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  • The Heroes of Bookworm Heroes

In Bookworm Heroes, you start your game by selecting a hero avatar.  Each hero possesses a unique skill set, some defensive in nature, others offensive.  Choose the one that matches your playing style and suits your personality!

A hero's special ability can be used once per game.  It cannot be activated on the opening play of the game.  The flashing orange sunburst under your hero's feet indicates their Ultimate Skill is available and ready for use!

There are five heroes available currently:


Lex the Bookworm

Lex's signature tile is the Apple tile, which replenishes health when used.  

Ultimate skill: Eat Your Words!  Once per game, use your turn and your tiles to regain a huge portion of health by making as many three- or four-letter words as possible from the letters available to you.  In Eat Your Words, your benefit from any special tiles on the board is limited to extra points toward your health, not any additional powers inherent to the gem tiles.


Polyphemus, King of the Cyclopes

Polyphemus' signature Smashed tile doesn't appear on his own board but on his opponent's!  Every turn, Polyphemus will damage random tiles on your foe's board, decreasing their value.

Ultimate skill: Tile Driver!  Once per game, pound on your opponent's board with the fury of Olympus!  Rather than merely diminishing tile values, you will destroy tiles utterly!  This skill uses your entire turn, so you will not spell a word.


Razor the Cyberpunk

Razor's signature tile, the Cyber tile, can only be used in words of 5 or fewer tiles but are worth significantly higher points!  This limit is lifted once per game, when your Ultimate Skill is engaged.

Ultimate skill: Hack and Spell!  Activate the Ultimate skill to hack into your opponent's board and gain access to a selection of their tiles!  Steal any letters that will help you spell a great word.  Plus, your Cyber tiles can be used in your Hack and Spell play, no matter how long the word is!  


Hamlet, Prince of Tragedy

Hamlet's signature tile is the Inky tile.  Like Polyphemus, Hamlet's signature tile is offensive in nature and so only appears on your opponent's board.  Every turn, Hamlet will spray ink on the other player's tiles, blotting some out to prevent their use temporarily.

Ultimate skill: Sweet Revenge!  Want to let your foe know how unimpressed you are with their last play? Activate Hamlet's Ultimate skill to deal insult along with injury!  Just make sure you know your play will be superior!  


Nenya, Elven Princess

This sly sprite graces your letters with Flower tiles, which grow in value if you carefully nurture them over the course of three turns.  

Ultimate skill: Flower Power!  Choose your words wisely, using your other letters while the Flower tiles grow green and powerful, then summon a Treant to grow flowers that will greatly damage your foe!

Tap your hero once to activate his or her power.  Tap again to cancel and save the power for another turn.  

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