Invitation from a Friend!

If you've received a Blitz Party invitation, then you have a friend who wants your skills on their side for a great quest to earn Coins and glory!  

When you are invited to play, your friend has already paid a Token to initiate the round, so all you need to do is take your turn!   On the Play tab of your Blitz Party Games List, you will see the game invitation.  Click on it to accept and play, and you will see the Team Goal Meter and elite bonus goals to see what you would need to do to make this a successful Blitz Party!  Has your partner already achieved the high score requirement but failed to make any Flame gems along the way? Maybe your focus this round should be making as many Flame gems as possible to satisfy that bonus goal!  

Once you have played your round, you are given the choice to submit your score or Try Again for one Token.  

What are Tokens?

Each game of Bejeweled Blitz Party costs one Token to initiate.  When you select a friend to start your game with, you use one Token to play the game and send them the invitation. They will not pay a Token in order to accept the invitation and play their round, because your one Token pays for both players to play one round each.  If either player chooses to "Try Again" however, that player will pay another Token for each subsequent attempt they make before hitting "Send Score" and submitting their game.

All players will receive 5 free Tokens for Blitz Party as a gift to get started!  After that, each day you visit Blitz Party, you can initiate one free game per day with a friend!  To play more than one game in Party per day, you can purchase additional Tokens.

Blitz Party Games List

The Blitz Party Games List gives you a quick path to your in-progress games as well as your rewards that are waiting to be collected.  Review your messages on both the Play and Collect tabs for new games and rewards!


The Play tab lists any games you have been invited to play by a friend.


The Collect tab displays the results of recently completed games--don't forget to collect your Coins and see how you did on the challenge! 


The Sent tab lists the games you have initiated with friends who have yet to take their turn, and you can use the Remind button to nudge your friends.

Be sure to check back regularly so you don't miss out on games or rewards--Blitz Party requests will expire after 7 days.  

Collecting your Coins!

If you have completed a game with a friend, you may have Coins waiting for you in your Blitz Party Games List hub!  Click on the Collect tab to find out.  If you and your partner achieved the Team Score and/or the elite bonus goals, you'll receive Coins to reward you! 

High Payout Potential!

When you start a round in Party mode, you have the option to play for more Coins!  Click the arrow beside the payout display to scroll through your possible choices.  It costs more Tokens to play the high payout games, but you can win vastly more Coins for doing so!  Where 1 Token can win you up to 10,000 Coins, 5 Tokens can win you up to 75,000, and 10 can win you up to 175,000!  

The initial Token cost pays for each player's first attempt.  If either player chooses to try again, the second attempt will be fewer than the initial cost but more than the standard single Token cost of replaying a standard game.

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Bejeweled Blitz Billing & Purchasing

  • What are Tokens, and how can I get more of them?

Tokens are used for playing rounds of Blitz Party.  

Each round of Blitz Party you initiate with a friend costs one Token, and that Token pays for both players to play once each--your friend will not have to spend a Token to accept your invitation!

If both players choose to submit their initial scores, the whole round is paid for with that single Token. Only if either player wants to try again for a better score will that player pay an additional Token.

You will receive five free Tokens to use when you first start playing Blitz Party.  Then, each day you visit Blitz Party, you are able to initiate one free Party round with a friend.  These daily games don't store up, though, so be sure to play your free game every day!

You can purchase more Tokens by clicking the purple + symbol beside your Token balance. 

Tokens are separate from Coins and cannot be exchanged or used interchangeably. 

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  • How to give Coins to a friend via Mystery Treasures!

You can't transfer Coins to friends, but you can send a Mystery Treasure!  

Just below your leaderboard, you will see this bar:

The up and down arrows will allow you to view different sections of your leaderboard. The third button shows Coins being delivered to friends! Click that to open the Mystery Treasure gifting tool.

You will be offered a list of friends to choose from, and the Mystery Treasure will gift your chosen recipients a random number of Coins.

There is a combined limit of 60 Mystery Treasures and Thankyous you can send each day. Sharing is good, but once you've hit the daily limit you will have to wait until the next day to send more Mystery Treasures.  

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  • How can I get more Bejeweled Blitz Coins?

You can earn Coins through gameplay, by matching the special yellow gems.

You can also purchase Coins through the Shop.

To initiate a Coin purchase, click on the gold + symbol beside your Coin balance.

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  • The Bejeweled Blitz Message Center -- collect gifts and coins shared by your friends!

Receiving and collecting coins from your friends couldn't be simpler!  

If you have been sent a Mystery Treasure or shared Daily Spin Winnings, your Message Center will appear the next time you load Bejeweled Blitz on Facebook.  If you have unclaimed gifts, you will see a number indicating how many unviewed messages are waiting:

  Click on Messages to view and claim your gifts! 

It should not take more than a couple of seconds to load the Message Center notifications.  If you are seeing the “Retrieving Sender Data” message continually, please try using a different web browser.    

There is a limit of 200 messages in your Message Center, and once the limit is reached, new messages will be rejected.  Also, some types of messages will expire over time to save room. So don't forget to claim your Coins and XP!  There will be visible expiration dates on any messages set to expire.

Need further help?

Bejeweled Blitz Troubleshooting

  • September 2014: Trouble connecting to Facebook in Bejeweled Blitz on iOS?

If you are having trouble with connecting to Facebook in Bejeweled Blitz on iOS since the latest app update, the steps outlined below should resolve this issue and get you back into your game.

1. Start by logging out of Facebook within the game: Tap the up arrow at the bottom of the game's main menu to open the Options menu.

Tap LOG OUT to log out of your Facebook account within the game. To confirm, tap the LOGOUT button that appears.

(If your button says LOG IN, that means you are already logged out of Facebook within the game and can skip to step 3.)

2. Exit the Bejeweled Blitz app, and then force-close it: Double-tap the Home button on your device, and then swipe upward on Bejeweled Blitz to exit it completely.

3. Launch your Facebook app, and then log out of it as well: Open the Options menu by tapping the three parallel lines icon at the top left.

Then scroll down to the bottom of the Options menu and tap the Log Out button. To confirm, tap the Log Out button that appears.

4. Next, log out of Facebook in your device's Settings: Tap the Settings icon on your device.

Scroll down to Facebook in the Settings menu, and tap to open that section.

Tap on your name, and then tap Delete Account.

NOTEThis will NOT delete your Facebook account! It will only log out of your Facebook account on your iOS device.

When prompted, please choose Remove Facebook Info, and again, don't worry--it will be restored in our next step!

5. Log back in to your Facebook account: Type in your username (email address) and password, then tap Sign In. Tap Sign In again to confirm.

6. Launch the Facebook app and tap Continue. The app did not require a separate login process, because you logged in through the Settings menu in the previous step.

7. Launch Bejeweled Blitz and log in to Facebook either by tapping Play with friends on Facebook! on your leaderboard or tapping the up arrow from the main menu, then the LOG IN button in the Options menu.

8. You will now be prompted to confirm that you want to allow Bejeweled Blitz to access your Facebook account. Tap OK to confirm.

Need further help?
  • Bejeweled Blitz for iOS crashing on launch?

Are you having trouble launching Bejeweled Blitz?  Does the game start to launch and then immediately disappear?  Is there an error message when you attempt to connect to Facebook from the game?  Try these steps to get back to the game!

1. Do you have the current version of Bejeweled Blitz?


Apps are updated regularly, and you will be notified of any available updates via the App Store.  

On your device, if you see something like this, four of your installed apps have updates available for download!

Note that not all app updates are right for you--make sure an update is intended for your device, particularly if you are using an older device or iOS version. The app update notes should advise you of potential issues.

You can also check your app version against the iTunes or App Store description to be sure.

  Tap the arrow under Play on your leaderboard screen to open the game's options menu.

At the bottom of the options screen is the version number.  The current version as of October 24, 2014 is v1.5.7 (621).

2. Try closing any unnecessary apps

Every time you launch an app on your iOS device, it remains open in the background so that it will load more quickly next time you need it. However, this adds up over time to a large number of apps running at once, and it can seriously slow down your entire device. It can also prevent your game from establishing a Facebook connection!

To view all open apps, give your home button a quick double-tap. You should see large tiles for all your running apps, with the app icons along the bottom of the screen:

You can swipe your finger right-to-left to scroll through the pages of open apps. To close an app, swipe its large tile upward, as if tossing it off the top of the screen. 

You may be surprised how many apps are running in the background at any given time! Closing the ones you don't actively need just now will greatly improve your device's overall speed and responsiveness.

This process does not delete an app from your device! You can launch the closed apps again the next time you need them.

3. Restart your device

If you’ve followed the steps above and you still can’t get Bejeweled Blitz to start or you’re still receiving an error when you try to connect to Facebook, try simply restarting your iOS device. Once the device is restarted, try starting Bejeweled Blitz and connecting to Facebook before starting any other applications.

4. Reinstall Bejeweled Blitz

If simply closing background apps or turning your device off and back on has not resolved performance issues with an app, the next step we recommend is to delete the app and reinstall it.

Note: deleting Bejeweled Blitz will also delete offline progress!  Please be sure to backup your data first.  You will not lose any online progress, as that is stored on our servers and will be recovered when you connect to Facebook.


To delete an app from your iOS device, simply press and hold the app icon until all the icons begin to jiggle, and an x appears at the corner of each icon.

Tap the x to delete the app.

You can then redownload the app through iTunes or the App Store. Only the iTunes backup will also allow you to restore your saved offline progress.

Need further help?
  • How to clear your browser cache & cookies

We have provided the basic steps for clearing your browser cache/cookies in most common browsers.  However, as you may have noticed, the basic steps for completing simple actions change all the time.  Software is constantly updated, and little details are altered each time. We strive to keep this updated whenever we notice the processes are changed and whenever a new browser or version is released.  If the steps for any particular browser are no longer quite what you see here, please simply check the Help menu for your browser to find the updated information.

Disclaimer: Clearing your cache may fix game issues, but may also result in the loss of automatically saved passwords and web page settings.

Internet Explorer 9 or 10:

  1. Launch your Internet Explorer browser.
  2. Click on the Tools icon at the top right corner of the browser window.
  3. Click Safety, then Delete Browsing History.
  4. Make sure Temporary Internet Files is selected.
  5. Click Delete.
  6. Close your browser and restart Internet Explorer.

Internet Explorer 8:

  1. Launch your Internet Explorer browser.
  2. Click on the Safety menu at the top of the browser.
  3. Click Delete Browsing History.
  4. Make sure Temporary Internet Files is selected.
  5. Click Delete.
  6. Close your browser and restart Internet Explorer.

Firefox for PC:

  1. Choose 'Tools' from the main menu (at the top of the Firefox window). 
  2. Click on 'Clear Recent History'
  3. In the drop-down menu "Time range to clear:" please select Everything.
  4. Select all the checkboxes other than 'Cookies,' 'Active Logins,' and 'Site Preferences.' 
  5. Click the 'Clear Now' button. 
  6. Your computer may take a minute or two to delete everything. 
  7. Now, close all Firefox windows and re-open Firefox again.

Firefox for Mac: 

  1. Launch your Firefox browser.
  2. Click on the Tools menu at the top of the screen and select Clear Recent History.
  3. In the drop-down menu "Time range to clear:" please select Everything.
  4. Click Clear Now.
  5. Close your browser window and restart Firefox.

Google Chrome:

  1. Click on the Customize menu icon (looks like three parallel lines) at the upper right.
  2. Scroll down to Tools, then to Clear browsing data in the Tools submenu.
  3. On the window that opens, you will see a checklist.  Please make sure Clear browsing history, Clear download history, Empty the cache, Delete cookies and other site data, & Clear data from hosted apps are checked.  
  4. At the top of the window, select "the beginning of time" in the drop-down menu.
  5. Click the Clear browsing data button.

Safari for PC:

  1. Click on the Gear icon at the top of the Safari window.
  2. Select Reset Safari.
  3. Make sure "Empty the Cache" is selected. (Unselect any items you do not want to reset.)
  4. Click Reset.
  5. Close all Safari windows and relaunch Safari.

Safari for Mac: 

  1. Launch your Safari browser. 
  2. Click on the History menu at the top of the screen. 
  3. Click on Clear History from the drop-down menu. 
  4. Click Clear.
  5. Close your browser window and restart Safari.

Internet Explorer 7:

  1. Launch your Internet Explorer browser.
  2. Click on the Tools menu at the top of the browser.
  3. Click Delete Browsing History.
  4. Click Delete All.
  5. Close your browser and restart Internet Explorer.

Internet Explorer 5.x and 6.x: 

  1. Launch your Internet Explorer browser. 
  2. Click on the 'Tools' menu at the top of the browser. 
  3. Click on 'Internet Options' from the drop-down menu. 
  4. Click on the 'Delete Cookies' button. 
  5. Click on the 'Delete Files' button. 
  6. Click 'OK'. 
  7. Close your browser and restart Internet Explorer.
Need further help?
  • Where do my game posts show up on my Timeline?

The new Facebook Timeline feature has changed the order in which your activities appear on your profile page.  There are many factors that affect your game activity posts and who can view them.  

App Permissions Settings

When you first start playing a game on Facebook, you must allow it certain permissions. One of those permissions is "Post on my behalf."  Please note that "Post on your behalf" does not mean the game will post without your permission!   When you click "Share" on a high score or achievement, the game needs to have permission to complete that action of sharing on your behalf.

Click on "Edit settings" beside the app to make sure that "Post on my behalf" is listed as a permission you have allowed for the game.  Next, you'll want to make sure you have not set the app's posts to be hidden from people you want to see them.

Lower in the "Edit settings" menu is a header called "Posts on my behalf:" where you will see a drop-down menu with groups of friends listed.  You can choose to allow the game's posts to be viewed by anyone (Public), by Friends, by Friend Groups you pre-define (such as creating a group of your friends who also play the game!), or by "Only Me."  If you have at any point set your Posts to be visible to only a certain group/only yourself, that may be keeping you or your friends from seeing your Posts appear.

News Feed View

At the top of your News Feed, you have a "Sort:" option.  You can set your News Feed to sort by "Top Stories" or "Most Recent."  If you've got it set to sort by "Top Stories," which is the default, then you won't see game/app posts coming up much, because those are rarely considered top stories by Facebook.  Sorting by Most Recent will show you the latest activity without preferential treatment assigned based on number of likes or comments, etc.

Recent changes to Facebook have also made it so that hitting "Like" on a page may not be sufficient to add that page's updates to your News Feed.  If you know you "Liked" a page but are not seeing any updates from that page, you may need to visit the page and click the "Liked" button, then hover your mouse until the menu appears.  If "Show in News Feed" does not currently have a checkmark beside it, you will need to enable that option here.

Where to Look on Your Timeline

Even with your settings and permissions properly configured, you may not know where your game posts are being displayed on Timeline, because they are also not being treated as "Top Stories" on that page.  However, any game activity you chose to post should be visible on Timeline.  Since Timeline attempts to prioritize your posts and activities rather than displaying them strictly chronologically, app posts will fall lower down on the page than things like status updates, tagged photos, or messages from friends.

Scroll down your Timeline, and you will find that below the "widgets" such as your Friends list, recent Likes, game Achievements, etc., you will start to see your app posts.  They may be aggregated by app title, so you may see several recent High Score posts gathered into a bundle that can be expanded to view in full.

For more information on Facebook's Timeline feature, you may want to review the FAQs at

Need further help?
  • Bejeweled Blitz runs slowly? You can make it blitzier!

If you're finding that the graphics in Bejeweled Blitz aren't running as fast as you'd like, we have a new option that will speed things up for you!  Open the Options menu, and select Simple Quality.  The game will reload, and when it does, you'll see much zippier graphics again!  This feature also eliminates some of the game's audio to streamline things even more.

Need further help?
  • How do I turn the sound on/off?

To turn the sound on or off:

(Note: this function is not available until after you have clicked the PLAY button.  It can be accessed either on the Boosts selection screen or once the game has begun.  Don't worry--opening the Options menu does pause your game!)

  1. Click the Menu button or gears icon in the bottom left corner of the game. 
  2. Use the slider bar beside "Volume" to adjust to your desired setting.
  3. You may also want to check your computer's sound settings if you're not hearing sounds as expected.
Need further help?
  • After the latest update, my Rare Gems all show as Unavailable, or I don't see my Daily Challenge anymore.

If your stored Rare Gems in your Items box are showing as Unavailable, or you have lost your Daily Challenge menu icon, your profile data simply needs to be refreshed between your device and our servers. There are a couple of ways to make this happen:

  1. Play a round of Bejeweled Blitz!
    It's the easiest and most fun way to refresh your connection. (If you are on a mobile device, make sure you are logged in to Facebook first, or you'll be playing in offline mode.)
  2. Tap on "Stats" beside your name on the leaderboard. 
    Find your leaderboard plank, and tap on the word "Stats." This will cause your game to reach out to our servers and refresh your profile data. (Again, you must be logged in to your Facebook account for this to work.)

After your data is refreshed, you can return to your Items box and see your cache of Rare Gems has been restored for use; and next time you look at the main menu, you will find Starcats awaiting you.

If step 2 didn't work for you, that's because Bejeweled Blitz feels neglected by your choice not to try step 1. Play a game, and you're sure to see results!

Need further help?
  • Basic troubleshooting steps for free online games

Most games work in multiple browsers but will still exhibit better performance in some than others.  If you are having difficulty with your online game performance, we strongly recommend trying alternate browsers.

In order to play the free online games, certain components need to be installed and activated on a computer through its browser. Depending on your computer and the browser you are using, you may need to install or update Flash. If the necessary add-ons are not installed through the computer's Internet browser, our free online games will not operate properly. Please refer to your computer's help articles or your browser's help articles for further help installing and activating these components.

Other possible issues that could cause blocking of our Online games may be firewalls and virus scanners. We recommend you add our site to your list of "Safe" or "Trusted" Sites for your browser, firewall and virus scanners. Please refer to your software's help articles regarding adding safe/trusted sites.

Further instructions on resolving online games issues:

1. Clear your Internet cache.

Clearing your Internet browser cache/cookies can fix many common issues with pages failing to load. Some browser components may need to have their cache cleared as well. We have provided steps for most common browsers here.

Restarting your computer after following the above steps can also help the performance of the game.

2. Update Flash.

You may need to install or update to the latest version of Adobe Flashplayer.

If you need assistance installing the latest version of flash, you may find instructions on the page:

3. Security Concerns.

Some antivirus or personal firewall applications incorrectly identify our products as viruses and disrupt or block the software from downloading or registering. Please be assured that products that come from PopCap Games are virus free. We recommend that you visit your AntiVirus Software website for the latest virus definitions to allow the component to load properly. 

Still having trouble?

If you require further assistance, please click on the "Contact Us" button below and provide us with the following information so we can assist you:

  • What is the name of the game you are having a problem with?
  • Important: What Operating System (OS) and Web Browser (Name and version number) are you using?
  • Describe the problem you are experiencing. Does the online game window partially appear? Is it opening and stalling?
  • Please describe the exact steps you are taking when trying to access the game. (including the exact button/link you are clicking on).
  • Are you having the same problem with any of our other online games?
  • Did you receive an error message? If so, what did the error message say?

Thank you in advance for providing these details.

Need further help?
  • The page fails to load correctly at least part of the time; how can I fix this?

Some ad-blocking and anti-virus software have been known to cause this issue. We recommend adding the page (see below for the URLs for each game) as a trusted site to these programs. In order to do this, please consult your ad-block and/or anti-virus program manuals.

Bejeweled Blitz page (

Solitaire Blitz page (

Zuma Blitz page (

If you are still having loading issues, please clear your browser cache.  Click here for instructions.

Need further help?
  • Error Message: "Blocked App"

When you attempt to connect to Facebook from your game on iOS, do you receive an error message that reads "Blocked App?" 

This error message indicates that you have blocked the game within your Facebook account settings.  Please visit Facebook in your browser to resolve this issue (official Facebook instructions can be found here, or just continue reading for the steps to take!).

Click the gear icon at the upper right corner. A drop-down menu will appear.

Select Account Settings in the drop-down.  
On the lefthand side of the page, select Blocking.  

At the bottom, there will be a section called Block apps.  Any apps you have blocked in the past will be listed there.  Click "Unblock" beside the app you want to be able to connect to from your iOS device.

When you launch the game again, you will be able to log into Facebook from the app!

Need further help?
  • Close Background Apps to Improve Performance

If apps are crashing, running slowly, or not responding as expected, one useful step is to force-close apps you are not actively using.  Every time you launch an app on your iOS device, it remains open in the background so that it will load more quickly next time you need it.  However, this adds up over time to a large number of apps running at once, and it can seriously slow down your entire device.

To view all open apps, give your home button a quick double-tap.  

If you are on iOS6 or below, you should see a bar open at the bottom of the screen with your app icons displayed:

You can swipe your finger right-to-left to scroll through the pages of open apps and select which ones you are least in need of.

Press and hold any app icon to cause them to jiggle:

Tap the minus symbol at the corner of any app icon in order to close that app.  You may be surprised how many apps are running in the background at any given time!  Closing the ones you don't actively need just now will greatly improve your device's overall speed and responsiveness.

If you are on iOS7 or above, this process is different.  After double-tapping the home button, you will see all your open apps displayed as tiles.  Swipe each tile in an upward motion to close that app.

This process does not delete an app from your device!  You can launch the closed apps again the next time you need them.

Need further help?
  • Online games running sluggishly in Internet Explorer 10?

Players who have recently updated to Internet Explorer 10 may be finding that online games are running slowly and sluggishly.  This is a known issue relating to the way the browser interacts with Adobe Flash, and Microsoft is working on a solution.

In the meantime, here are the suggestions we have to offer:

  • Try another browser.  

    Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox are both free downloads.  Give one of those a shot!

  • Uninstall Internet Explorer 10 (Windows 7 users only)

    On Windows 7, uninstalling the latest version of Internet Explorer automatically reverts you to the previous version, and Internet Explorer 9 works with Flash just fine!  You can always reupdate to IE10 when the issues with Flash are resolved.

    On Windows 8, please simply use Chrome or Firefox for the time being, as there is no way to install an older version of Internet Explorer.

Need further help?
  • My Bejeweled Blitz Coins/scores are different between iOS and Facebook

Since we added greater functionality to the offline mode in Bejeweled Blitz for iOS, it might be a little bit harder to tell whether you're playing offline or connected!  If your score or Coin balance isn't consistent between Facebook and your iOS app, you may simply need to connect to Facebook through the iOS app to update your game data online.

Need further help?
  • The game is running slowly or is non-responsive. I want to go fast!

We're very sorry if your game is not running at its full expected speed!  We call it "Blitz" for a reason, and it should feel lightning-fast!  That said, there are a number of factors that can affect your game's performance, and we are happy to offer several suggestions for restoring the full Blitz factor!

1. Clear your browser cache.

Clearing your Internet browser cache/cookies can fix many common performance issues. We have provided steps for most common browsers here.

2. Restart your browser.

The simple step of closing your browser and relaunching it may help as well, especially in combination with having just cleared your cache.

3. Update Flash.

You may need update to the latest version of Adobe Flashplayer.

4. Close extra tabs you may have open in your browser.

Everything that's happening at the same time taxes your system!  If you tend to open a new tab for every webpage you'd like to visit, you're asking your browser to keep track of a lot of information.  It's also having to constantly refresh each of those pages...and let's not forget about the advertisements that might be trying to play videos on a tab you're not even looking at...better to just close the ones you won't need again anytime soon, allowing the ones you really care about to function at their best!

5. Update your browser.

If your online activities aren't as zippy as they used to be, it's often because the software that runs them is falling behind the times.  We have provided links to download or update the most common browsers:

6. Try a different browser.

It's about finding the right tool for the task...and the right tool for your friends may not be the right one for you.  For whatever reason, you may find that one browser renders pages faster or loads graphics more smoothly, and even on your own computer, you may find that certain tasks are better accomplished in one browser while others work more efficently in a different one.  There is no reason not to have multiple browsers installed side-by-side, and it gives you more options when you do!  

You can use the same download links from above to install these browsers.

7. Close other programs.

Just as keeping multiple tabs open in your browser will cause that program to slow down and chug, running a lot of programs all at once will slow down your whole computer.  Take a look at the programs you've got open, and close down any that you don't need right now.

8. Restart your computer.

Again, just as restarting your browser is a useful step to clear it of its hanging processes and let it start from scratch, shutting down your whole computer is just a really nice thing to do every once in a while.  Your computer probably works very hard for you and never complains (or rarely, anyway, if you consider error messages to be complaints!), so give it a little "power nap" to restore its mojo.  It will thank you by running with greatly increased efficiency (or at least as much as it can muster)!

There are, unfortunately, a few other factors that we are less able to advise you on.  If none of the above suggestions have been helpful, or if you are experiencing chronic, ongoing lagginess that never improves, then you may need more in-depth assistance, even professional maintenance for your computer.  Be sure you're taking good care of it: avoid clicking on suspicious links; keep your antivirus software up-to-date and scanning regularly as recommended; run your Operating System updates.  If you're good to your computer, it will be good to you!  

Need further help?
  • Trouble opening Message Center or Party Mode?

Players who have recently updated to Internet Explorer 11 may find that they cannot open Message Center or connect with other players in Party Mode.  This is a known issue with the way the browser handles Bejeweled Blitz.  We are working to resolve the issue, but there is no workaround available.  Our recommendation is to try a different browser for the time being.

Google Chrome is a free download, and it is fully functional with our game's features.

Need further help?
  • How to Delete and Redownload Apps

If simply closing background apps or turning your device off and back on has not resolved performance issues with an app, the next step we recommend is to delete the app and reinstall it.

Note: deleting an app will also delete game data such as coins and scores!  Please be sure to backup your data first. 


To delete an app from your iOS device, simply press and hold the app icon until all the icons begin to jiggle, and an x appears at the corner of each icon.

Tap the x to delete the app.

You can then redownload the app through iTunes or the App Store. Only the iTunes backup will also allow you to restore your saved progress.

Need further help?
  • How can I make the game bigger on my screen?

You can "zoom in" with your browser by using the following keyboard shortcuts:

Ctrl and + will zoom in.

Ctrl and - will zoom out.

Give it a try!

Note: if you have been actively playing the game, please make sure to click an area of the screen outside of the game board before using keyboard shortcuts.  An area of empty white space to the side of the game will shift the focus to the browser as a whole, allowing the keyboard shortcut to be applied.

Need further help?
  • Why isn't my score saving correctly or appearing on my Facebook page?

Please ensure that you have internet connectivity. If you are not connected to the internet, or have a very weak wireless signal your score may not post. You may be able to solve the problem by logging out of Facebook, clearing your cookies and cache in your browser, and refreshing the page.

Click here for instructions on clearing your browser cache and cookies.

Need further help?
  • Trouble connecting to Facebook within your iOS game

If you are having trouble connecting to Facebook from within your game, there are a number of basic steps to try.

1. Do you have the current version of both apps, the game and Facebook?


Apps are updated regularly, and you will be notified of any available updates via the App Store.

On your device, if you see something like this, four of your installed apps have updates available for download!

You can also check your app version against the iTunes or App Store description to be sure. The app version number is found in the game's Options menu.

  • The Facebook app now requires iOS 7.0 or above. If your device is not capable of updating to meet this requirement, you will not be able to connect to Facebook within any other apps.

2. Try closing any unnecessary apps

Every time you launch an app on your iOS device, it remains open in the background so that it will load more quickly next time you need it. However, this adds up over time to a large number of apps running at once, and it can seriously slow down your entire device. It can also prevent your game from establishing a Facebook connection!

To view all open apps, give your home button a quick double-tap. You can swipe upward on any app's tile in order to close it.

This process does not delete an app from your device! You can launch the closed apps again the next time you need them.

3. Restart your device

If you’ve followed the steps above and you’re still receiving an error when you try to connect to Facebook, try simply restarting your iOS device. Once the device is restarted, try starting the game and connecting to Facebook before starting any other applications.

4. Reinstall the game

If simply closing background apps or turning your device off and back on has not resolved performance issues with an app, the next step we recommend is to delete the app and reinstall it.

Note: deleting apps will also delete offline progress, so please be sure to backup your data first. You will not lose any online progress, as that is stored on our servers and will be recovered when you connect to Facebook.


To delete an app from your iOS device, simply press and hold the app icon until all the icons begin to jiggle, and an x appears at the corner of each icon.

Tap the x to delete the app.

You can then redownload the app through iTunes or the App Store. Only the iTunes backup will also allow you to restore any saved offline progress.

Need further help?
  • Chrome users: Is your cursor missing or in the wrong place?

Many players are suddenly having issues with online games in Chrome.  You might be experiencing one or more of the following issues:

  • I can't click on the buttons
  • I can't see my cursor
  • My cursor isn't where it should be on the screen
  • I try to click on one button, but another button or link is activated instead
  • The game is slow and laggy

We are happy to say there is an easy way to fix this!

Copy and paste the following into your address bar in Chrome:


I know that doesn't look like what you're used to typing or pasting into your address bar!  But trust me, this is how it should look:

Your plugins console might load with expanded view already open, or it might load in simplified view.  Look all the way over on the right hand side of the page, where the word Details appears. 

See the little + sign there?  That means you are seeing the simple view.  Click the + sign to expand to detailed view of the plugins console.  

Your detailed view may look like this:

If so, you can fix this issue right now!  See how there are two plugins listed under Adobe Flash Player, and one is grayed out?  That's what's causing the problem with your games. Just click Enable in the grayed out section, and then close Chrome.  When you launch it again, you shouldn't have any further trouble!

Need further help?
  • I got a message saying I "unlocked" something. What happened?

If you're new to Bejeweled Blitz, some features such as Boosts, Daily Spin, and Rare Gems are not available until you get used to playing the game. These features are available after only a few games, so keep playing!

Need further help?

Bejeweled Blitz General Information

  • Who are these characters on my Leaderboard?

You may have noticed that three PopCap characters have joined the ranks of friends on your Bejeweled Blitz leaderboard.  

   You know him from Peggle, the headmaster by day and dashing superhero by night, the one, the only, Bjorn! 
  Don't be fooled by his toothy grin--Dr. Mojo is here to help!  He keeps the mojo flowing over in Zuma Blitz, and he's always got a kind word for a friend!
  Zombie no hungry.  Promise.  Want friends, maybe more.  Sunday crosswords, walk in park.  Turn-offs include smoking and photosynthesis.

Why have these characters been added to the leaderboard?

You may have noticed that every week, you receive a bonus of Coins based on your Friend Score.  You may also have noticed that some of your friends haven't played during a given week, and so they have "No Score This Week" beside their names.  We decided to skew the odds in your favor by adding three PopCap characters to the board with scores that add to your Friend Score every week.

If you have at least 50 friends who play Bejeweled Blitz, and if none of your regular friends have scores below 25,000, then you may not even notice these characters.  They may just sit at the bottom of the list as friends number 51, 52, and 53.  But if you have fewer than 50 Bejeweled Blitz friends on your Leaderboard, then Bjorn, Dr. Mojo, and Zombie are here to help you out!

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  • What is Bejeweled Blitz?

From award-winning PopCap Games, this one-minute gem-matching challenge is the most intense version of Bejeweled ever! Rack up the highest score you can in one minute by swapping gems to make matches of three or more. Enjoy score multipliers for huge combos and cascades, Star gems and Hypercubes for extra-explosive fun, and Rare Gems for unique in-game effects. Accumulate Coins while you play and use them to purchase boosts for even more gem-swapping, explosive action.

Bejeweled Blitz on Facebook is more than just a game - it's a social event! You can compare scores with your Facebook friends, post comments to friends' walls, and team up to earn bonus Coins in the weekly tournament! Blitz is the most popular version of Bejeweled ever, so be part of the action and get lost in the fun - one minute at a time!

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  • Love Bejeweled Blitz? Want even more bejeweling action?

Bejeweled was first released 10 years ago. Here are some other challenging versions of this best-selling title from PopCap Games.


Bejeweled Blitz for iPhone and iPad to play on the go, with fully featured offline mode as well!  Get it now! 

Bejeweled Blitz is also available for many Android devices!

Bejeweled Blitz for Xbox Live Arcade lets you go head to head with friends for ultimate Bejeweled Blitz dominance!  Check it out!


Discover all-new ways to play the world's #1 puzzle game! Find your perfect match with 8 breathtaking game modes that meet all your moods - including Classic, Quest, Lightning and Zen. Enjoy the amazing sights and sounds. Earn flashy achievement badges. Engage in endless gem-matching fun, and soar to dazzling new heights!

Bejeweled 3 is available for PC, Mac, iOS, Xbox, PSN, & Nintendo DS!  

Bejeweled Twist  

Spin, match, explode... WOW! Bejeweled Twist is a brilliant new way to play Bejeweled. Spin and match explosive gems for shockwaves of fun. Rotate jewels to set up electrifying combos, outwit surprising obstacles like Locks and Bombs, and create high-voltage Flame and Lightning gems. 

Bejeweled Twist is available for PC and Nintendo DS.  Check it out!

Be sure to go to for other great games from the makers of Bejeweled Blitz!
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  • Bejeweled Blitz for iOS

The Bejeweled Blitz app is a free iTunes download, and it comes with 50,000 free Bejeweled Blitz Coins to get you started! The app is compatible with any iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch device running iOS 6 or greater.

Bejeweled Blitz for iOS puts fewer screen taps than ever between you and your next minute of gem-swapping joy!  Okay, it's really just one or two taps fewer than previous versions, but still, those are valuable seconds you can use to run your Daily Spin right there in the app!

What features are included in Bejeweled Blitz for iOS?

First of all, we've got plenty of updates already in the works, so if you don't see your favorite features listed below, don't worry.  We want to make this the ultimate Bejeweled Blitz app, so we'll keep adding and improving!  But for now, the game features include:

  • Gorgeous graphics
  • Daily Spin 
  • Sharing high scores and Rare Gems to Facebook
  • Offline mode with full functionality
  • Your first 50,000 Coins free!
  • Coins purchasing through iTunes for fast and easy reloads

I can't see my Ranks, Levels, and Experience Points in the App!  

The game is connecting to Facebook, so don't worry!, your Ranks, Levels, and XP are still accumulating and being recorded.  When you next visit Bejeweled Blitz on Facebook, you will see the updated Rank, Level, and XP you've earned while playing on iOS.  But rather than waste valuable screen space, we have decided to give you a full-screen game board on your device!

I can't rotate my game to landscape view!

For greater flexibility with future updates, we have at this time removed the landscape option from Bejeweled Blitz.  We may look into restoring it in the future, but there is no current plan in place to do so.

My iOS device is running an older iOS version.

If you have previously downloaded Bejeweled Blitz on a device that cannot be updated to iOS 6, you will not be able to update your app to new versions. If you need to delete your app for any reason, please ensure you have backed it up to your computer so that you can recover your game.

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  • Is PopCap running any competitions or sweepstakes I can enter or might have already won?

If you have received a letter claiming that you have won a large cash payment, which includes a check payment and instructions to wire funds, please ignore this letter. This is not a legitimate PopCap competition.  Please do not deposit any check received or follow instructions in the letter.  We suggest that you report any suspicious letters or telephone calls to your local law enforcement agency.  We regret that our company name has been used for this fraudulent activity.

From time to time, PopCap will offer competitions on our official website, Twitter accounts, or Facebook pages. Please stay tuned for information about future events!

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  • How do I know whether I am playing offline in the Bejeweled Blitz iOS app?

The current version of Bejeweled Blitz for iOS has a robust offline mode that is almost indistinguishable from online play through Facebook!  You can run your Daily Spin, play with up to three Boosts at a time, add's just like being online!  In fact, it's so much like being online that you might not be sure which is which.

If you are uncertain which mode you're playing in, just look at your leaderboard.  In offline mode, your leaderboard is populated exclusively by PopCap characters.  You will also see a Login prompt in your leaderboard to remind you that you could connect through Facebook at any time.

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  • Friend Score & Weekly Tournaments

How does Friend Score work?

Your Friend Score Total is the sum of your high score and all your friends' high scores for the week. When your Friend Score reaches certain thresholds during the Weekly Tournament, you will automatically receive a Coin Bonus, as indicated in the Friend Score widget below the game.

How do I claim my Friend Score Coins?

Just make sure you and your Friends play every week! You win Friend Score bonuses automatically when your Friend Score total reaches the various prize thresholds each week.

When do the Weekly Tournaments reset?

Weekly Tournaments (including player high-scores, leaderboards, and Friend Scores) reset at 10AM Pacific Time on Tuesday mornings.

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  • Bejeweled Blitz for Android

You've asked for it, you've clamored for it, you've kicked down our doors about it (thanks for not literally doing that last part, by the way).  And it's finally here, Bejeweled Blitz for an Android device near you!*

*Probably in your pocket or on your desk.

The Bejeweled Blitz app is a free download through Google Play, and it comes with 100,000 free Bejeweled Blitz Coins to get you started!  

This title requires Android OS 2.3 or higher.  

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