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  • What are Tokens, and how can I get more of them?

Tokens are used for playing rounds of Blitz Party.  

Each round of Blitz Party you initiate with a friend costs one Token, and that Token pays for both players to play once each--your friend will not have to spend a Token to accept your invitation!

If both players choose to submit their initial scores, the whole round is paid for with that single Token. Only if either player wants to try again for a better score will that player pay an additional Token.

You will receive five free Tokens to use when you first start playing Blitz Party.  Then, each day you visit Blitz Party, you are able to initiate one free Party round with a friend.  These daily games don't store up, though, so be sure to play your free game every day!

You can purchase more Tokens by clicking the purple + symbol beside your Token balance. 

Tokens are separate from Coins and cannot be exchanged or used interchangeably. 

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