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We are excited to invite our players to join us in Bejeweled Blitz Party, where you can team up with a friend to earn coins and show off your mad Bejeweling skills!


You can enter Party mode through the icon on your navigation bar just above the game. If you have a number by the logo, there are Party invitations or results already waiting for you!

How to Play: Start a Game with a Friend!

Choose your stakes--the potential coin reward you would like to play for. Once you choose, the Bejeweled Blitz friend picker will open.  You can choose a friend who already plays Bejeweled Blitz or challenge a friend who doesn't play (or maybe hasn't for a while) by switching to the "All Friends" tab.  Just select the friend you'd like to play with to get started.  

Bejeweled Blitz Party will now create a challenge specially tailored to you and your friend! The Team Goal is based on previous Party scores achieved by both players, so you can look forward to a challenge made just for the two of you!  If you have never played a game in Party mode before, you'll start off with a default challenge, but once you've got some experience, you will be able to watch your goals increase as the game learns how skilled you are!


Under the Team Goal meter, you will also see a set of three elite bonus goals, quantities of certain special gems you can create during the game in order to win an even greater prize!  

Next, you'll choose your Boosts for the game, just as you normally would.  Remember that the Mystery Gem boost grants you one special gem at the start of the game, and that special gem does count toward your elite goals!  

Once you have selected your Boosts, you will play your round of Bejeweled Blitz.  How high did you advance the score on your Team Goal meter?  How many special gems did you earn toward the elite goals?  Are you satisfied with your contribution toward the team effort, or would you like to try again before sending your friend the invitation?

If you click "Send Score," your score will be counted officially, and your friend will be notified that it is their turn to play a round with you in Bejeweled Blitz Party!  If you click "Try Again," you will have another shot at earning a higher score for your team.  But remember, there's no going back to that previous score once you hit "Try Again!"  (If you fail to hit "Try Again" before time counts down, it's the same as hitting "Send Score."  Your score will be saved and your invitation sent.)

After your friend plays their round, you will be notified of the final results so you can collect your winnings.  Even if you didn't reach the Team Goal, you will still be rewarded if you have reached a certain percentage toward the goal and/or achieved the elite bonus goals!

How to Play: Accept an Invitation from a Friend!

If you've received a Blitz Party invitation, then you have a friend who wants your skills on their side for a great quest to earn Coins and glory!  

When you are invited to play, your friend has already paid a Token to initiate the round, so all you need to do is take your turn!   On the Play tab of your Blitz Party Games List, you will see the game invitation.  Click on it to accept and play, and you will see the Team Goal Meter and elite bonus goals to see what you would need to do to make this a successful Blitz Party!  Has your partner already achieved the high score requirement but failed to make any Flame gems along the way? Maybe your focus this round should be making as many Flame gems as possible to satisfy that bonus goal!  

Once you have played your round, you are given the choice to submit your score or Try Again for one Token.  

What are Tokens?

Each game of Bejeweled Blitz Party costs one Token to initiate.  When you select a friend to start your game with, you use one Token to play the game and send them the invitation. They will not pay a Token in order to accept the invitation and play their round, because your one Token pays for both players to play one round each.  If either player chooses to "Try Again" however, that player will pay another Token for each subsequent attempt they make before hitting "Send Score" and submitting their game.

All players will receive 5 free Tokens for Blitz Party as a gift to get started!  After that, each day you visit Blitz Party, you can initiate one free game per day with a friend!  To play more than one game in Party per day, you can purchase additional Tokens.

Blitz Party Games List

The Blitz Party Games List gives you a quick path to your in-progress games as well as your rewards that are waiting to be collected.  Review your messages on both the Play and Collect tabs for new games and rewards!


The Play tab lists any games you have been invited to play by a friend.


The Collect tab displays the results of recently completed games--don't forget to collect your Coins and see how you did on the challenge! 


The Sent tab lists the games you have initiated with friends who have yet to take their turn, and you can use the Remind button to nudge your friends.

Be sure to check back regularly so you don't miss out on games or rewards--Blitz Party requests will expire after 7 days.  

Collecting your Coins!

If you have completed a game with a friend, you may have Coins waiting for you in your Blitz Party Games List hub!  Click on the Collect tab to find out.  If you and your partner achieved the Team Score and/or the elite bonus goals, you'll receive Coins to reward you! 

High Payout Potential!

When you start a round in Party mode, you have the option to play for more Coins!  Click the arrow beside the payout display to scroll through your possible choices.  It costs more Tokens to play the high payout games, but you can win vastly more Coins for doing so!  Where 1 Token can win you up to 10,000 Coins, 5 Tokens can win you up to 75,000, and 10 can win you up to 175,000!  

The initial Token cost pays for each player's first attempt.  If either player chooses to try again, the second attempt will be fewer than the initial cost but more than the standard single Token cost of replaying a standard game.

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