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  • Pets and their Powers

In addition to selecting your Hero avatar for the game, you can take a Pet with you into battle!  Your pet has special skills to complement your playing style.  Each pet's special skill can be used a minimum of once per game, but your pets can be energized by using the special quartz tiles, making their skills available for multiple plays potentially!

Your pet's ability cannot be activated on the opening play of a game.

Meet your new friends!


Harry the Pecuniary Porcupine

Harry doubles the coins you earn for your current play.  Save him for words with lots of big-ticket letters and special tiles!  



Lucy the Berserk Bat

Lucy boosts your health based on your word score.  She's a great match when your Hero's skill set is primarily offensive rather than defensive!


Vonnie the Frosty Feline

Vonnie allows you to select one of your opponent's tiles and encase it in ice for one turn.


Wiley the Picky Piglet

Wiley can change the letter on one of your tiles. Changing the letter does not cause you to lose any special properties associated to the tile you've chosen!  It will, however, change the score to match that of the new letter.  Wiley's power cannot be used to rescue tiles that have been blotted out by Hamlet.


Peggy the Precious Pony

Peggy allows you to turn a standard tile into a gem tile!  When you engage Peggy and select a tile, a random gem effect will be applied to that letter. She's a great companion when you play against Polyphemus and want to turn a smashed tile into gold (metaphorical gold, that is.  She'll turn it into sapphire, quartz, topaz, etc.  Just to be clear)!


Tap your pet once to activate his or her power.  Tap again to cancel and save the power for another turn.  Wiley cannot be cancelled once you have selected a tile for him to change, but you can return to the Main Menu to restart your turn if you want to cancel that action. 

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