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Rare Gems are rare and beautiful gems which you can find and harvest by playing Bejeweled Blitz. Each Rare Gem has its own unique gameplay effect!


The Moonstone splinters into three fragments and lands in your game board as a trio of Star Gems to start you off!  It's like Mystery Gem times three, without the mystery!

Cat's Eye:

After your Last Hurrah has rewarded you for any special gems you had left on the board, Snackers will appear with eyes ablaze to help you score even higher!  His multiplier is triple your final multiplier in the game, and each blast from his laser eyes is as powerful as a flame gem detonation!  Snackers will rescue a lackluster game or send a great one into the stratosphere!

Phoenix Prism:

The Phoenix Prism captures the light reflected from all the gems on the board, giving it a beautiful rainbow shine. Due to this unique interplay of light and color, the prisms are Wild Card gems, able to be swapped to any nearby pair of gems to create an intense chain reaction, each prism causing a diagonal line of gems to explode.

The Phoenix Prism comes in batches of six gems, but only one gem can shine at any given time! Once you match your first prism, you will see the next light up within moments. Match it quickly to bring out the third! If you don’t use all six within the minute available, don’t worry; you’ll see any remaining prisms working to jazz up your Last Hurrah.

Once all your prisms have burst, and your eyes have feasted on the dazzle of colors, the phoenix himself will appear! (Okay, it could be a girl phoenix; it’s impolite to ask and downright rude to check!) As he takes his final bow and is reborn, a shower of his own feathers falls around him. Whichever feather he catches in his beak will determine the coin bonus you receive on top of the coins already earned in the game.  These will automatically be added to your Coin balance.

Blazing Steed:

When you harvest a Blazing Steed Gem, you will begin your next game with Blazing Speed, which causes gems to drop more quickly and turns every match into an explosion!  Blazing Speed usually lasts eight seconds, but this special opening lasts ten so you can start out with a bang, a blast, and a ba-boom!

But wait, there’s more.  Even after the initial Blazing Speed burst fades, the Blazing Steed continues to make his presence felt.  For the whole game, keep an eye on the Flame Gems you match—they’re bigger, better, blazing-er versions of their normal selves, taking out a larger area and earning more points.

Finally, when the clock runs out, a herd of fiery horses will stampede across your gameboard, scattering and detonating extra Flame Gems in a blaze of glory!    

The Blazing Steed is our special gift to our devoted daily players!  While you can find it at random like other rare gems, you can also earn a free Blazing Steed every week through the simple act of completing your Daily Spin at least 5 times within a week.  You can use your free Daily Spins or speed up the process by purchasing extra spins.  Like other rare gems, you can also harvest them off your friends’ walls if they share them.

When you have earned your free Blazing Steed, you will notice that you have something new waiting in your Items inventory.  

Kanga Ruby:

Meet the magnificent mustachioed marsupial!  The king of kapow!  Bruce, the boxing kangaroo!  The Kanga Ruby is here to pound gems on your behalf with fists of furry fury! Whenever he appears on screen, a well-placed blow will be delivered to your board, destroying a section of gems.

The Blitzing boxer will turn up to deliver his roundhouses at least three times per game, but you can motivate him to come back even more often by destroying red gems!  A Kanga Ruby's favorite gem is red, and as you match these, you will see his meter filling at the top of the board.  The more red gems you match, the faster he will return to take another shot!  

At the end of the game you will be awarded 100 coins for each red gem you destroyed! 

Don't forget to Share your Kanga Ruby at the end of the game, because only through sharing can you experience the glory of Kanga Ruby Levels 2 & 3!

Whenever you play a game with a basic Kanga Ruby and Share it with your Facebook friends, you are sending them an exclusive invitation to play with Kanga Ruby Level 2!  

When your friends play their Level 2 Kanga Ruby and Share it with you, you get to play Kanga Ruby Level 3!

Levels 2 & 3 are exclusively available through sharing.  You will see the offers in your Items box.

The Rare Gem Vault

We love to bring new Rare Gems out to play from time to time!  Special occasion Rare Gems like Flower Power, Rock-It Blast, and Ice Burrst are available for a limited time before being returned to the vault.  Don't worry--your favorites never stay gone for too long!

I bought a Rare Gem but I didn't get to use it; what happened?

Please note that the Rare Gem will only appear if you play again once you've chosen to harvest it. If you refresh your Web browser or browse to another page, the Rare Gem will vanish.

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