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  • Will my Android device run PopCap Games titles?

The Google Play store is a "smart" marketplace that identifies the compatible apps for your device and region.  If you don't see an app in the store, it may be because it is not available based on those criteria.

The baseline for Android device compatibility for PopCap Games has to do with a combination of minimum system requirements in various categories such as screen resolution, processor speed, memory capacity, and GPU for graphics processing.  As with all our endeavors, we aim for quality above all else!  That means developing our games for the best possible experience while playing.  Unfortunately, many of the earlier-generation Android devices will not meet the minimum system requirements for our games.  

Please click Contact Us below to report any issues you encounter running your game on a supported device.  The following details will help us to investigate the problem:

Most of this information can be found under the settings application: About Phone. 
  • What Android device are you using?
  • What is the Model number of your device?
  • What version of Firmware is installed on your device?
  • What is the Build number on your device?
  • What actions were occurring just before the crash? (level or mode you were playing, graphic that was displayed, a phone call came in, etc)
  • Has this issue recurred or was it a one-time problem?
  • Are you running any kind of Task-killing/Application management software, such as an app that kills background apps to save battery power?
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