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Bookworm Heroes on iOS

Bookworm Heroes on iOS

  • Trouble hearing game sounds or music since updating to iOS7?

The recent upgrade to iOS7 has reset some basic system options to their defaults.  If you had previously chosen to use the side switch for its "Lock Rotation" function, upgrading to iOS7 has restored its default "Mute" function.  

You can alter your preferences again in the Settings app.  

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  • Basic Troubleshooting for iOS Games

If your game is crashing on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch, try the steps below:

  • Restart your device.
    Your iOS device is a computer, and just like any computer, it sometimes needs to be turned off and on.  This simple step will resolve many issues!  To power down, press and hold the Power button until the red slider bar appears on the screen. Then drag the slider to confirm you want to turn your device off.  Wait a moment before you press and hold the Power button again to turn it back on.
  • Reset your device.
    Press and hold the Power button and the Home button at the same time, holding for more than 10 seconds. Don't release until the Apple logo appears.
  • Uninstall and reinstall the game.
    Just like your device is a computer, your app is a piece of software, so the same basic steps can be useful. "Uninstall and reinstall" is a simple troubleshooting measure.

    You can uninstall an app by pressing and holding the app icon until it wiggles, then tap the "x" on it. Reinstalling is as simple as reconnecting through iTunes!

    Of course, uninstalling the app will result in the loss of all game progress and user profiles created. It is possible to back up the data through iTunes so that you can restore it. To restore a previously saved state for your apps, connect your device, and open iTunes. Right-click the device's name, and select "Restore from backup." 

    Note: Please be sure to reinstall through a backup for older apps and on older devices. The current version available for download may not be compatible with your device, so it is safest to reload the version you previously had installed.

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  • Basic Gameplay in Bookworm Heroes

Welcome to Bookworm Heroes on iOS, the most pummelling, clobbering, walloping word game ever!  

You can play against anyone who also has installed the game on their iOS device, whether they're your Facebook friends or complete strangers!  Tap "New Game" to launch the opponent chooser.  Select a friend to challenge, or let the game choose for you by tapping Random Opponent. 

The game is free to play, and you start off with 10,000 free coins, which can be used to engage Pets to enhance your game.  More coins are earned with each word you spell and each game you play.  

You also have five Heroes to choose between at the start of the game.  There is no charge to your Coins for any of the Heroes, so try them all!  Each Hero has a unique skill and special tile.  Experiment to see which best complements your gameplay style!  

Taking your turn in Bookworm Heroes:

  • Tap the letters you wish to use for your word.  They will move from the board to the tray beneath.
  • To remove letters, tap them again in the tray to return them to the board.  This will return all letters to the right of the one you tap as well.
  • A valid word can be anywhere from three to sixteen letters.  The Submit button will highlight whenever the game recognizes a valid word.
  • Tap Submit when you are happy with your word, and watch the score get counted while your foe cowers in awe!
  Tap this icon to return to the game's Main Menu screen at any time.
  If you don't like the letters available to you, you can always Scramble to get a new set. There is no cost to your coins or score, and it doesn't consume your turn.  However, you will lose any special tiles you currently have.
  You can also Shuffle your tiles to keep the same letters but see them in a new arrangement, which might help you to spot potential words!  There is no cost to Shuffle, and it doesn't cause you to lose special tiles.
  Tap the Help icon to learn more about the game!  When you tap it, tool tips will appear all over the screen as question marks, and you can tap them to learn what each icon they highlight represents.

Abandoned or Expired Games

If you challenge another player, and they do not accept within one week, any coins you spent to select your pet will be returned to you.  

If a challenge has been accepted, and each player has made at least one move, the game will expire if it has been abandoned. The player who made the most recent move in an abandoned game will receive a refund of coins spent to begin the game, though no coins earned by moves made within an unfinished game will be awarded.  

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  • Bookworm Heroes is retiring.

On December 1, 2014, PopCap will be retiring Bookworm Heroes on iOS, which means that the game will no longer be available for play.

Why is Bookworm Heroes being retired?

PopCap is focusing its efforts on developing new and exciting titles, as well as bringing new content and updates to existing popular games. As such, we had to make the difficult decision to reallocate development resources to other social and mobile games to ensure a continuation of the best game-play experience possible. PopCap deeply values all of its players and is dedicated to offering the most fun and engaging experiences across all of our current and future titles.

What can I play now?

PopCap and EA offer a variety of other fun and free mobile and social games for you to try. Feel free to check these out on your device’s app store.

If you've loved Bookworm Heroes, don't forget that there are still Bookworm games you can enjoy:

What if I have an existing balance of coins in Bookworm Heroes?

We encourage any player who has a remaining balance of currency to spend them prior to the game being retired on December 1. Any remaining currency left on players' accounts at that point will automatically become invalid.

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  • Pets and their Powers

In addition to selecting your Hero avatar for the game, you can take a Pet with you into battle!  Your pet has special skills to complement your playing style.  Each pet's special skill can be used a minimum of once per game, but your pets can be energized by using the special quartz tiles, making their skills available for multiple plays potentially!

Your pet's ability cannot be activated on the opening play of a game.

Meet your new friends!


Harry the Pecuniary Porcupine

Harry doubles the coins you earn for your current play.  Save him for words with lots of big-ticket letters and special tiles!  



Lucy the Berserk Bat

Lucy boosts your health based on your word score.  She's a great match when your Hero's skill set is primarily offensive rather than defensive!


Vonnie the Frosty Feline

Vonnie allows you to select one of your opponent's tiles and encase it in ice for one turn.


Wiley the Picky Piglet

Wiley can change the letter on one of your tiles. Changing the letter does not cause you to lose any special properties associated to the tile you've chosen!  It will, however, change the score to match that of the new letter.  Wiley's power cannot be used to rescue tiles that have been blotted out by Hamlet.


Peggy the Precious Pony

Peggy allows you to turn a standard tile into a gem tile!  When you engage Peggy and select a tile, a random gem effect will be applied to that letter. She's a great companion when you play against Polyphemus and want to turn a smashed tile into gold (metaphorical gold, that is.  She'll turn it into sapphire, quartz, topaz, etc.  Just to be clear)!


Tap your pet once to activate his or her power.  Tap again to cancel and save the power for another turn.  Wiley cannot be cancelled once you have selected a tile for him to change, but you can return to the Main Menu to restart your turn if you want to cancel that action. 

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  • How to Start a Game in Bookworm Heroes

In Bookworm Heroes, you can play against randomly selected opponents or your own Facebook friends!  

If you have signed into Facebook within the game, tap the New Game button and select a friend on your Facebook friends list.  Not all of your friends may be shown--if they don't have the game installed, invite them to download it so you can challenge them to a game!

If you don't choose to connect to Facebook in the game, you can play random opponents through GameCenter!  Tap New Game, then tap Random.  You will be matched up against another player looking for a game.

How do I know when it's my turn in Bookworm Heroes?

At this time, there is no notification system enabled for this game.  We recommend launching the game once a day!  If you don't have a turn to take, why not start another game while you're at it?  

If you're connected to Facebook in the game, don't forget to share your plays and tag your opponents to remind them it's their turn!

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  • The Heroes of Bookworm Heroes

In Bookworm Heroes, you start your game by selecting a hero avatar.  Each hero possesses a unique skill set, some defensive in nature, others offensive.  Choose the one that matches your playing style and suits your personality!

A hero's special ability can be used once per game.  It cannot be activated on the opening play of the game.  The flashing orange sunburst under your hero's feet indicates their Ultimate Skill is available and ready for use!

There are five heroes available currently:


Lex the Bookworm

Lex's signature tile is the Apple tile, which replenishes health when used.  

Ultimate skill: Eat Your Words!  Once per game, use your turn and your tiles to regain a huge portion of health by making as many three- or four-letter words as possible from the letters available to you.  In Eat Your Words, your benefit from any special tiles on the board is limited to extra points toward your health, not any additional powers inherent to the gem tiles.


Polyphemus, King of the Cyclopes

Polyphemus' signature Smashed tile doesn't appear on his own board but on his opponent's!  Every turn, Polyphemus will damage random tiles on your foe's board, decreasing their value.

Ultimate skill: Tile Driver!  Once per game, pound on your opponent's board with the fury of Olympus!  Rather than merely diminishing tile values, you will destroy tiles utterly!  This skill uses your entire turn, so you will not spell a word.


Razor the Cyberpunk

Razor's signature tile, the Cyber tile, can only be used in words of 5 or fewer tiles but are worth significantly higher points!  This limit is lifted once per game, when your Ultimate Skill is engaged.

Ultimate skill: Hack and Spell!  Activate the Ultimate skill to hack into your opponent's board and gain access to a selection of their tiles!  Steal any letters that will help you spell a great word.  Plus, your Cyber tiles can be used in your Hack and Spell play, no matter how long the word is!  


Hamlet, Prince of Tragedy

Hamlet's signature tile is the Inky tile.  Like Polyphemus, Hamlet's signature tile is offensive in nature and so only appears on your opponent's board.  Every turn, Hamlet will spray ink on the other player's tiles, blotting some out to prevent their use temporarily.

Ultimate skill: Sweet Revenge!  Want to let your foe know how unimpressed you are with their last play? Activate Hamlet's Ultimate skill to deal insult along with injury!  Just make sure you know your play will be superior!  


Nenya, Elven Princess

This sly sprite graces your letters with Flower tiles, which grow in value if you carefully nurture them over the course of three turns.  

Ultimate skill: Flower Power!  Choose your words wisely, using your other letters while the Flower tiles grow green and powerful, then summon a Treant to grow flowers that will greatly damage your foe!

Tap your hero once to activate his or her power.  Tap again to cancel and save the power for another turn.  

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  • Trouble connecting to Facebook within your iOS game

If you are having trouble connecting to Facebook from within your game, there are a number of basic steps to try.

1. Do you have the current version of both apps, the game and Facebook?


Apps are updated regularly, and you will be notified of any available updates via the App Store.

On your device, if you see something like this, six of your installed apps have updates available for download!

You can also check your app version against the iTunes or App Store description to be sure. The app version number is found in the game's Options menu.

2. Try Closing Any Unnecessary Apps

Every time you launch an app on your iOS device, it remains open in the background so that it will load more quickly next time you need it. However, this adds up over time to a large number of apps running at once, and it can seriously slow down your entire device. It can also prevent your game from establishing a Facebook connection!

To view all open apps, give your home button a quick double-tap. You should see a bar open at the bottom of the screen with your app icons displayed:

You can swipe your finger right-to-left to scroll through the pages of open apps. Yes, there may literally be pages full of them!

Press and hold any app icon to cause them to jiggle:

Tap the minus symbol at the corner of any app icon in order to close that app. You may be surprised how many apps are running in the background at any given time! Closing the ones you don't actively need just now will greatly improve your device's overall speed and responsiveness.

This process does not delete an app from your device! You can launch the closed apps again the next time you need them.

3. Restart Your Device

If you’ve followed the steps above and you’re still receiving an error when you try to connect to Facebook, try simply restarting your iOS device. Once the device is restarted, try starting the game and connecting to Facebook before starting any other applications.

4. Reinstall the game

If simply closing background apps or turning your device off and back on has not resolved performance issues with an app, the next step we recommend is to delete the app and reinstall it.

Note: deleting apps will also delete offline progress, so please be sure to backup your data first. You will not lose any online progress, as that is stored on our servers and will be recovered when you connect to Facebook.


To delete an app from your iOS device, simply press and hold the app icon until all the icons begin to jiggle, and an x appears at the corner of each icon.

Tap the x to delete the app.

You can then redownload the app through iTunes or the App Store. Only the iTunes backup will also allow you to restore your saved progress.

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  • Special Tiles and Their Benefits

Your starting letters in Bookworm Heroes will always be 16 basic tiles laid out in a 4x4 grid. Each letter's base value is shown at the upper right corner.  The values can decrease if the tiles are smashed by Polyphemus, and they can increase if they become special gem tiles! Gem tiles not only have higher values, they carry additional benefits.  Your chosen Hero avatar will have a unique signature tile, but most gem tiles are available to all players, no matter which Hero is selected.

Each gem tile automatically doubles the value of the letter on which it appears, unless noted otherwise.  Check out what else they can do!


Ruby tiles replenish Health when used in a word.  


Topaz tiles grant you a Bonus Key that will earn you additional coins at the end of the game!  Use as many of these as you can to maximize your earnings.


Quartz tiles energize a sleeping pet!  If you have a quartz tile on the board, make sure to use your pet on the turn when you play that tile, because pet energy doesn't store up.  Using two quartz tiles in the same word will not give your pet two turns worth of energy.  


Emerald tiles increase the power of your attack!  Their glorious green is like spinach to amp up your mental muscle!


Sapphire tiles are the lucky penny of the Bookworm world!  When you spell a word with a sapphire tile, you have a coin flip chance of reusing the tiles to make a second bonus word!  


Diamond tiles are wild tiles that can be turned into whatever letter you need!  And since they don't come attached to a letter with a base value to double, they double the value of the entire word!  It may be overcompensation...but it works!

Head over to the advanced strategy section for tips on making the best use of your heroes, your pets, and your special tiles!

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  • Error Message: "Blocked App"

When you attempt to connect to Facebook from your game on iOS, do you receive an error message that reads "Blocked App?" 

This error message indicates that you have blocked the game within your Facebook account settings.  Please visit Facebook in your browser to resolve this issue (official Facebook instructions can be found here, or just continue reading for the steps to take!).

Click the gear icon at the upper right corner. A drop-down menu will appear.

Select Account Settings in the drop-down.  
On the lefthand side of the page, select Blocking.  

At the bottom, there will be a section called Block apps.  Any apps you have blocked in the past will be listed there.  Click "Unblock" beside the app you want to be able to connect to from your iOS device.

When you launch the game again, you will be able to log into Facebook from the app!

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  • Bookworm Heroes Strategy

Now that you're a Bookworm Heroes fanatic, here are some additional gameplay tips to help you in your quest for dictionary domination!

Getting the most out of your Special Tiles:

  If you have a quartz tile on the board, make sure to use your pet on the turn when you play that tile, because pet energy doesn't store up. Using two quartz tiles in the same word will not give your pet two turns worth of energy.
  If you are going to use your sapphire tile, try to plan your second play in advance just in case. While it's a little bit of a let-down when you lose the coin flip and don't get to use your second word, it's frustrating to win the coin flip only to realize you don't have a clue what else to spell with these letters!*
  *Don't worry, you can always just reuse the same exact word if all else fails. But your score is much better if you can find a new word instead!
  Bonus keys equal bonus coins at the end of the game...but only if you use the Topaz tiles!  If your Health is running low, and you might not have too many more chances, look for words that allow you to use your Topaz tiles and collect those keys.  Particularly if you feel victory might be out of reach, make the most of your last plays!


Heroes and their Ultimate Skills:


Tempting as it is to use all the letters on the board in Eat Your Words, remember that you don't get the full benefit of the special gems! Don't save his Ultimate Skill for the dire time when you would need to use the full grid of letters just to stay in the game--use it a little earlier, when you're not on the verge of losing; then you can save the best tiles for your comeback play on the next turn!

However, if you do choose to use all the letter tiles to maximize the Health you will earn back, don't forget that you can try and retry the word selections as many times as it takes to find the best set of words possible and leave no stray tiles behind!  Until you commit your choices by tapping "Eat," you can always return the letters to the board and keep playing with them to make more words!


Razor's special ability allows you to make the greatest possible use of her special tiles!  While Cyber tiles typically can only be used in words of five or fewer letters, once per game, Hack and Spell allows the Cyber tiles to be used in a word of any length!  Since Cyber tiles are so high in value, look to use Hack and Spell when you've got a few of them saved up for a massively high scoring play!

Also, there's no harm in activating Hack and Spell on every turn just to spy on your opponent's board and see whether they have anything worth stealing!  If you see a Diamond tile, a couple of Topaz keys, some much needed Ruby health, a Quartz tile to awaken your Pet...not only is it worth considering your own need for these tiles, it's also to your benefit to keep your opponent from using them...remember, all's fair in love and words.

If you have a lucky Sapphire tile, be very conscious of your word choice!  It's probably not a great idea to use a Cyber tile and a Sapphire tile in the same play, because five letters won't give you much to work with if you win the coin flip and have a chance at a second word.  (You can always technically spell the same word again, but you'll only get half the points for doing so. Rearranging the letters will always be to your scoring advantage!)


Come to the forums and share your own strategies and triumphs! 

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